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Saturday, May 27, 2006

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What we see, what we want to see and what is there, is not always the same thing.
When I listen, read or look at a person I pay attention to everything so see who this person is.
It’s like when I read your posts for the first time.
I sit there and look how you write, what you say and the way you say it.
After a while I can see the person you are past all the layers you put in front of you.
I try and not let myself be distracted from what people put in front of me to see and look around them at the real picture.
Everything in life has distractions creating an illusion meant to keep us from seeing the whole picture.

A woman walks down the street wearing a $700 outfit.
You look at her and think that she must have a well paying job or her husband can afford to buy her clothes like that but in actual fact the whole outfit cost her 40 dollars at the second hand clothing store.
She is actually on welfare.
True story

A man walking along the street going through the garbage cans outside KFC looking for scraps to eat.
He is wearing smelly torn clothes.
At the end of the day he wanders to the corner and waits there.
A limo pulls up and drives off.
He is an eccentric millionaire.
True story

What we see in only a façade that others put up there for us to see.
I have been seeing a lot of this in the last week from my family.
Both good and bad from both sides and this has been my greatest struggle.
My SIL is a loon who pretends she is not with moments of lucid thought.
My brother shows he is a caring father, husband and provides for his family which he doesn’t even come close too.
My mother is the non interfering MIL who does nothing to rock the boat which is full of shit.
She does her share to cause a lot of the trouble.
My father…..he is just stubborn, confused and doesn’t know what to say but something stupid and stand by my mother and brother.
Me, as I told all of them today.
I don’t give a fuck if they kill each other.
They are all about, ME ME ME and don’t care about the others.
Well the got an earful today from me and there was no kid around for me to scare so they all GOT A FUCKEN EARFUL AND I WASN’T QUIET ABOUT IT, ASSHOLES ALL OF THEM!!!!!!!
Felt good too.
I do have a powerful voice if I say so myself.
If you were here looking at them you wouldn’t notice there was a problem.
They all look like a happy family going around their everyday life without a worry in the world but…..

We look at poor people on the street and look past them to something that gives us a pleasant view because that’s what we want to see.
We don’t want to see the ugliness out there in the world and what even more true we don’t want to be associated with it.
So we pretend not to see it by covering it all up with something pretty.
My mother knows my brother is a prick but she chooses to not see it because of what she wants and fuels the situation by making it look like the are right and the SIL is wrong thus painting a righteous picture.

What is there after we dig our way down past the cosmetics of life?
How we choose to accept it and deal with it is up to us.
Some of us will look away and accept it others will deny it some will fight it for a change.
Never believe what you see until you get a good look.

With all that said let’s see what I was hiding from you in my last post.
What was it about?
I know it was read 64 times by 41 people and one person 16 times.
Some one was really happy last night.
But the post wasn’t about sex and one person actually got it, I got to do a better job hiding next time.
The sex was just a distraction to keep you away from the real post.
The post is about one partner lying to another partner and getting caught.
She was at home with the TV on the game and typing on the computer when the goal went in and heard him yell score on the headset.
Then he lied.
At the end she told him that Canada lost the game because she had been watching it and knew the outcome.
I said his power was cut off not hers.
But I must say, some distractions are worth it.

Have a Nice Weekend


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