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Monday, June 12, 2006

Just A Quiet Saturday Evening ©

Saturday I left the house at 4pm to go to my niece’s baptism.
It’s about the only time I get to see my whole family.
I keep myself and my life isolated from everyone; it gives me the freedom of doing what I want without criticism from family.
I enjoy living my life in a relative free environment and the politics of the clan; my parents are enough trouble without having to help deal with petty issues that cause so much trouble because people are to stubborn to see they are not worth the aggravation.
It’s a known fact that I have been the reluctant head of my house and hate when people come to me with family issues because what you say affects family.
Saturday night two things came at me one which was simple that I found a quick solution for, the other is a little more touchy and involves an outside family that has no relation past marriage.

When I was outside getting myself a drink I noticed 3 unclaimed table tags, all from my aunt’s family, her brothers and parents to exact.
I have a very close connection with my aunt.
My uncle is the one who watched me as a kid while my parents went to work and I used to write his love letters to his girl friends from the age of eight.
When he went to Greece I was the one that went with him and to his wedding.
He met my aunt in a small village and their parents arranged for them to be married.
She was basically forced to marry my uncle at the age of fourteen.
I was 12 at the time.
Her father said she was eighteen so my uncle would marry her he was 25 at the time.
He also promised to bring the rest of them across to Canada, which he did.
I was at his honeymoon too, sleeping on a cot in the same room because we were going home a week after the wedding.
I was there in the night when he was screwing her and I could hear her crying.
That was a nightmare ago.
So in essence, we grew up together because we spent a lot of time with each other.
I saw some stuff I wish I never saw or ever want to see again.
I was her only friend in Canada because she wasn’t allowed to associate with anyone but relatives and besides I was the only one close to her age in a world of adults.
I remember once telling my mother that she was not that much older than me and I was told to shut up and that women mature faster than men.
So I have always had a good rap ore with her so when I speak to her everything stops and she listens.
She listens to every word I say.
It’s a weird relationship I have with this side of the family.
Even my uncle backs down from me now when I get between them during an argument.

Her kids have become the same way now with me and at her son’s engagement his future father in law isolated me and I got the royal treatment because he was told I was important.
If you only knew how uncomfortable that makes me, I am a private person in real life and being put in the spotlight scares me for lack of a better word.
Anyway I pointed out the absentees and my aunt gave me the story.

Her parents are old now and can’t fend for themselves and her brother got power of attorney without anyone knowing and put them in a home.
Sounds ok so far right.
Well looks can be deceiving.
It seems his mother needs more care and it was expensive to put them in the same place so he found a cheaper place for his father 10 miles away.
Did I mention he doesn’t pay; his parents do with their pension checks.
I wonder who keeps the change.
They have been married for sixty years and have been taking care of each other for that whole time but now they have been put in separate homes and don’t see each other at all.
At 90 years of age they can’t travel back and forth.
This has caused trouble within their side of the family and now they are not speaking.

Insert 20 minutes of crying

So now because her brother has POA no one can take them out from where they are and they don’t know what to do.
This is all about money and there is a fair amount of it involved back home in Greece.
By now there are 6 old people including my parents sitting with us looking for ideas to rescue her parents.
They have all been friends for 30 years and don’t like what has happened.
So they have recruited the one with the criminal mind to find ideas.

Now I know her brother because we grew up together.
He is a moron on a good day and I know he is a spineless fuck and would never do that to his parents but his wife, now there is a piece of work.
She tried to sweet talk me once and found out how much I liked her and then she tried to bully me and found herself pressed up to a wall in my uncle’s house with me staring down at her and I wasn’t looking down her top either, sandpaper has bigger bumps.
So now she doesn’t go to family functions anymore and doesn’t let him go see his family either, like I give a shit if they does but my damn aunt……...

Now the POA is only good in Canada and I know they couldn’t mention the assets overseas because they would be taxed on them and most of her parent’s money and property is overseas.
With a couple of phone calls to the proper people, namely my lawyer first cousin and a couple of thousand euros, I can have title of all property transferred to my aunt without anyone knowing.
The money is another matter, I would have to go to the embassy and have POA given to her and them register it over there thus tying her brothers hands.
Maybe this will discourage him and his wife when they find out there is nothing for them to gain and back off.
I said I wasn’t a thief, I never said I didn’t know how to be one.
After the title has been transferred then they could sell it and buy a house for all of them to live together.
I laid it all out for them and who to call if they wanted to go through with it.
That made her happy, I should know I spend 10 minutes in the washroom washing lipstick off of me.
The plan will work but that family will be torn apart for good I think.
Money sucks.

The rest of the party went off well.
Amanda was dancing like a demon for hours until she walked up to me and I put her in her carriage and she passed out.
My brother and SIL hit the booze hard, which only had my mother looking like a goose with her arms flapping around.
My father joined her in her criticism but what I saw was two people who had a rough month so I escorted my parents to their car and told them to go home and I would be driving everyone home in the van.
The SIL knocked of a bottle and a half of red wine and my brother slaughter the better part on a forty of Grand Marnier.
It was free, so my brother didn’t want to pass that up.
They went off staggering in different directions being the social bunnies that they are.
I stayed with the kid listening to the music and making sure she didn’t wake up and disappear.
When it was time to go he swallowed 2 doubles and passed out in the back seat of the van before I had the kid strapped in.
The SIL was drunk but fine in the front seat.
I started the van and the news was on meaning it was 1 am.
From the start my SIL started pitching her sister attributes at me again, telling me she was willing to divorce her husband to come to me.
I was thinking “And have to live with a fruit loop like you”.

It took twenty minutes for me to get to the street where I turn to go down to my house but ahead of us I saw a lot of police cars and a hydro truck.
They were blocking both southbound lanes leaving only the northbound lanes open.
I was about 60 feet from my turnoff, when this car flies out from behind the parked hydro truck and was barreling down at us, picking up speed.

From here on, time seemed to almost stopped.
He was showing no intension of veering off so we were fucked.
My right hand spun the wheel right violently.
My SIL was screaming.
My brother who was NOT wearing his seat belt was being tossed around the back seat and Amanda was clapping.
I couldn’t make the corner without smashing into him head on so I went for the sidewalk.
I had to get the van between a hydro pole and a house in order to get to the turn off road about ten feet apart.
When the front right tire hit the curb the whole van jerked left and at the pole but I held the steering wheel right so when the front hit the ground again it jerked the van right and towards the porch of the house.
Quickly I compensated and turned left and went through the house, the pole and onto the street but had to do a hard right to avoid driving into a church.
Everything in red took 2 seconds.

My SIL asked me how I did that?
To be honest with you, I have no fucken idea.
My hands did all the work I was just a passenger.
I kept driving up the street towards the house but before I got there I burst out laughing.
My heart was racing and the shakes had set into my hands but from the back seat of the van I heard.
Mommy daddy stinks
In all the commotion my brother threw up in the back seat and by the looks of it even his breakfast made an appearance.
I got them home and into their house nice and safe.
I went home and rolled a BIG joint.

I don’t know what happened back there but since the police van and the hydro truck were there I would venture a guess that they were taking down a pot growing operation and maybe the sick fuck who tried to drive through us was making a run for it.
Or maybe it was nothing but an idiot behind the wheel but whatever the case, we were seconds away from probably being killed.
It only shows how life can change in a blink of an eye and how our actions decide the out come.
So you see, that’s what going to a baptism is like and most of you think it’s boring and all about free booze and food.

I wonder what my brother’s van smells like this morning, no I don’t.


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