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Thursday, August 25, 2005

The D.T. Files Episode #4 The Brain Dead Zone ©

The Brain Dead Zone

Another episode of the Don't Tell Files brings us the year 1986.
There are certain drugs people should not do.

Here is a story about for guys who had nothing better to do but get stoned. The only thing is they had nothing to get high on.
It was an August evening and I went over to one of my friend’s apartments to see what was up and on the agenda for the night.
There was no one there though.
I sat on the steps to wait for awhile just in case they had gone on a beer run.
After an hour I said screw it and headed off to another friends place.
No one was there either.
Hmm, ok I thought they must be together and they may have gone off to another place. This is before cell phones so there was a lot of foot work required to look for people.
As I ‘m walking to the third place on my list I see one of my friends walking down the street covered in blood and in a daze.
I stop him and asked him what happened and all he said to me was, “what’s up dude”
He looked like crap so I turned him around and started walking him back to the apartment.
Just before we get there the other guy who I stopped in to see was there walking around covered in blood and in the same trance as this guy.
WTF is going on I thought.
Now I am herding my friends like cattle to the apartment and when I get in the place is a shambles and the other 2 are lying on the floor in the same shape as these two.
Automatically I thought, they got into a fight with each other and destroyed the place, but it didn’t answer why they were all clueless to the world.
I put them on the couch and on some of the chairs and tried to talk to them with no success.
I went into the kitchen and started boiling water for coffee and also running into the living room to pick them up and put them back into their chairs.
I had to force them to drink the stuff and I think more ended on the floor and their clothes that got down their throats.
I managed to sober one up and got him to help and a couple of other guys showed up and gave me a hand.
It must have been 2 hours before they were in some shape to tell us what happened and it was sketchy to start with.
They had gone out looking for some drugs but the area was dry and could find nothing. They had stumbled upon some guys who said they could get some valiums for a good price. Now a couple of 10 milligram valiums for someone who doesn’t do them regularly gives you that drunken sensation without the hang over, and the memory.
Well they bought the valium and went home to have a good time. The each took 2 white pills. The white ones are 15 mils so that’s thirty each and they said that they got really stoned really fast.
This still didn’t explain what happened to them and why the apartment was a disaster area.
They didn’t know why they got into a fight with each other and had no explanation.
Something was not right.
They did have 2 pills left though which they pulled out and showed us.
I looked at the pills and they didn’t look like any valium I knew and I have seen them all.
The other thing was their hands had no marks and if they beat each other and by the looks of them all they had a good working over, there should have been some marks.
Then one of the guys noticed that the TV was gone.
A search also revealed that everything worth any value was gone and their pockets were empty and turned inside out.
This is what happened, the pills were not valium as we found out later.
They were given a form of morphine that knocked them out.
While they were out cold, the guys that sold them the pills had followed them to see where they lived and came in and beat the shit out of them while they were stoned out of their heads and took everything they could carry.
They sat there, four seasoned criminals beaten at their own game by strangers. They wanted to go out looking for them and there would have been many that would have gone out to search and help but they couldn’t remember anything.
Not even what they looked like.
Well I guess you have to live and learn and don't do drugs you don't understand.


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