blue moon (2)

Thursday, April 20, 2006

Bon Nuit Mon Amis ©

OK time 4:37 am, got that?
Now let’s see how long it’s going to take me to write this post?
First the subject matter…………..
I don’t really have one.
Well I do but that’s another serious post and I’m kinda tired of serious.
Life’s got to have something funny to offer besides that sad excuse of an undercover cop standing at the corner this afternoon when I got up pretending to be a hooker.
She was out there strutting her stuff, looking like a cop on a beat.
The only thing missing was the donut.
But that wasn’t the give away.
She was wearing a loose sweater, black leather skirt, black stockings and spike shoes.
Where the fuck did she think she was, Hollywood?

The regular hookers look like they lost a fight at the Salvation Army thrift store.
A nice sweater, ha ha ha most are wearing the halter tops their grandmothers wore at Woodstock and a leather skirt not likely cut offs and running shoes.
They would have to be stupid to be out there in spikes for 8 hours walking a beat on cement sidewalks.

Then there was the other thing, the fact that all the clothes the cop was wearing were new.
How did I know that?
The price tag was hanging from the bottom of the skirt like a flag fluttering in the wind.
A neighborhood hooker would never shop lift clothes without taking the tags off first.
Then sell it and raid grandma’s closet.
But still that wasn’t the give away.
It was the cops in uniform that picked her up for lunch in an unmarked car.

I could write about the time the idiot decided to light the fireworks in my house and I stuck the Roman candle in an aquarium to put it out.
Guess what?
It doesn’t work that way.
Once the fucker goes past the lip, it’s to late and the thing don’t sink either.
SEVEN TIMES it went off under water sending one fish flying out of the tank and creating a cloud of smoke throughout the house.
Then the door bell rings
It’s my parents ………..

I’ll save that for another time.
You lot aren’t any help are you and I’ll get to your post soon Mrslifecruiser, you could cuddle up with the MrLifecruiser for now.

Nice song just came on Manfred Mans The Runner.

I went to the grocery store today but not alone.
I had this hard case with me stomping around like they owned the place and creating a scene.
Grabbing fruit taking bites and spitting it on the floor and sending the uneaten fruit flying across the store
Then eating the loose nuts and candy getting drool and spit on what was left.
People were staring at us everywhere and it was getting embarrassing.
I tried to shy away to make it look like we were not together but to no avail.
I was happy to get out of there.
That’s it
No more shopping with my 2 year old niece.

I don’t know I’m drawing a blank.
You people have any ideas I could look at?

SHHH listen to that, it's the Eurythmics: Sweet Dreans are made of this...

Goodnight or goodmorning
It's 5:50 am


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