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Friday, July 01, 2005

Happy Birthday Canada ©

Today I woke up to a phone call from a good friend of mine. It’s his birthday today and he cooked up a storm, at least 50 pounds of various meats on the Bbq and a large pan of lasagna.
He said no one will be eating until I got there.
I got up showered and went there for a couple of hours. ATE LIKE A PIG.
I came home and all I wanted to do was sleep, but I had to stay awake so I could call Sara in the morning.


Today is also Canada Day here.
It means that we all get a day off to party and get drunk, stoned, laid or just plain lay down if you’re to drunk.
There are parties going on at homes, street parties and there is a big one up on Parliament Hill, with an endless supply of Canadian entertainers.
Being that we are Canadians and believe in equal rights, today I saw a couple that were topless and had painted Canadian flags on their chests. It's not illegal for women to go topless in public here.
Her flag look nicer BTW. I got to remember to carry my digital camera.
There are people dressed in all sorts of red and white clothes, all traveling down the main street, which has been closed off to accommodate the 250,000 people that are expected to converge on the Hill. Some will say 500,000 people but don’t believe that. They’re just drunk and seeing double.
I have been to many of these and the people are packed up there like sardines in a can. Flags are everywhere and people from all parts of the country as well from all over the world are here.
The shops are all decked out and the pubs have put tables in the street. “Oh Canada” can be heard sung any where and every where.
There are jugglers and musicians entertaining everyone that are moving up to the hill.
At around 10 pm there will be a huge fireworks display that will signal the end of the show.
This will also release the biggest crowd you’ve seen at once. They’re like a herd running to get out of there in a hurry.
They took so long to get up there, I never could understand what the rush to leave is about. The downtown core is open until 2 am so they can slowly head back home. Parents have to cling to their kids so they don’t get lost or trampled.
For the most part it’s a fun time with very few problems and the fact that this year it is on a Friday it should be a blast.
I’ll leave it here and get some more to tell you tomorrow after it’s over.

Have a nice weekend.


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