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Tuesday, June 06, 2006

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First off I would like to thank everyone that went over and left a comment on Heather’s site.
I know how happy she was reading your comments and she knows that she is not alone over there and out here.
It says a lot about people caring to take the time for someone who is a stranger, someone you don’t know but connect to through experience, compassion or just being a good neighbor.

I have been stuck in a blogger’s hell for the last 2 days.
It seems my windows crashed on the desktop and the computer won’t boot up.
This is my main computer and I keep everything on it.
I have the option of formatting the c: drive and starting a new.
Now my pictures and old posts are safe BUT I have over 40 unpublished posts on my c: drive including part of a book I was writing and what is probably the most meaningful post I have ever written.
It took me 3 weeks to get where it is and it’s 22 pages long right now and it was half finished.
Funny how much I care for a post I was planning to post on another blog anonymously.
I have been refusing to do anything to the hard drive until I find a way to get into it and retrieve the data.
I do have an idea but I don’t have another desktop to try something, I use laptops now because they take up less space and are easier to move around.
The other problem is I have more blogs in my favorites than I do in my sidebar and I have no way of tracking them down so I got to try and repair windows.
Well Gates what do you have to say for yourself now?

So, let’s see what I could pull out of my left pocket…
OK, the left pocket has a hole in it.
Last week I went out shopping to pick up a couple of things for some blogging friends.
Yes, I have friends and they all live far away.
That’s why I am probably still alive and blogging.
But they are responsible for keeping me company by talking to me all day in shifts.
Monica, Vickie and Skye all in the order we usually talk unless my backgammon partner Leti shows up and then it’s all over.
I’m hers until the tournament is over.
Man you don’t want to see a pissed off Mexican woman, so I run when she snaps her fingers.
I am not going to say much more about them here and now because I have them linked in an up coming post but I would like to say thank you to them.
Well hold on I guess I can tell you what they are getting since they know.

I woke up early one day and headed out to this place here.
I had the pleasure of watching them prepare and make what they do best and that’s make chocolate.
They were individually made and put in boxes.
But you know what’s even better when you get there at the right time.
You get to eat the rejects.
Yup, I chomped down on some freebees that didn’t make the cut.
It’s a good thing I don’t do to this place that often.
I picked up 3 boxes and a bag of chocolate covered cherries and headed on home.
The damn cherries barely made it home and were gone within the hour.
BUT I had a problem.
Someone didn’t want chocolates but they wanted baklava.
Now I won’t point fingers to anyone because that would be telling.
So I’ll let you try and figure it out.
Not only do I have to get baklava but I can’t mail the chocolate out either because if I do and she sees someone else get their stuff first she is going to blog that others got something and she didn’t.
Those of you who know who I mean KNOW she will.
Who needs enemies when you have friends to torment you? LOL
I go around town and look for baklava.
I enter this shop and there is a plate of baklava on the counter so I ask the clerk how much for the baklava.
He tells me he has none.
OK, now I am not blind.
I am looking at a plate full and he is telling me there is none.
So I point to the plate and ask him about this.
He laughs and tells me they are fake and just for show.
I touch then and wouldn’t you know it, they were fake.
So I ask him how much for the fake baklava.
He tells me they weren’t for sale.
I begged, I pleaded but no………
I had to find the real thing instead.
So I go home and make a couple of phone calls to have some brought down to me from Toronto, from a shop I like.
I got them on Sunday.

Now the chocolate comes in these nice boxes and the people at the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory wrap them up for you.
The BAKLAVA on the other hand was a different story.
The stuff is fragile and the pastry box wouldn’t hold up to the walk to the car let alone the mail.
I got a plastic container and started putting them in but they didn’t all fix so I had to sacrifice them to appease the stomach gods.
Then I put the container in a small box, wrapped it up and then hog tied it with a roll of shipping tape.
I don’t want anyone to eat any and have her posting that I said they didn’t fit and she gets half a box.
So this morning I went to the post office and they are all off.
Now to see who gets theirs first
But But But But…….. I am not done.
If you think back, I bought 3 boxes of chocolates and the baklava.
That means there is an extra box of chocolates.
So the choices now are open the box and enjoy some delicious chocolate or send these to someone too.
The box left this morning with the rest and it’s on its way TOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!
I won’t tell other than this is a very good friend and she will be getting a surprise in the mail.

Have a nice day and say hi or phone a friend today.


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