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Thursday, November 24, 2005

Thanksgiving Again ©

Hey it’s Thanksgiving again.
It’s not everyone that gets to celebrate the same holiday twice in one year but being Canadian does have its perks I guess and football being a big thing during American Thanksgiving many people take the day off here just so they could fill up the bars and celebrate the holiday with our favorite neighbors.
Our only neighbors actually.
I was sitting imagining mrhaney going out to get his own turkey the old fashion way.
Sneaking through the woods.Armed with one of those big bell shaped muzzle loaders.
Stalking his prey and shooting it dead.


Or maybe not.


Maybe he can go to a farmer and get his own turkey and bring it home.
He could go in the back yard and do it like his fore fathers did.
Quick and simple.


Or maybe not.


I guess he could go to the grocery store and get himself a fresh turkey and go from there.
Just make sure mrshaney cooks it enough.


Or else it could get tough.


But what ever the case may be and however mrhaney gets his Thanksgiving turkey I wish him and all my American friends a


I'm Playing it safe.



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