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Tuesday, September 06, 2005

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I am back to work for the next couple of days. Today was the first one and tomorrow I think will be that last. I am working alone and that’s the way they like it. The kid is not working and from what my brother told me his face is a mess from where the dog got him.
On a sad note the dog was destroyed because he bit the idiot kid. The only crime it did, was defend himself from that idiot.

The other day while talking to Sara on the head set there was a noise outside and 15 minutes later the door bell rang. I went to get the door and I saw the street was blocked off by the police. For a change it wasn’t my house surrounded.
There was an accident involving a motorcycle and a car. From what I gathered the light had turned yellow and the bike made a run for it. On the other side the light turned green and the driver of the car was already approaching the intersection and hadn’t slowed down. The bike hit the car and the biker flew 30 feet to the ground. He was pronounced dead at the scene 30 minutes later.
What is the hurry to make the yellow light anyway?
Was he late for a meeting or a date or was he in jeopardy of missing the reruns of Gilligan’s Island.
What ever it was he will be on time for his funeral.

There was a collision today in my hall way. It was the first of these I have ever seen and it left 2 badly traumatized cats. Frick the Freak of the house was doing his Olympic steeple chase routine when he charged down the stairs and ripped up the hallway only to run head on into Emme who was just as shocked as Frick. When I say head on I mean just that. I heard the loud thud as their heads collided and they both dropped there on the spot.
Wow I though 2 dead cats.
Frick got up embarrassed and walked away but Emme was shaking her head for an hour howling at the top of her lungs.
Now my knowledge of the cat language is not up to par but I don’t think it was howls of pain as much as I am going to bite your tail off when I catch you.

I have bee invited to participate in this weekend’s engagement party for my cousin. When I say invited, I really mean I have no choice and I better bring an expensive gift. My mother bought 12 crystal beer glasses, 12 crystal wine glasses and 12 crystal water glasses. That was about $400 right there.
She asked me today what I was going to bring to give them.
I told her 12 beers, 12 wine coolers and 12 bottles of water.

This has been an early report of Walker’s Lost News.

Have a nice day.


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