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Saturday, October 01, 2005

Dinner With A Guest ©

To start off with I would like to invite all the people who do not comment to help me fill in my world map. I got someone new from a country I had no one in the other day and that was great. I know many of you don’t comment which is cool if that’s what you like but say hi to me on my map, help me fill in some of my blanks and possibly leave me your URL so I can stop by and have something new to read.
Thank You.
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What a night and day it has been.
Yesterday Patti came to town she has moved closer to Ottawa and picked me up and took me out for dinner.
We had decided to walk because we knew we would be drinking.
That’s the responsible thing to do.
I don’t live far from most of the restaurants in the area and we took off around 5pm.
We first stopped by my watering hole for a quick drink and some calamari.
Ok it wasn’t a quick drink
I had a jug and Patti a couple of drinks and some of my beer.
The guys were eyeing me in the corner scared to come over and bug me seeing that I had company but when one of the cooks from the kitchen saw me he walked over and the rest of them surmised that they could venture a hello in my direction.
With the hockey season starting the cook invited my money to the hockey pool they were starting.
It's at9am Next Saturday they say.
Me up at 9 am, not going to happen and not for hockey that for bloody sure.
Wait until I see them tomorrow I bet I could talk them into pushing it up some. At least until 9:01am, I’ll take every second I can get. (Notice how I gently meandered off the main subject)

After our drinks we went out to look for a restaurant.
We walked to Elgin Street where we ended up at a pub I hadn’t been before. It was called Feather and something. OK I didn’t pay attention to the name. They had food that’s all that mattered and it was great. We drank a carafe of wine with our meal and walked the mile and a half home.
Which meant we worked dinner off and ordered pizza as soon as we got back here.
It’s always nice to have guests come over; it gives me a bit of a break because I really don’t get out much any more.
Patti went to bed at 2am and I wrote yesterdays post and then stayed up until 6:30 am talking to Lisa.
This morning I took Patti out for lunch and we talked a bit about her new place and then she dropped me off home and headed back to Montreal.
Thanks for stopping by Patti and spending some time with me.
I was suppose to go out shopping with my mother but the sister in law dropped off my niece and that was that.
Tomorrow I guess will be shopping day.

Have a nice weekend

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