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Thursday, June 01, 2006

Sad and Happy ©


Let’s take a look at how sad the world has become.
The other day, my SIL took my niece out but had to stop at the gas station/grocery store/Tim Horton’s/Money Machine to get some money before she went out.
This s the trend it seems to have all these places so that they could get as much of your money as possible.
There were about forty people at the cash waiting in line to pay for gas/coffee or what ever they got.
My SIL went to the bank machine and my niece was hopping around like any other kid.
She doesn’t even look like there us a problem with her.
As her mother punched in the pin number and the amount she wanted her daughter staggered or to her side and started going into a seizure and collapsed to the floor.
The SIL called for help in the little pit stop filled with customers and employees.
Out of the multitude of legs that were standing around motionless only one stepped out of the crowd and walked over to her as she was kneeing over my niece.
A hand shoved her to the floor and a man took the money out of the machine and walked out the door while everyone watched.
Come on you got to laugh.
There is a woman in distress and the only person to be able to move and do something is a thief.
All the other assholes stood around and watched like nothing happened.
It’s not like they didn’t see it.
There was a woman screaming at the top of her lungs in a place that is forty feet by thirty but yet no one even blinked to help her when the kid was on the floor so why would anyone be surprised that no one tried to stop the man from WALKING AWAY.
Yes he walked away with her money.

Now you would think this is bad but seconds later a staff member walked up to a dazed SIL and handed her a towel and told her she had to clean the floor.
It seems my niece threw up on the floor during her seizure.
This is funny as all hell isn’t it?
Look how far we have progressed down the food chain.
We have devolved down to Hyenas and fucken wildebeests.
Come on isn’t it funny that as we grow softer, yes softer we become more uncaring.
If it doesn’t involve you why bother doing anything BUT if you’re in trouble you can’t wait to ask for help?
I got this fucken migraine that has been eating my brain for the last 3 days and I can barely think.
I suffer from chronic migraines and sometime they hurt so much I can’t think straight or think.
My eyes get fuzzy and start to hurt in the light so I got to get to the darkness to relieve some of the pressure.
Here I am blind in the darkness.


When people worked hard in the fields or factories they were a tough lot.
The longshoremen, miners got paid shit for what they did and their lives were on the line for pennies.
None of them would have let this happen or let the guy get away.
The police would find his dead corpse in the garbage can.
These pencil neck geeks (20-25 males, I refuse call them men) waiting for their coffee just turned to pay so they won’t be late for work and that employee to ask her to clean the floor while she is holding a child that was still convulsing on the floor.

I’m not saying everyone is like this but I am seeing it grow more and more.
People are not sensitive to other people’s needs or calls for help as they used too.
How hard would it have been for five men to grab this guy?
All they had to do is hold him, not even hit him just hold him for the police.
Jerking off is less a waste of sperm that conceiving that bunch.
As I get older what I see doesn’t impress me.


I would like to thank everyone for all their comments last week concerning my niece.
I told her a lot of people were thinking about her which she thought was cool in her own way by passing me they phone to call all of you to come play with her.
The Rotovirus is almost gone.
She does how ever have epilepsy and we are waiting to do the MRI to see what the next step will be.
I attended a one on one meeting with a nurse for a couple of hours learning how to deal with my niece in case she has a seizure and I am signing up to get my CPR certificate.
My niece though is up and dancing around again like she used too.
If anything there was one good thing to come out of all the trouble and BS that went down.
If it wasn’t for the virus triggering the seizure it may have been years before the found out about her epilepsy.
So I thought I would let you see what made me smile today makes me smile everyday.



Have a nice day.


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