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Thursday, June 09, 2005

The Hair Cut ©

It’s getting about that time for me to go for another haircut.
I remember when I was a kid, my father used to cut our hair.
He used to pretend he was a barber.
We would always say we wanted to have the same hair cut, as our friends and he would tell us he would give us the modern look. The only problem was that every look he gave us, looked exactly like the one he always gave us, a crew cut.
We always looked like Marines.
When I turned 14 I told my father I was going to the barber for a haircut. He asked me what’s wrong with the way he cut my hair.
Being the quick thinker that I am I said that he worked too hard at the restaurant all week, so he shouldn’t have to work on the weekend cutting my hair. Besides I had the money to pay for it. I also pointed out that he could still cut my brothers hair.
I could see the dirty look coming from my brother in the corner.
My brother ha ha ha, I remember once while my father was cutting his hair the phone rang and he put the electric clippers down to get the phone.
While my father was gone, my brother was bothered by a hair in front of his eyes and grabbed the clippers and was chasing the hair in front of his forehead.
By the time my father got back my brother had chunks of hair missing on the top of his head.
My brother sat there crying for 5 minutes as my father gave him the Kojak special, and he was bald as an egg when it was over. I wish I had a Picture of that.
When I first started getting my hair cut by a professional, I was going to a barber shop Every six months. It looks alot like the one in this picture.


I would visit Eugene for a trim. He was like my second father, not because he treated me like a son, I only saw the man once every six months, but because every haircut I got from him was a crew cut too.
As I got older I wanted the modern look and not to mention wanted to attract women, so I started going to a stylist, which is like a barber who does the same thing, for $15 more.
I used to go see Sam at US Unisex hair design. I went there for 20 years and have had some stories out of there.
For example: before every hair cut they wash your hair. He used to get students from the adult high School to come in and do job experience work.
They were the ones, that usually washed your hair. There was this one time 2 days before Christmas when I went for a cut; he had a girl from the school washing hair. She had a big set of tits and she was having problems washing hair because they were getting in the way. She couldn’t come from behind me so she decided to lean over the front. The only problem was she was suffocating me with her tits and I was shifting my head to find oxygen.
Well, if you would have been sitting in the waiting room, this is what you would have heard and seen.
There was a loud yelp and the girl came running out of the back holding her tit.
Yup I bit it. Fuck it, there is only so many time you can drop a big boob onto my mouth before I decide to go for a taste.
Sam came in laughing and gave me a cognac and thanked me for the Christmas story.
I paid for my cut and gave the girl a $10 dollar tip, she thanked me and I left.
As time went on, the hair cut industry changed. They even had vacuum attachments that cut your hair, may explain for a lot of airheads I met.
Now, they have Studios for cutting hair by women who are scantly clad, topless or just plain naked.
You got to wonder where they learned to cut hair.
They have one here called the Playboy hair studio. It’s right next to a strip club by the same name. Does that mean after you get drunk at the strip joint, they take you next door and scalp you, and how good do they cut hair?
Let’s look at some of the possibilities.

Lets meet 3 friends that have just left the Playboy strip Club after a half dozen drinks and are looking for some hair cuts and a closer look at some skin.
Fred, John and Paul, 3 young executives on a Friday after work had gone out for some fun. They ended up at the local strip club and one of the strippers said she was leaving to go work a shift at the barber shop.
The boys dazzled by her full breasts decided they needed a trim right now.
They paid up and ran next door.
They went in and were greated by 3 breautiful scantly clad women.They were each put into a small cubicle for their hair cuts.


Fred before the hair cut giving his bros the thumbs up.

Fred sat there flirting with the girl and in turn she was giving him a view of her goodies.
He asked her if she had a boy friend and if she wanted one, giving her a wink as well. She giggled and buzzed around his head.
She asked him how he wanted his hair cut. He told her anyway she liked it,and off she went with the clipplers.Bouncing and cutting and brushing her tits up to his face and then before you knew she started she said "there I'm done."


Fred after the hair cut wondering if he should become a monk.


John was telling the girl cutting his hair how sexy she was and how much she turned him on. She thanked him for the compliment but said she only dated men with blonde hair. She thought they were sexy ans got all wet at that thought. She thought he was cute but his hair was black.
So what would you like today she asked John, with her chest pushed out into his drooling face.
Well I always wanted blond hair he said, do you think you can help me.
I bet you'll look really hot with blond hair too, she replied and began the process of turning John's jet black hair, blond.
Three hours later and she was done with the coloring and the styling of the hair and got John the mirror for a peek, at his new look.


John after the hair cut. He is now the most popular cross dresser in town.


Happy go lucky Paul, was sitting in his booth with the hot and sexy girl, being his shy self and not speaking much.
The scantly clad girl was chatting him up and he was all smiles and blushing most of the time.
The girl stood infront of him and he noticed her belly botton was pierced. He asked her about it and she said she loves it and that she had her clit pierced too.
It also turns me on when a man has his tongue pierced and is licking me, she cooed.
Paul told her that he always wanted a tattoo, but was scared to get one.
She pulled down the front of her bottom piece and showed Paul the tattoo of a butterfly.
She told him it didn't hurt and that she knew someone that could give him what ever he liked and cheap.
They talked and laughed for a while before she asked him what he wanted. He thought about it for a second and he told her.


This is Paul after she was done. He married the girl at the studio and had 3 kids. They lived happily ever after.

Well what can I say?
I think I'll call Eugene and tell him I'll be in for a hair cut tomorrow.

Have a nice hair day.


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