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Sunday, March 19, 2006

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It’s Sunday morning and I …….. Well its 2 pm so I guess its Sunday afternoon and I just woke up. I was out with some friends last night and had a great time. It’s been along time since I had a laugh and been happy.
They were actually surprised to see me drinking because I have cut back considerably in the last year and I got quite the buzzzzzzz
They say, well it’s probably true that I drank 18 beers and a third of scotch before I said goodnight and went home.
Oddly enough I don’t have a hangover and I’m not blind (which is a good thing).
I had one friend trying to talk to me into going fishing up North in the North West Territories and I had another friend trying to talk me into going fishing on the east coast New Brunswick or Newfoundland.
I decided just to drink like a fish instead and let them argue it out.
Normally I wouldn’t be posting today but I though, aw WTF.
I know some of you are probably surprised not to see a drunken post up but what can I say. I really couldn’t see the keyboard. LOL
That drunk should hold me until my birthday.
I have been told it’s going to be a drunken fest.
I should hear about it the day after because NO ONE INVITED ME!
Dick heads.
I have already made plans to go to an Indian restaurant by myself, but I may sneak into the bar later.
I’ll be turning 47 years old, or 22.
I say 22 because I died 22 years ago and the doctors saw it fit to bring me back.
I never did find the fucker that poisoned me. Mad Dog wanted to kill everyone that was in the restaurant that day.
His logic was if he killed everyone then he would be sure to get the person that spiked my beer with heroin.
So people, especially the ladies remember don’t leave your drinks unattended, if it could happen to a cautious man like me it could happen to anyone.
I didn’t let Mad Dog hurt anyone because I have a good idea who it was but just couldn’t prove it and he is dead now by his own hand.

After 47 years I have seen a lot and done alot.
I am surprised that I am alive to be honest with you and there have been times where I have been disappointed that I am.
People say that they have been dealt shitty hands in life and as shitty goes I got some real crap hands, but what people who complain about what life has doled out to them don’t understand like I do. What ever hand that has been dealt to me in life is what hand I dealt myself because I was the dealer in this game of my life.
We all are the dealers no matter how much you would like to blame someone else.
I was the person who made the choices and picked the path of my life as we all do.
If there is anyone to blame for my fortunes and misfortunes it would be me.
Sure other people were there and they made their choices which may have steered mine but I made the decision to follow the new path to where it leads.

I have enjoyed a rich life, not with money but rich in knowledge. I made money, shit loads of it and spent it as fast as I could get it but the people I met and the things I learned were the riches I enjoyed the most.
If you make a million dollars and spend it, then it’s gone forever but if you make a good friend then they are usually there forever.
A memory will stay with you for you to recall, like the time you had a million dollars and spent it. LOL

Looking back in time, I was born March 26 1959, the 85th day of the year.
My parents came to Canada and moved to a poor neighborhood where I still live oddly enough but now it’s an expensive neighborhood to buy a house in.
I was born here, so I am Canadian.
Back then life was different. You had to fight almost daily and being in a gang was the only way to ensure your survival on the streets because everyone’s parents worked day and night to keep our families fed and housed and we were left home to fend for ourselves.
I had a string around my neck with a skeleton key on it to open the door to our apartment.

By the time I was 8 years old 3 teenagers tried to kill me and dump my body in a construction site where they had just poured fresh cement into the foundation.
The fact that I am here telling you this means they suck at killing 8 year olds. I escaped my captors and in the process sent one hurling into the same foundation where he was impaled by a length of rebar through his leg.
He still walks with a limp.
He doesn’t remember me, and he didn’t remember me 14 years later when I beat the daylights out of him outside a bar one night.
He doesn’t even know why he got that beating and I paid all 3 of them back for that night.
It’s a good thing I don’t hold a grudge.
Four months after that, I was in and accident that shattered my body. I spent 2 years learning how to walk again.
I had 2 broken legs, broken knee, broken hip, 5 broken and cracked ribs. I spent 6 months in a body cast.
To be honest, it was partially my fault.
I was kissing a girl 6 years older than myself and afterwards floated into the street where I got run over.
It was one hell of a kiss but I LOVE kissing.

