blue moon (2)

Sunday, July 24, 2005

Where We Meet ©

I was listening to the radio today and I hear this song playing and I was doing something I don’t usually do, actually 2 things.
1. I was even listening to country music.
2. I was listening to the lyrics, I usually only listen to the music of a song.
The song was “Looking for love”.
Definitely not my main choice of music, but I wasn’t going to get up and walk across the room and change it.
As I was listening to the words of the song, the thought of where I have met some of the women I have shared some time with came to my head.

My very first girl friend, I met in a strip club when I was very young, not even drinking age. Now I don’t know if she was a girl friend, but she was my first lay and I did see her for 3 months.

A month after the stripper I hooked up with a woman from the US that I met her at the local fair. That lasted 5 months and was a time that I will remember, forever. It produced a son that I have never met. Long story I was underage and she was 10 years older.

Now I did go out with my French teacher (I didn’t know she would be my teacher until September and I lied about my age). I met her on the side of the road with a broken down car. That only lasted 3 months, guess why?
She walked into class that first day of school and I was in the front row. LOL
Boy did I feel stupid.

Then I met the mother of my kids, who I met while driving down the main drag. My friend Phil was driving and he honked at some girls to his left but we heard a scream from the right side and there was the future mother of my kids. She got scared by the honk she jumped and fell face first into a garbage can. Buddy picked them up and got a date with her sister but I had to go out with the other or buddy had no date.
That lasted 17 years.

Now there was someone who I was seeing for a year but never slept with. I had not left the mother of my kids yet, even though we hadn’t lived together for 2 years I didn’t want to mess some one else’s life. But she stayed with me until we both ended it. I met her at a garden party I was not invited to and didn’t know anyone. She was being hounded by a group of guys trying to get lucky. I asked her if she wanted to go on a beer run and she said yes.

Then I met someone in the bushes. Don’t ask I still don’t understand all of it my self. I was just on a walk and lo and behold a female pops out of the bushes alone. 2 months.

Then there was my second ex. She came along with a friend of mine to celebrate my friend’s birthday.
Now I was told to stay away from her because she was not my type and I would be insulting her. I don’t even know why I was told that. She wasn’t my type and my cat had bigger tits.
Well, we went to a couple of bars and danced, drank the night away and then we went to my place to drop me off and they came in for a drink and they all left but her. 9 years.

Then I met Sara in a Backgammon room.
I very happy I like backgammon.
I wasn’t looking for anyone. I was there to just play and waste some time.
Fate is what it is and we met and we are now here, sharing it with you.

So tell me, where have you met your husbands/wives or girlfriends/boyfriends?


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