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Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Ten Things I Have Never Done ©

DB tagged me to do the ten things I have never done . ( or my wish list as I will call it ) Keeping in tune with my last post,here is a list of places where I have not had sex in. For the record this is not going to become a porn blog. lol

  1. I have never had sex in a hot air balloon. to crowded
  2. I have never had sex on an elevator. to many ups and downs for the ins and outs
  3. I have never had sex in an airplane. lets face it, the damn washroon is to small
  4. I have never had sex in a hay stack. could get itchy
  5. I have never had sex in a train. i just never got around to it
  6. I have never had sex on a kitchen counter. how big is you counter Sara?
  7. I have never had sex on a roof top. I have a pitched roof and would fall off
  8. I have never had sex live on a stage. WoooooooHoooooooo
  9. I have never had sex in a church. lets face it, I ain't messing with god
  10. I have never had sex on my front lawn. I have no lawn

Looking at this list makes me wonder if I ever got any.

I will Tag, Drum Roll Please ...........Samantha....Chaotic....Lisa........... To give us ten things they have never done.

Lisa because, I just know your going to come up with some whoppers.
Chaotic because, I enjoy looking at how you view life.
Samantha because, after reading that marriage post, i could just imagine what you will say.
Have fun, and Thank You DB, This is a shorter post than I would have wrote.
But wait, this IS a short post and most of you are used to reading epics here. So since I tagged 3 people, to list 10 things they have not done, I'll ask the rest of you, what place you secretly want to have sex in? What makes you wet or hard just thinking about doing it there?
I'll start, I want to do it on a golf green, the grass is so soft, and I love the smell of freshly cut grass.


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