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Wednesday, July 27, 2005

To Tip Or Not To Tip Part Three ©

I’m going to give the servers a break today and turn my attention to some others, because this post is about tipping and how much to tip or for that matter why should we tip.
I will run off the top of my head some people who I know that we tip and if I miss any just tell me: barbers/hair stylist, cabbies, bell hops, door person and delivery people( this is everything from mail man to pizza person).
Barber/hair stylist, same thing as far as I’m concerned except for the price. We go in to see these people to get our hair cut and at the end of it they get what they charge and expect to get a tip. Now I pay a stylist 30 dollars to cut my hair and I 'm expected to give 15% as a tip. The person I go see, owns the business and is making good money from us, why should I have to tip him. He charges a fee and that should be enough. Some women pay over $50 dollars for roughly the same treatment and if they want their hair colored and permed (I know Sara is laughing now) it could go closer to $500. WHY would I give him $75 more dollars for free. My ex paid $500 to have her hair done once and I think it was part of our break up, not so much the price but she asked me to tell her how she looked and I told her the truth. Well she asked and if I would have lied someone else might have and then I would have been a BIG liar.
So she looked like a chipmunk with an afro, it’s not my fault.
When I repair a computer and take 3 hours working on it and only charge the customer for 2 hours I don’t get a tip, I don’t even expect one. When a customer calls me on the phone for help and I help him he doesn’t drive over to my place and says here have some money. They don’t even bother to send a fucken Christmas card.
The door person, now there is a big job. I walk up to the hotel door and he opens it for me. Why, and should I tip him?
I would have opened the door on my own but he ran over there and did it. Should I tip him or should I hold the door open for him to walk in and save the tip?
Hey here is a thought, every time I hold a door open for a woman/man at the grocery store or at Wal-Mart they should give me a dollar and I should have my airfare to NZ in no time. What do you think? Yes… No... Maybe… Ok it was just a thought, but a good idea just the same.
Bell hops, now here is someone I tip and not going to argue this one. He lugs my luggage to my room and some people’s luggage would have his tongue hanging out by the time he gets to thier room.
Cabbies, here is an occupation that has dubious results at some times. I have had a cabby drive 6 blocks in the wrong direction to take me the 4 blocks home from the bar. WTF was he thinking is beyond me. Did he think I forgot where I live and decided to make my trip longer? Now if I have luggage or stuff that needs being picked up and put in the trunk I tip the driver, but if he doesn’t and all he has to do is drive me, why should I tip him. He has a meter in the front that goes faster than his driving, not to mention the start price which is $3.05 to just open the door and sit down. Have you ever notice when the fare is 5 dollars and you give him a 20 he gives you 2 fives and 5 dollars in change. Hint Hint.
This is where you say thanks for the change I need it for the laundry.
The pizza guy; Always tip the people that deliver food to you because if you don’t, trust me you may regret it in a big way. My brother worked for this pizzeria and he told me never order from here.
There was a customer that never tipped and they used to spit in his pizza and I am not telling you what else they did but it was gross.
ALWAYS TIP THE PIZZA GUY!!!!!!!!! Just remember that.

We don’t tip the clerk at the cornier store. He/she spends all day stocking shelves when no one is at the cash. Some of those boxes of canned goods weigh 40 pounds and when you can’t find something he comes out and helps you. That’s a service to isn’t it and they get minimum wage but we don’t tip them. They have to put up with armed robbers and shoplifters some times so they can get hurt or killed for minimum wage.
A cleaner gets minimum wage also ($7) and they are going to work everyday emptying garbage cans and getting on their knees sticking their hands into toilets cleaning the shit and piss out of them so that the people could sit and dirty them again. They don’t get tipped. Just think of that next time you are in a government building and are sitting on a clean toilet. And if any of you think I’m wrong, I’m not, I have been a cleaner for 16 years and so have my parents. The government contracts out to the lowest bidder and the contractor only pays minimum wage.
Cafeteria staff, they get minimum wage, they spend all morning prepping for the day and run around the room picking up trays and utensils all afternoon. Then when they close they are picking up chairs, putting them on the tables and vacuuming
There is no tip on the table but lots of garbage.
When’s the last time you tipped the kid at McD’s, KFC, Burger King, Wendy’s………
They are in the service business and get minimum wage also.
There are many more jobs that pay minimum wage and we don’t tip them.

Are you getting tired of this rant yet?
I am.
Tomorrow is the last post on this subject and my personal views.

Have a nice day.


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