blue moon (2)

Saturday, March 25, 2006

It Must Be Later ©

It’s 8 am and I am drunk.
I am also armed with a dozen Tim Horton donuts.

My night started with me going to Shawarma Kings for dinner.
I had 2 beef shish kebabs with a plate of hummus, a salad and lemon potatoes.
The food is great here and not expensive.
The cook could use a shave and a bath though.
After eating, I danced across the street dodging cars and trucks that were trying to score a couple of points to my local pub.
I stood outside having a smoke knowing they were waiting inside for me.
This is day 1 of my birthday.
It has been known to go for a week but I’m getting to old to party that much, besides my liver twitches at the though of drinking. This year my BD is on a Sunday so we’ll party all weekend instead.
Two of the girls pulled up and got some hugs and kisses. They stood out there having a smoke with me. The three of us are quitting smoking together at the end of the month. Deb liked the threads I was wearing last night.
Loosing the weight I have in the last couple of months (25 lbs to date) I fit in a lot of the clothes I didn’t before.
Last night I was wearing black all the way through and had my leather vest and leather jacket on as well.
We went in after the smoke and the hugs kisses and the booze started to flow.
It was 7pm.
The owner of he place came over and asked me if I was going to be in on Sunday because he has a surprise for me.
I know it a big neon sign, someone told me.
We all sat at a table talking and drinking having a blast.
There was about 24 of us walking around playing, drinking and talking.
G came over and offered to she me her tits for my BD I said no.
I told her she could show GTP though, to which she said fuck that to and walked away.
G and GTP dated for 2 months and they never got past kissing.
GTP yelled back at her “Sure show him and not me”
The night went smoothly and I was sore from laughing. Some of these people should be in a comedy club.
I don’t know how much I drank in total but at one stage the bartender just left the bottle on the table and I drank the rest.
Half way through the night G came again seeing that I was wobbly and ask me once more if I wanted to see her tits and again I said no.
I have already seen them so it’s no biggy.
There were people from Toronto and one person from England.
I got patches for presents, which is cool mind you I told everyone no booze this year and that I wanted patches to quit smoking.
I got the booze anyway, they picked up my bill.
I left the bar and waved off all the rides home and walked to Tim Hortons.
Did I say walk.
I staggered to Timmy’s.
They were almost out of donuts so they through in some muffins.
It was a long walk home from there. I don’t live far from home but with all the zig zagging I did I probably added a few extra blocks to the walk home.
With that all said I better go to bed. The world is spinning and I don’t think it has anything to do with the Earth going around the Sun.
I’ll probably post this later when I wake up just to make sure I didn’t put something stupid on this post.
BTW, at the end of the evening while we were slowly starting to leave there was a tap tap tap on the window.
We all turned around to look and outside.In front of the window facing us was G with her top up and wearing a big smile.
We all started laughing but the biggest laugh came 2 minutes later when GTP came from the washroom and asked why we were laughing.
He still got to see nothing. LOL
Goodnight all, I am out again tonight.


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