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Saturday, June 24, 2006

Home Sweet Home Hmm ©

I’M BACK HOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It’s good to be home
The cats were happy to see me as my cat sitter ran from the house screaming.


My friend who watched my house said that Emme drove her nuts with the constant crying, whining and biting her ankles.
She must have been sitting in my chair.
I forgot to tell her Frick knows how to turn doorknobs and she would wake up with him in bed and her nose swollen from her allergy to cats.
I’m sore and tired but I will tell you all about as the week progresses.

Today I have picked out a comment to do a post on and I want to address something the powers that be here have finally addressed.


The lovely Teresa who says her nails are not that sharp so I might not get sliced up to much for slightly disagreeing with her,

In Indiana, strippers can't get naked.
I think strip clubs are gross--the girls who work in them have no self respect. They are obviously in need of attention or greedy--or both. I am glad that you didn't part with your money and you went home.

I am not going to try and sway your views what so ever and I agree with 60% of what you say but there is that other 40% that do what they do for honorable reasons.
Having worked in a strip club and at a brothel you see a lot, hear even more when they do not think you are listening.
There are many women that go out there and sell them selves for stupid reasons like drugs or for some pimp who uses them in fact this is the bulk of the women who dance or prostitute themselves.
Then there are the ones that do it because they have to.
I know a couple of prostitutes that did it to pay the rent and to keep their kids safe and fed.
I watched them smile when they spoke to the customers.
Their eyes shiny and bright but at the end of the day when they look at you to say goodbye they are dead and drawn only to be fired up again when she sees her kids.
In reality, I was the only one who got to really see her as she was and what this was doing to her because the rest she just puts up as a front.
That little space between work and going home was all she had to be herself.
Now many people would say she could find something else to do or go on welfare.
Yes she could but that is only enough to keep you in the projects with little hope of getting your kids out of there.
The one I know lives in a nice safe neighborhood and her kids go to a private school.

Some of the strippers I saw dancing the other day were university students doing what they thought was the best and fastest way of paying high tuitions.
They work until 2am and are not out before 3 am.
Then they have to go to school in the morning and somehow study in all of that.
The alternative would be to get student loans that would set them back years after graduating and or work at minimum wage some place.
The way they see it they have it so they use it as a means to a better future.
Next time you see a female lawyer, doctor, politician ask yourself what did she do to supplement her income while in college.

Then there are the women who love their work just as much as the next person loves his job.
This is the entertainment field, its on TV every day in the movies we watch its every where.
I do not know what the strip clubs in Indiana are like and do not intend to find out, I am good for another 15 years.
Maybe Q could check it out and get back to us.
The strip clubs here are not dives and some look like Palaces.
Gone are the old pits only to be replaced by a more social atmosphere friendly place.
HOWEVER, THEY STILL ARE PESTS trying to get your money, it’s just that some have good reasons for being there and we shouldn’t judge all in the same light.

Along time ago my ex said to me that she had never been to a strip club.
I said no problem and went with her to one.
Let me tell you this.
I have been to both.
The guys are pussies next to the women that go to see men strip.
The men stare, a few hoot, the drunks stand and piss them selves.
The women, fuck they’re animals.
They jump on stage and chase the male stripper into the back with security fighting them off at the door.
I am surprised the strippers get off the dance floor alive.
I once said we are animals and sometimes we have to let loose to appease that beast inside or we wouldn’t be human.
These places are needed to keep a balance with who we were/are and what we are becoming.
We are getting more and more civilized but we should never forget the animal because that’s where all the passion comes from, and Teresa I don’t part with my money just like that.


“The federal government introduced legislation yesterday raising the age of sexual consent to 16 from 14, saying it wants to prevent adults from preying sexually on young people without criminalizing teen romances”.
They must be proud of this move, patting each other on the back, laughing at all the potential votes this is going to generate.
My question is,” WHAT TOOK SO FUCKEN LONG ”?!
It is not as if this party has not been in power before but now it’s not cool anymore to fuck little kids.
They should be ashamed of themselves for using the social climate to do this.
The government’s conscience should have been there decades ago.
At one time in the province of Quebec it was legal to marry a 13 year old girl with the consent of her parents which was below what the law stated by the Feds at the time in 1890, when the age of consent was raised from 12 to 14.
12 !!!!!!!!!!
Moreover, before that there was no law how is that.
I was having problems thinking how little a 16 year old really knows but 12.
All this that is being done is to stop the increase in adults preying on kids.
What they seem not to get into their heads is that this has been going on forever and been swept under the rug for to long.
Why would they be raising the age limit in increments instead of just saying it from the start?
More education is required in schools and not more cut backs and LOCK THE FUCKEN PERVERTS UP FOR GOOD.
The stats go up every time they are released.
Now this didn’t go without some friction.
Come on this is politics.
The French in Quebec have to say something.
“The Bloc Quebecois has expressed concern that the bill might discourage sexually active 14- and 15-year-olds from seeking medical advice because the teens may worry that a doctor will report it as crime”.


Whose kid are you eyeing is what I have to ask?
Teach them in school and tell them they should go to the doctor and make them understand doctor patient privilege is just that and not to worry about it, unless you have another agenda?
I hate people that abuse kids more than anything and this law is a start but just that, a start more is needed.

I think that’s enough for my first post back home


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