blue moon (2)

Thursday, August 11, 2005

D.T. Files Episode #3 Commando ©

Now I poke fun at many people I know but I like to think I am fair so today’s episode is about me.
This takes place long ago when apes ruled the world.
IT’S TRUE!!!!!
I was 18 and Planet of the Apes was on TV. I had a date and I was getting ready to go out.
I had gone out earlier and washed and vacuumed out the Mustang and now was sprucing myself up.
Back then is was Disco in the clubs and tight pants and loose shirts was the attire.
Man we used to spend so much time combing the hair.
The shirts had these wide flared out collars and the one I was wearing tonight glowed in the dark. Bell bottoms pants and platform shoes.
Had to look good right was going out to dance and get laid.
Now that’s enough for a D.T. File right there and I should stop now, but I won’t.
I took my shower and draped in a towel I went to get dressed.
I had my clothes ready on the bed. I threw the towel aside and I opened the drawer for some underwear but there were none.
ACK, I have never gone without. I call to my mother and she said they were all dirty and it was my fault for not buying enough.
Yeah, yeah she was right.
Oh well there is a first time for everything right.
We’re going CAMMANDO!!!!
First I comb my hair.
Then I put on a pair of clean socks.
Dirty ones after a shower just don’t work well.
I put on my shirt next.
Then I combed the hair.
The hair must be combed always, rule number 1
Then I put on the pants.
I tuck in the equipment and the shirt and zip them up.
I walk over to the dresser and look into the mirror……..
I take in a deep breath and let out a loud and firm…
I look down at my pants and start again…
My mother came to the stairs to see what the commotion was and I bit my tongue and told her it was nothing.
If you haven’t guessed yet, I managed to zip up my foreskin along with my pants.
This is my fathers fault of course, because when the doctor said should we circumcise
He said, NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!

Did it hurt?
Was it bleeding?
Was it over yet?
FUCK NO!!!!!
Because now, I had to pull the zipper back fucken down and to make things worse the pants were tight and I couldn’t move with out it hurting.
Ok now I had to calm down and closed the door to make sure no one saw what I had done.
This was a metal zipper to so cutting it off wasn’t an option besides I needed the pants for that night anyway.
I stared into the mirror and I gritted my teeth.
I started breathing fast and faster and building up momentum.
I was getting ready to pull it back down.
I was getting into the right frame of mind my eyes were bulging I had the zipper in my finger and with one swift jerk I tore it down………….
It stopped right where it was stuck and now I couldn't go up or down.
I was actually contemplating spending my life like this.
Would people notice me wearing the same pants for 80 Years?
The front of my pants were now soaked with blood.
I just said fuck it and grabbed the zipper and finally forced it down freeing my cock from my zipper.
Then all of a sudden I hear my mother.
Walker, I found a clean pair of underwear for you.

Have a nice day.
Oh Just a sec.
Do you want to see an 18 year old Walker.


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