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Saturday, July 09, 2005

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I have been sitting here watching the news, and the story as it is unfolding in the U.K.
Just as I did after Sept 11, I watched people showing their true courage, running to help the injured without any fear that there maybe another bomb that could kill them as well. There is no shortage of volunteers.
I saw a deffiance in the people towards the terrorists tactics, in the words that they spoke. The Germans couldn’t budge the Brits, what do the terrorists think this is going to do, scare them into hiding? I think not. The bus driver of the bus that blew up said that they would not change the way they live because of this. I believe him and I believe those are the sentiments of the whole U.K.

Then I decided to go out for a walk and stop into a friend’s place. The recent events were on their tongues. I listened to what was being said and then I heard something that offended my way of thinking.
Basically it was said like this.
“They should go down there and kill all the Muslims and their babies too.”
I asked him if he was kidding and he said no, little Muslims grow up to be Terrorists.
We argued for about 20 minutes and the others in the room went silent. It got to the point where he got on his feet and I was going to pound the fuck out of him.
I left before I hit him and came home.
While I was at my mothers, my brother showed up and he started spewing the same garbage.
This is amazing.
I want these people caught tried and killed in front of the whole world, so it would be understood that this is not to be tolerated.
I am willing to pull the switch, as I bet most of you are also.
But is this what we all want, to wipe out all Muslims and their children.
Does this become the solution to what a group of murders has done to us?
The total annihilation of a group of people because of where they come from or because their version of god is different, is this the solution that we want?
I hope not and if so, you can count me out.
What’s next, Blacks, Greeks, Jews, Italians, who will we want to be rid of for some reason?
Tempers are running hot right now and with good reason. This was a despicable act, perpetrated by cowards.
Do we lower ourselves to their level or do we continue as we have always done?

What has me really fucked up right now is that, how ever horrible this is and 9/11 was, this could be small, to what may happen if they get chemical weapons to pollute our drinking water.
Maybe build a dirty nuke or buy one on the black market. The losses would be staggering.
This will most definitely lead to counterstrikes and the world would be engulfed in a nuclear war.
There will be no need for religion then. We’ll be dead or dieing. For all of you who believe in reincarnation you can forget that too, because there will be no place to reincarnate too.
Does this sound extreme?
Do you think that if a nuclear device is detonated in the U.S. or the U.K. that they will take it lying down?
I wouldn’t.
The Muslim people as a whole must stand with us to root out this evil and put an end to it, because if we go they go too. This is their problem as well.
Unity is essential for world peace.

I live in a capital city and have been here during a G8 meeting. I saw the riots as protesters march down the street smashing windows and clashing with police. We are on dickhead's list as well.
The thought of a strike here occurs to us every time there is a meeting like this or if Bush visits.
It will be 4 years, August 4th since the last time I saw my kids; I don’t what the next time I see them to be at their funeral.

Now on another matter, there are bloggers arguing with each other with this being the root of the cause. This is exactly what they want us to do on a larger scale. Get us to fight each other and weaken the friendship we have with each other.
There will always be differences of opinions, in what many people say. That’s why we live in a democracy, so that we can have the right to say what we want, but that also means that we must also respect what the other person is saying, you don’t have to agree with it. Other wise it is not a democracy anymore and anarchy settles in.
We are all friends here and as friends we should be able to argue about our different opinions and still remain friends.
We just agree to disagree.
The time for pointing fingers has passed.
Now we have to rally together and rid ourselves of this problem instead of fighting amongst each other.

Have a happy weekend and give your kids a hug.
If you don’t have any, then hug someone else’s kids.

This maybe here for awhile I'm going tomorrow to make amends with my friend or beat the shit out of him, which maybe hard. At 420 pounds he is 150 pounds bigger than me.


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