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Tuesday, June 13, 2006

A Letter ©

What’s a letter but a piece of a puzzle when put together with other pieces to create a clue to what the puzzle is?
Line all the clues up to see the picture and understand what it says.
There are many letters in many languages but ours has 26, starting with the letter

A: There are many words that begin with the letter A like Alzheimer’s Disease yeah yeah its two words.
That’s what I feel like I have right now because I moved a lot of stuff around and I forgot where I put the keys to the front door.

B: I know what your thinking.
He is going to say BOOBS.
Come on admit it.
Everyone who thought that I was going to say BOOBS raise your hand.
Yeah I thought so.
Shame on you
Well you’re WRONG, I think of other things to you know and other B words like Brassiere. Now with all the technology out there you would think some smart ass could figure out how to build a remote that would pop the suckers open instead of all those fancy hooks.
I saw one with eight hooks.
When I undid the last one it was like a flash flood of flesh sweeping me across the room.

C: For Cuddles, something I like most of the time.
I like sitting on the couch with that special person getting close and comfortable.
But I did say most because there always is that aunt that’s 75 years old and reeks of Ben Gay and has just finishes a bowl of taramosalata (fish egg dip) trying to cuddle up to you on the couch and kiss you with breathe that smells like a fish cannery.

D: Drugs………..brb I got to go roll one.

E: Elections, why do we have them?
It seems the only people we seem to be electing are liars and con artists.
The only difference is who are the better liars and con artists to get our votes because they do EXACTLY what the last liars and con artists did when they got elected.
If an honest person ran for office he would never win.
You know why?
We wouldn’t trust someone who wasn’t a liar or a con artist; we know what they would do but not what an honest person would.

F: Fondle, fuck, fellatio, foreplay, flash, fetish, face-sitting, facial and fanny fart.
You get the picture “wink”

G: Here is a letter that has taken me on a quest over the last 34 for years.
It was unlike the adventures of Indiana Jones but more on the lines of the Monty Python troupe in their search of the Holy Grail but mine was in the search of the G-Spot.
I have fun in my search I must admit.

H: is for Happy
Happy is to be alive
Happy is to be true to yourself
Happy is to have good friends
Happy is watching your kids grow up to be the people you wanted them to be
Happy is having the Harlot/Hooker (Happy Hooker) next door grabbing your Hard on and giving you Head, a Hand job and a good Hard core Hump right after. “Sigh”
I can dream you know.

I: I could say intercourse but I would only be frustrating myself more so I will go with….. Inquietude.
Which basically means, I’m frustrated.

J: Is for Joke.
I love to joke around and have fun with my friends in the quest for a laugh or a smile.
It’s the only payment I ask for my time, putting a smile on someone’s face.
I hate seeing people down and sad it only makes me feel the same way.

K: is for Kinky.
Tell me what turns you crank?
I guess I should go first.
Feeling a woman’s nails digging into me drives me nuts when kissing or doing it.

L: Is for Letter and if you reached this far, then you’ve reached the real post.
I received a letter the other day in the mail.
This is a big thing for me because no one has ever written to me ever outside of bills or post cards.
You would think that after spending 30 years with three women (not at the same time) that one of them might want to send me a letter.
I have been asked to write one but never received one in return.
I have written many letters in the past to people and was responded with a phone call.
I did get a Dear John email once but I didn’t take it to seriously at first.
My name isn’t John….

I read the letter twice and it took me 45 minutes to read it.
No I am not a slow reader but it was long.
14 pages long to be exact.
I can’t tell you what was in it or who sent it because it was personal but for someone to sit down and use pen and paper to talk to me was so special.
When you pick up a pen, it becomes an extension of your hand and what you put down on a piece of paper becomes you personal feelings because your hand physically touches the words
It doesn’t matter if they are words of anger or love, the person receiving it will feel what the person felt when it was written down.
Touching something someone was touching and thinking of you at the same time has more meaning than an email.
It’s real, a physical connection that has taken place which makes it special.

The letters were smooth and flowed into each other, fitting like they were always meant to be arm in arm in a dance of words on a smooth piece of paper.
With soft words quelling the large bold letters, showing the assertiveness of the writer and the meaning of the words placed on the paper.
Add the lingering scent of something sweet like perfume or the aroma of shower gel that might have left some oils on the hands holding the paper and pen and you can smell the person writing you the letter, drawing you up close and personal.
A smudge on a page reveals a partial fingerprint, leaving their personal mark making it unique to that one person in the whole universe.

A written letter takes time
A written letter is personal
A written letter is special
A written letter says I care

I got my first letter ever the other day, Thank You.

I got a request for you.
Pick up the pen and write someone a letter.
Write it to a friend, your partner, you son or daughter and mail it to them.
It doesn’t matter if they live with you or not, just mail it to them.
Tell them how you feel.
Tell them that you love them and they make a difference in your life.
Don’t sit there and scribble something down, think about it, feel it then write it down.
It will be the nicest thing you could do for them because I promise you they not forget but will read it many many times.

Have a nice day.


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