blue moon (2)

Monday, January 16, 2006


While sitting here the other night watching the news 2 things came up which got me scratching my head.
The first was off the coast Australia where a pack of bull sharks attacked and killed a girl swimming in the water.
The second was a movement in Samoa to save Great Whites.

This young woman went out swimming just off shore with a group of friends and during all the fun and laughs a group of bull sharks moved in and tore off her arms and took chunks out of her torso.
She died on route to hospital.
Now we don’t have sharks where I come from so I can’t relate to much with how the beaches work in Australia, but we do have sections of the area netted off for swimmers to keep them safe from being pulled to far out and to keep some fish that are big enough to hurt children.
How much could it cost to put special netting up for swimmers to enjoy swimming in certain beaches without fearing for their lives or parents freaking out that something might eat their child?
According to statistics authorities say there have only been 193 since they‘ve been keeping track of this.
That’s the ones they know about probably.
Realistically they say one person a year but they don’t give us how many get injured.
In a country with a growing tourist industry you would think that spending a little money to keep their citizens and guests safe not to mention save a shark from certain death would be a priority.
If one life could be saved that is worth spending the money for the netting or any other method of protecting swimmers.
With fishing cleaning out the oceans, sharks are going to be looking out for new items on the menu and humans don’t swim fast or fight back unless there is a sale on shoes or power tools.
If we can send a man into space we surely could find a way for people to be safe from sharks attacking them while they go swimming.

Another thing
ARE PEOPLE CRAZY?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
If you know there are sharks in the area what are you doing jumping in the water and splashing around inviting everything with teeth to stop by and help you splash with a little more enthusiasm.
I can see it now.
“Hey Beavis, on the news this morning it said there were Great Whites swimming at the beach”
“That’s cool ButtHead, I got their CD at home. We should go to the beach and swim with them and maybe get an autograph”.
Why even consider going in the water if there is a possibility of an attack you getting hurt.
JAWS should be required viewing before everyone goes swimming in shark infested waters.
Just a picture of a shark with its mouth open and rows of teeth showing would get me doing the breast stroke in the bath tub instead of a trip to the beach.

The next segment had a bunch of people in Samoa trying to convince people that they shouldn’t be killing off Great Whites.
Let’s face it, they are going to have a hard time selling that idea to people.
I can understand that wanton annihilation of a species is WRONG!!!!!!
But If I am at the beach in the water and there is a Great White with my lily white ass on its menu, start the ANNIHILATION PROCESS!!!!!
Not that I have much of an ass to make much of a meal but I would like to keep what little I do have.
There has to be a happy medium for the ecology of the world.
As humans we have encroached of the wildlife of the world and we have to start understanding that all species are needed to keep it balanced.
Sure if there is an impending threat, then by all means do what must be done to stop such threats but to go out in the open ocean and kill something because it MAY some day cause harm to someone is wrong.
What’s next, this child may grow up to be a serial killer so let’s give him the lethal injection now and save us any grief that MIGHT happen down the road.

I like to fish (not for sharks) and I follow a strict catch and release policy unless I want a couple of trout for dinner.
The rest go back in the drink.
There is a growing catch and release ethic happening now with most sporting fisherman and women.
I think it should be the same with sharks.
So next time you hook a great white stick your hand down its throat and PULL out that hook and set it FREE.
But that won’t happen because many of these said sports fisherman want the trophy for their walls.
The teeth make for a great trophy.

I have always been outspoken on certain things and trophies of dead animals is near the top of the list.
I hate people who go out just for trophies for their walls.
My ex father in law was big on stuffing dead animals.
“Hey Jean, where did you get the big 7 point deer head”
“Well mon Walkeeer. I was wit my couseen down in Cha cooooo tamiiii when dis deer run out of dee bush and I shoot da gun from de truck and kill im instantly wit da one shot”.
“Wow Jean you must be a great shot”
“Oh no I mees da deer wit da bullet but da noise in da truck was so loud my couseen swerve an eet da deer. You see da grill mark on dis left side of da ed”?
“Ah so that’s what that is, I thought it was one of those new funky hair cuts with the lines. I didn’t notice the ford symbol”.

Every time I spent the night at his place I couldn’t sleep or have sex with the girlfriend.
All those fucken eyes staring at me bugged me out.
I swear after a couple of beers and heading off to bed the fucken things would talk to me when I lay there and they spoke French.
It must have been because they were killed in Quebec and they only speak French there.
And what the fuck is it with this Jackalope thing.
Some people actually believe it.
People……no matter how horny rabbits are, they can’t reach an antelope’s ass end, and getting a running start will not help and I don’t care how high they could jump.
And for all you Quebecers who have their hands up to dispute this fact, put the beer down.
Another thing I learned about rural Quebecers, take what they say literally.
When my ex Father in law said he was eating beaver the night before we arrived, I thought he meant he was eating out the mother in law’s pussy.
Then he asked me if I wanted to eat some beaver too which scared the shit out of me at the thought of chewing out his wife and I told him I had some the night before and then he asked me where I trapped it.
After the pain from the slap I got in the back of my head by the girl friend subsided I realized he meant REAL beaver.
I pointed out to him that it was illegal to kill beaver and he told me it was only illegal for English hunters.
I can’t fight with that reasoning.

You know, I think life would be much better if we protected our beaches, tried to save the creatures of the world and licensed everyone to go out and hunt Jackalopes.


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