blue moon (2)

Tuesday, June 21, 2005

In My Shoes ©

The following post is not my first attempt to write poetry.
The fact of the matter is I have written quite a few.
After each and every one I write, I then destroy, putting it back in the pool of words. This is because I write them for me only and they are personal.
It was suggested that I publish this one.
Against my better judgment I have agreed too, but as all my poems, this one will be deleted at midnight my time.

The soles are worn,
The laces untied,
My soul is torn.
Their faces hide.

Their time is now,
Mine has past.
To touch their brow,
Life goes to fast.

To see them run,
To hear them cry.
To see the fun,
I only sigh.

To hear them laugh,
To see them smile.
The pain is half,
On this mile.

My shoes are old
My shoes are fine.
But I will hold,
What is mine.


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