blue moon (2)

Saturday, July 30, 2005

Blog Vultures ©

Here we go.
The blog vultures have stricken my site.
Who and what are they you may ask.
That’s simple.
It’s those people who have nothing so say on their own blogs so they google words and they go look what they can do with it.
In my case it was my tip posts, but not the whole posts, no no no just the parts that they can use to their advantage.
Did they read all the posts that were there nope?
Did they want to?
Nope, it didn’t serve their purpose.
Did they comment on the posts?
They came in the middle of the night and stole pieces of it to use and scurried on out without anyone noticing, but for one thing I wouldn’t have known.
My page tracks everyone coming in and going out and I check it daily.
Don’t you love blog toys?
Now I know many of you read my tip posts so let me show you what one person wrote about it on their site.
This one who calls herself the Professional Bitch wrote: This guy really chaps my hide. (Maybe she suffers from dry skin or shingles) I didn't read anything but the first entry, entitled "Tipping Part 3" and I want to kill him.
“She didn’t really read anything.”
Maybe you can’t read.
May I suggest Hooked of Phonics?
What is missing here is how she wants to kill me.
Is she going to stare into her monitor until I croak?
The die in your hair will come and go many times before that ever happens I’m afraid.
This is probably a person who is still staring at the monitor as we speak mesmerized by the screen saver.
One called Fascist Cunt (“smelly” must have been taken) paid many visits to my blog to get what she wanted. I guess they think I am too popular to have the time to send them a copy of my post if they asked.
Just ask I wouldn’t want you to bring you to the level of stealing parts of my post.
Sounds like a disgruntled greedy cabby if you ask me.
I went to the site and thanked them for the attention being as polite I could for someone who was robbed. But like any thief who has been caught stealing, they took an aggressive stance and did their best to insult me.

What do you say about people who have no spine to tell it to your face or in your comments, but thank you for stopping by and reading.
Stop by and steal what you want any time.

This is all I am going to say on the subject and will only wish the Cunt and the Bitch a nice weekend.


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