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Sunday, August 07, 2005

Oh God Not Again ©

Well I wasn’t going to post today but since it is Sunday and my last post was on religion, so I figure what the hell.
First off the last post expresses my opinions and I am not trying to convert anyone to become Walkerish.
As I said before I just don’t believe in God.
I do believe Christ was a passionate man and loved people.
I don’t believe he was God in the flesh, unless you believe all man/woman is God. Now that would be a big problem with 8 Billion people running around pretending to be God, we can’t shut up televangelists what will we do with the drunk on the corner in the middle of the night?
Now according to scripture God came down and knocked up Mary wife of Joseph, Mary who was still a Virgin.
What happened to thou shall not mess with the neighbor’s wife.
How do we know it wasn’t Jubal the stable boy who did jump her because Joseph not up to the task and Mary was tired of being a virgin and needed a good shagging.
When she found out she was pregnant she came up with a whopper of a story and blamed God. Which makes Joseph either very religious or he is ready to buy some swamp land.
The bible is a book and a pretty good read.
Apparently it’s inspired by God.
If that is true the guy or gal wrote it so that it is so confusing that it could mean anything, which brings my acronym theory into play.
It’s a perfect way to be able to twist and interpret into what ever you want to believe or to mold into your need. There is more sex in the bible than any other book ever written.
Most of the major religions believe in one God. Not only that but the same God. They are spawned but the same scripture but the Christians are supposed to be the chosen ones.
Why is that?
Is it because we have cable and more channels on the TV to show countless hours of 100 Huntley street, Oral Robert, Jimmy Swaggart and lets not forget Jim “the shaker” Baker with his wife Tammy the “ Makeup Queen”.
So if we all believe in the same God but we are in different religions, why do we hate each other?
Here is a thought. If Jesus was a Jew, and we are Christians in his name, does that make us Christian Jews, and if it is so can I still eat pork because I like baby back ribs.
So if there is a God and we all believe in the same God, then everyone is going to the same heaven.
Man are some people gonna be PISSED.
Religion feeds on peoples, fear, dispair, and depression.
Like a leech feeds on your blood.

Did you know the Bible was the first book to have a sequel?
Yup the New Testament, the old one didn’t fuck people up enough so they came up with a new one to confuse you even more.
What about those pains in the asses who show up at my door. The Jehovah Witnesses, they believe in the same God.
Do they go to heaven?
For the record I have read the Bible 3 times and have looked at other religions carefully. They are all the same.
They say the care about everyone but they don’t.
They are all self centered and no matter what religion they belong in they all promote murdering other religions.
Baby killers and all of them in the name of God, you know the Guy On Drugs.

If these posts have pissed you off, they were meant too.
They are supposed to make you look at the world around you and the trouble that religion is causing. Or should I say the trouble that the people in charge of the religions we believe in are causing.
No one out there will make me change how I believe and I DO NOT want you to change in what you believe. Just look at what you are told to do and believe in with open eyes and an open heart.
Now you know why I drive my priest nuts because I give it to him like this every time we meet and I have spoken and debated this with many priests and a couple of rabbis.

This is the last post on this subject.
Tomorrow will bring something new.


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