By the time I was 13, I was 6 feet tall and at war with myself.
Life had me fighting constantly but my heart was never into it. I would never look for trouble but it always came to us. We were from immigrant families and the people from English backgrounds didn’t like us at all. They were constantly attacking us so we spent a lot of time either fighting or running away from a group of assailants.
But our numbers grew and so did we.
Those were the dark years of my life that cost me my soul at times.
I don’t know how many times I cried in my bedroom at night because of what I had done to someone.
It made me so angry at the people who forced me to hurt them, for what, a pocket full of change from a little greasy Greek.
When I fought I never remembered the details, I just stood there after and saw the results and they were usually covered in blood.
My poor mother would come running into the bedroom after she got home from work worried and crying because my clothes would be in the bathtub soaking and the water would be crimson red.

At the age of 13 I also became a father for the first time.
I have never seen my son who would be 34 soon. His mother left to go back to the states where I know he had a good upbringing. His mother was 24 at the time and it wouldn’t have been in her interest to stay here.
I would never have said anything to get her into trouble.
By this time I was being recognized by people on the street as being someone not to mess with. It was also known that if anyone was in trouble I would be there to help.
I used to go to collect money from people that owed to some dealer and if it was a small amount and they didn’t have it, I usually paid it for them and told the dealer that they paid me.
I’m such a twit sometimes.
Of course they never repaid me but fuck, I wasn’t going to hurt someone for money.

Mixed into all the fighting there were great times too.
We would go out to play street hockey, hide and seek and other games kids played in other neighborhoods.
We made soap box carts to race and went fishing and swimming at the local pond.
School by far was my favorite place.
I have a need to learn to this day.
I met my first real girl friend around this time and the mother of my 2 daughters.
I was 15 at the time and it lasted for 17 years.
There were a couple of short breaks in the middle but it finally ended by the time I was 32.
From the early years of us being together I was a drug dealer, pot or hash. It was a good living and was supposed to keep us fed until I got a legal job. I never thought it would last 16 years though.

I have had 3 girl friends in my life and I won’t even tell you how many women I have slept with between the time I was 13 to this day. It’s only the ones we loved that matter anyway.
I have spent most of my life helping people.
It’s one of the things in life I get pleasure doing. For some reason people need to talk to me and want my thoughts.
I have even had a cop ask me for advice, the same fucken cop that busted me 10 years earlier.
Someone asked me the other day who I go to too unload. I don’t. I have shared some of my feelings with some people but I have never truly told anyone anything that eats me up the most. I keep that in.
It’s my purgatory.

I used to coach hockey for awhile during workshops that were pit on by the city. This was for small kids around 6 years old.
I have never laughed so much in my life as I did then.
You had to be there to see it.
Imagine a breakaway and 6 little kids skating their hearts out; three trying to get down and stop the rush on the goalie and 3 rushing the goalie to score a goal and none of them able to stop, all ending up crashing into the boards and laying on the ices in a daze.
I think I liked the way they looked up to me the most.
I wasn’t paid to do that job, it was volunteer work and I paid for the cokes and cookies afterwards out of my pocket. I loved watching these little cochroaches skating around having fun.
It’s what all kids should be doing.
Not going out to hurt people or be hurt by others.

I have met some interesting celebrities during my life but the one I remember the most and will always talk about is Tina Turner.
I spent 3 hours talking to this beautiful, talented, intelligent and kind woman.
She was always smiling the whole time. I met her after she left her husband and her career was starting to take off.
Now I have met some real assholes of celebrities too. I won’t say who but Pffffffft %!@#$%%^#.

This is just a bit of my life and there is more of it in my archives if any of you wish to go dig it up.
I know I still do.
I am currently updating my reads list on my sidebar and I am only removing people that don’t blog anymore. I am adding many new ones that I read now and creating links for you to find and follow.
Our links are the strings that bind all us bloggers together, so go pull a string and see if you find a friend.
If there is anyone I have forgotten to add, please please tell me.
If you would like to be added to my sidebar, don’t hesitate, email me and I would be more than happy to add you.
No strings attached.
I hope you all enjoy the rest of the weekend.


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