blue moon (2)

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

A Quickie ©

I am still having computer problems so I have decided to give you a break today and not post.
Excuse me I have someone on yahoo.

What do you mean you have nothing to read and you want me to post…..
Hit next blog….
I haven’t finished the post I am writing…..
It will be good I think, there are half naked women in it……
No, no half naked men….
Because they don’t fit in the post…..
What do you mean, it’s not fair…….
HEY this is my blog and I am not putting a half naked picture of Peter Strauss up…..
I said NO and I don’t care if he melts your butter into cheese…..

Peter Strauss pffffffffft

I’m sitting here working on a post I will be putting up in the next day or so and I am working on the laptop.
My hands are not made to type on a laptop.
They are to big and I am afraid to put a finger through the keyboard and that would be just great with one still drying and the desk top dead as a doornail.

That’s when the phone rang.
It was my mother, she was telling me that my father took out the tools and decided to put up the cupboard doors.
My father with tools “shiver”
Sunday I wanted to hang the doors but he wouldn’t let me.
He had some reason and I think this was it.
My father can fix anything except in the kitchen.
He is a chef NOT a carpenter.
I went next door and they were both sitting at the table staring at the doors.

My mother looked and said, they look funny.
There is nothing wrong with them.
But, they look odd
There is nothing wrong with them
Are you sure you put them up right
There is nothing wrong with them
Walker how do they look to you?

Now this is the question that leads into the war that will erupt in this family.
I know it.
This is routine for me.

Well I have to say that he did a great job in hanging the doors.
Clean and perfectly hung like a professional.
See there is nothing wrong with them.
Except they are upside down
Yeah they are upside down that’s why the look funny.

Well that was it my mother let in on my father for five minutes and the only thing my father could say was, “There is nothing wrong with them”.
I took his tools and spent 15 minutes re hung the doors the right way.
As I was walking out I could hear my mother telling my father he needed glasses.
Wait when she notices the new holes LOL

Look at this, it’s 11 am and I have been up a total of 2 hours.
What will happen next?
Stay tuned, who knows.


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