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Wednesday, March 22, 2006

I Fixed It ©

I would like to start this post by asking for a favor.
One of my blog friends and a friend to some of you has become ill.
She is sitting in a hospital bed right now in pain and waiting to be cured.
Curled up in pain she has one dilemma which is burning her more than the pain she is in and that’s the fact that she can’t get to her blog and to read some posts or her comments.
So I was wondering if you could scoot over to Jo’s blog and give her a hug and a smile for when she gets home to read.
Get well soon JO.

Yesterday my guest came to me and said a tape she just finished watching was not coming out of the VCR.
I walked over and sure enough it wasn’t and not only that but there was no sound coming from the unit.
She must have been worried I guess, you know how it is when you go to someone's house and something breaks when you are the one that used it last.
You wonder what the fuck did I do and what will they say.
So I looked at her and said
“What the fuck did you do”?
Aw come on I had too LOL
I assured her that I would fix it and if I didn’t well it is a VCR.
I used to have problems with it before, it got jammed alot.
The tape would stick at the door and it seemed that there was not enough push in the machine to get the tape out.
Upon opening it, I removed Mulholand Drive (didn’t understand the movie but loved the lesbian scene) which was the tape that was stuck in the unit when I saw a spring was off.
I put it back but it was loose.
It must have been worn out or something from the use and had stretched. If I closed the unit it would probably just fall off again and I would be back to square one.
I had a broken unit in the back which I hadn’t thrown out yet so I opened it up and found a spring to replace the old one.
The only problem was that it was smaller, not as long.
I didn’t think it would make a difference so I put it in and closed up the unit.
Going back to the TV I plugged it in and when it was on I put in a tape.
It started without a problem.
I fast forwarded it and rewound the tape and all was working as it should be.
Then I hit stop and eject.
We both stood there and watch the tape fly across the room.
Ok it works.
The damn thing is a tape catapult now.

I have always had a thing about fixing things. Ever since I was a kid I would take off with something broken to fix.
My parents never would say anything.
Probably because I just broke it and they hadn’t arrived home yet.
I would sit at the table with tools and dismantle it and try to get it working.
I would spend hours trying to figure things out and 50% of the time I used to fix it.
The other 50% of the time I would put it together, put it next to my brother, stick a hammer in his hand and call my mother.
He never got into trouble.

One day when I was about 24 or so, my car’s transmission was slipping out of gear.
It was 74 Fury Grand sedan MrH.
Fully loaded
It was a present from my father and he wanted to drive it to, which he did, A LOT.
I decided to take in the yard and have a look at it.
By this time I was good repairing and re building engines but I had never touched a tranny before, so this was going to be all new to me.
I jacked up the car and crawled underneath.
By this time my uncle who lived next door had come out. He sat there watching me for hours taking apart the transmission piece by piece.
At one stage he asked me if I was going to remember how to put it back together.
I laughed at him and said yeah.
2 hours after that I had it all together again and put the car down.
My uncle was sitting there waiting for the big moment.
I started the car and put it in reverse and the car went back.
Stopping the car and getting out I walked over to my uncle and said see. it works.
He was impressed.
He was VERY impressed.
He was even more impressed that I got it working with out the three spare parts that were sitting on the step next to him.
I picked them up and wondered where the fuck these came from and how do I put them back.
But then again the car worked right.
So I shrugged it off and went to move the car up because I had moved it back.
I started the car, put it in drive and went back.
I put it in reverse and it went back.
Any where I put it, it went back.
I put in park and waited to see if I would go back but seeing that it stopped I got out.
My uncle was sitting there laughing at me.

I walked over to the tool box, took out the hammer and went looking for my brother.


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