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Monday, August 08, 2005

Another Monday Night Football ©

Sitting here today taking a break from my exciting life of espionage, murder and preparing for this weekends Bbq, I got buzzed on my MSN from a friend.
She wanted to know if I was going out tonight for the football game and to play QB1. It’s an interactive game played throughout North America and I have a talent for it. Apparently I am ranked in the top 100 and in the top 10 in Canada and the bar where I play has won the regional 3 years straight.
Anyway to get back to the point I am digging for.
I was going to go to watch part of the game and indulge in my addiction to chicken wings. I was that is until I got this message and had a talk.
The friend knows I like playing so she has put it upon herself to go tonight and play and if she is really lucky I would show up and fuck her after the game.
She is showered and smelling great and her top has more than enough cleavage showing.
Walkers boob fetish is known through out the world.
I was told all of this in under 1 minute.
Now I have never been with this person and have never encouraged her in any way but it seems that she loves me.
That’s 6 women now who love me not including my mother or Sara.
3 of which I have never been intimate with, or haven’t screwed, intimate sound to sterile.
I explain that I have a girl friend and it doesn’t seem to matter to her and to all of the others.
How can a person be in love with you if you hardly ever speak to them?
Not only do they love me but they are married.
Yeah, yeah do the math I have slept with married women.
Now when I’m single, no one wants to fuck me BUT get a mate and I’m the hottest thing with a cock.
Is it the fact that you have both something to loose that makes it seem right to them or do they think I’m not happy with the sex I get.
Yeah, Yeah we all know Sara is in New Zealand and I haven’t been fucked in a long time but she did such a good job screwing me the last day I’m still bent out of shape.
So what is the problem with these women?
When they picked their mates you would think they knew what they were getting into.
I did, I knew there was going to be no sex for a long time unless you count cyber sex and then ok it hasn’t been awhile.
I accepted that and went on. There have been some bumps in the road but we have over come them, and as long as I don’t get to excited and pull off my tool and have it for show and tell at the doctor’s office, I will survive.
When people hook up with their partners they should spend time together to know what they are in for. They should move into a place and live together for some time. They may hate the way the other person lives.
The sex may suck.
It must if you’re out there looking to get fucked by someone else.
If you like getting you pussy licked or your cock sucked and your mate won’t do it. Then you either live without or don’t hook up if you’re going to be stepping out.
I have never had a need to step out on a partner because they were exactly what I wanted in a mate and if there was something I like that she didn’t then I went without and lived with it. I can’t have everything.
Sara and I have discussed certain things and we know what the one will not accept and that is the way it should be. (NO FRENCH MAID UNIFORM!! “Sigh”)
I wanted to fuck Sara on the plane in the so called washroom but she said no and I don’t blame her. The fucken thing was so small if one of us as much as farted the window would have blown out and the oxygen masks would have dropped from the ceiling, sending the plane into a spiral dive towards the ground making it more anti climatic than climatic.
People should be looking for what they hate in the person they are with rather the things that they like.
For example, Paul is so handsome and he has a nice sports car. He makes lots of money and he fucks her the way she likes. He also beats the shit out of her and fucks all her girl friends when she is not around. He calls her an idiot and insults her in front of his friends.

Tammy has nice big luscious tits and a nice ass. She always wears sexy cloths and is very popular. She also goes out when her mate is working and sometimes she is not home when he finishes work at 7 am, and when he asks he get a mind your own business and I need more money.

These are true stories BTW.
She left Paul 2 months ago and he is with a new woman married and gone.
I see Paul lookling like crap trying to buy a piece of ass with drinks at the bar.
Tammy is a throw rug for anyone who buys her a drink and has a nice car.
What goes around comes around.
You should never have to step out if you’re with the right person unless you have some agreement, then I guess you know already what you can do and it would be OK with your partner.
If your single happy fucking, but use safe sex.
So, for my night tonight I will be staying home and doing some cleaning and forgo the wings but this is not going to stop me from going out again, I’m just to tired to argue with a woman that is going through a depression about not being loved and fucked.
I hope she finds what she is looking for but it won’t be me.

Have a nice day.


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