blue moon (2)

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Wasted........ ©

It’s over.
I don’t want to see another souvlaki for a LONG time, or any Greek food for that matter.
Last night was the final blow out and people were so drunk and fucked up I look normal staggering all over the place.
One of my friends won $105,000 at the Casino and he was buying everything they sold that would get us drunk.
I was there with another group of people that showed up to surprise me. They knew I was going so by 8 pm there were 30 people sitting with me, so much for a little time with my parents. But who cares the party was on.
My friend bought a whole lamb for $350 right of the bbq spit and had it chopped and brought out to the table and I ordered souvlaki and beer, lots and lots of beer. There was wine to and some ouzo but it was beerthat we drank the most of.
The music started playing and the people were jumping in their seats. There were 10,000 people on a 2 acre parking lot and it was tight.
The Greek Zorba Dancers came out and were doing their routine and had the crowd clapping, singing and yelling OPA. They did some solo dances that the crowd loved.
After they left they had the draws for the trip to Greece and some other prizes and then the band started to play for the people.
This means everyone dances.
Even if you don’t know how, you learn quickly.
My 18 month old niece was on the table dancing around with the music all night. Even when they put her in her carriage to sleep you could see her arm up in the air waving with the music.
I pulled out my trusty camera (actually a piece of crap) for some pix and you can tell by the way they look how drunk I was or it was.

..................People were dancing infront of me.

.....................People were dancing to the right of me.

..................People were dancing to the left of me.

..................There were people dancing behind me.

And there were cousins that don't like getting their boobs photographed and smack you.

Then there is the guy who wins a shit load of money and gets pissed.

..................And then there are his friends getting pissed with him

There is always the person who doesn't want their picture taken, so I let her take mine.

What a night it was.
We drank.
We danced.
We had a good time.
We said OPA,for the last time together until next year.
Now I am going to lay down and try to forget.

Ke tou hronou.
Until next year.


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