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Tuesday, July 26, 2005

To Tip Or Not To Tip Part Two ©

Today’s part two begins with”B”.
Her story is what gets me to not say fuck tipping and live off the wages you make like the rest of us do.
B is a single mother of 2 teenage girls.
She is 45 years of age, 5ft 6 and about 160 pounds let’s say, and I’m being generous. Some of you may be asking what difference this make knowing these personal details, but it does and I will show you as this post goes on.
Her husband had left her when the kids were in their early teens and ran off with a young woman to California, San Diego to be exact.
Upon getting her divorce he was ordered to pay child support, which he has yet to do, stating that he is broke and unemployed. But he can afford the Corvette which he drives.
She found herself alone with two kids and no income and no outside profession. She had once been a waitress though as a teenager and decided that it was better than welfare.
She applied to every bar and restaurant that she knew but she lacked the most important quality.
It wasn’t her demeanor, because she was always smiling and happy no matter what was happening at home.
It wasn’t her serving skills because people, I have seen her butt through the doors and walk out with 6 plates and she could have had one resting on her tits if she wanted to. I for one was happy she didn’t.
No it wasn’t that.
It was her age and figure that kept her from working at a place where I go and drink at.
The girls at my watering hole are young and sexy or what society deems as sexy. I have my own views and preferences on that, but that’s another rant down the road.
I know for a fact that she can blow away all of the servers there combined but the ownership wants eye candy as do most of the bars and restaurants.
They want cleavage, a bare belly button and a tight ass and they have to fit in a tight skirt that's just below their pussy hair.
This apparently makes for a better server I guess.
The more you look at her ass and tits, you may not notice the crappy food, or the 3 inch head on your beer. And guys guess what, that’s the only head most of you will ever get from them because most are looking for you fathers so they can spend their money.
I was there one day when 2 women came in with applications. Not at the same time but within 2 hours of each other. One of the applications went straight to the garbage. I asked him why he through it out and he said to me that she wasn't what they were looking for. The blond that came later was hired the next day.
So where does she work you may ask?
She works at a dinner/truck stop.
She has to get up early in the morning and get everything ready for her kids to go to school and then leaves before they even get out of bed so she can be at work before 6 am.
My watering hole opens at 11 am and the servers bitch about having to go to work that early. One was fired for telling a customer last month that they were stupid if they couldn’t read the sign on the door that said they opened at 11 am.
I used to see her in the morning while the boys were loading the ice on my truck. I used to go there for breakfast.
A trucker breaky was 3 sausages, 3 strips of bacon, ham, home fries, 3 eggs, 4 toast, beans and all the coffee you could drink. $3.95.
All the booths were full for hours. She would be going none stop and wouldn’t miss an order and got everything to you as it came to her. When she was not bringing food she was walking around with a coffee pot and going from booth to booth making sure your coffee was hot and seeing if you needed anything else. Always smiling and never a complaint or a whimper came from her.
I had been there a couple of times during the afternoon while getting the truck refilled for the evening run and sat and talked to her. This was a dead time of the day because most drivers were on the road or heading home.
She showed me her legs once or ankles to be exact and they were swollen from all the standing and running around she had to do. She finished work at 3 pm and rushed home to get dinner ready for her kids and do what house work needed to be done before she lay back to rest, and that was a short rest because she has to get to bed early and the start the whole routine again in the morning.
Now, let us apply the 15% tip rule here; $4 = 60 cents for a tip.
She works her ass off and she gets about $25 in tips a day and her $7 an hour.
B’s tips are not even 15% of Js tips.
This does not seem fair to me and now you know why I have been fighting with myself on this tip issue. I know this woman deserves more and trust me I gave more but most left 55 cents not even 15%, but you would never hear her complain, she just put it away and talked about her daughter going to university and how smart she was and was going places.
This is a proud mom doing what she could for her kids.
That’s what I call a 5 star server.

Now I know there are some restaurants that sell food primarily, and it could get crazy especially if a family of 6 comes in and the server is running around mad trying to accommodate the little darlings.<---- I was being sarcastic if anyone was wondering.
I have seen the mayhem small kids cause and mine were no better. My youngest made a chocolate mess that got all over the table, floor, and chair and yes the server too.
Some servers do earn their tips.
The question still remains how much of a tip.

I did tip the waitress an extra $20 for dry cleaning.

See you all tomorrow with part three.
Have a nice day.


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