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Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Am I A Theif ? ©

Have you ever stolen anything?
As a kid I did and I got caught.
I was about 10 years old and it was at K Mart.
I didn’t get far because I was a lousy thief and everything was just hanging out of my pocket so I got as far as the cash and my father was embarrassed and paid for the toy to save face.
I on the other hand got a beating when I got home and the toy was tossed out of the window on route home.

As an adult I can’t say I have stolen anything but I have bought stolen items.
That in itself can be viewed as stealing I guess but I never personally took something from anyone.
In fact I have a hard time taking something that doesn’t belong to me and if a cashier makes a mistake I promptly point I out and give the money back.


Come on you must have known there would have been a “BUT” somewhere and that’s butt with one “T” I kinda stole some money once.
Let me explain.
Now I am pretty sure enough time has gone by for me not to get into trouble but then again in reality I didn’t really steal anything.
How much was it you ask?
Well it was about a 6 inches by 10 inches by 4 inches high metal box full.
Whom did I take it from you may ask?
Well it was from the RCMP.
After school I used to work as a cleaner and at the time was working in a building which had the RCMP Drug squad on one of the floors and I was their cleaner.
They had just made a big drug bust and had a pile of drugs and a stack of money on the table when I walked through to empty the garbage can.
The whole floor was like a high security prison and there were gates everywhere.
There was only one way on eth floor and everyone signed in when they got off of the elevator.
It must have been a special bust because they were all laughing and having drinks and telling stories of the raid and laughing it up.
I was just doing my job and trying to get out of there and home for the night and to home work.
Later the evening I went back to the secure area to mop the floors.
Now here is where all the dicey stuff comes in.
There was no one there and in those days, there were no cameras.
Besides who in their right mind would break into an impenetrable fortress, right?
While I was mopping the floor I noticed the safe open and the metal box right there where they kept the money.
Not a soul in sight and me with a pile of money 4 feet away.
In those days I got 2 dollars an hour and what was in that box was a years worth of money.
Man it was tempting to take the box and run.
I spent 40 minutes in that room mopping the floor when it normally took 15 minutes.
I left the section and went to finish mopping some other floors so I could leave.
By the time I got my coat and ready to leave, the whole building was up I arms.
There were cops everywhere, from local cops to RCMP.
It seems that someone had stolen the money from the evidence room and they wanted it back.
Everyone was being searched and that included yours truly.
We couldn’t leave until we were stripped search and that took hours to do.
They never found anything on anyone.
They took the place apart and the building was closed for days while they searched.
In the end they suspected one of their own had done it because the safe WAS closed when they discovered the money missing and they WERE the only ones that knew the number, right.
I continued to work there for another 6 months and the company lost the contract and I went else where.
But the money was never found and thought long gone and spent.
Do you want to know what happened to the money?


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