blue moon (2)

Friday, May 27, 2005

The Red Boots ©

Here's a story with a happy ending.
Kim was a beautiful, blonde, blue eyed beauty. She was the most popular girl in school. All the guys stood in line to get a chance to ask her out on a date, until she finally met a boy who was considered smart and going places.
They made a perfect couple. He was tall and handsome and she was beautiful. The only problem was he had a habit. Even before they hooked up, he was hooked on drugs and before long she was snorting cocaine and smoking hash as well .
Then she had to get drunk to come down from her high on cocaine.
It’s the cycle. Get high, get drunk……..and start again.
It wasn’t long before her appetite for drugs drove the guy who introduced them to her away. He couldn't afford her habit which had grown. Not to criticize the guy, it could have been anyone. It just happened to be him, that first passed her the straw. She was one of those people who always wanted more and more.
I had yet to meet her in that time frame, but she would cross my path soon enough.

I have always believed if you want to know someone, get them drunk and their true self will show up. I saw her in the bar drunk as a skunk and I knew this was her last stop. She wiggled up to any man that would treat her to a line or a beer.
Unlike the lawyer, she was at the right place for the right reason. She was where she was meant to be, on the fast road to the grave.
Kim had what most of the cocaine dealers wanted and what she didn’t have also. She had the looks and the body and she didn’t have the money to pay for her habit.
The various bar owners controlled the cocaine at that time on the strip and no one messed with them. Not out of fear, even though, they were well protected by a group of no neck goons, but many of the guys were also customers.
There were skirmishes every now and again, but peace was made fast. It didn’t do anyone any one good business wise always fighting. Besides it cost a lot of money to deal that shit, it also brought a lot of heat on a person.

Kim would hook up with a dealer and she would do his drugs and he would use her in anyway he wanted. It was the trade off. She got what she wanted and allowed her body to be used and abused. It was her only asset. When he was done with her, she would go find someone else, until he was done with her and so on.
I had met her while at the bar one night she was introduced to me when the bar owner came to ask for some hash.
Kim's hello to me, was nothing less than a display of her wares, as a resume for when she would be discarded again.
She smiled and asked for some hash and I said no problem and I told her how much and she just said I don’t have to pay. I laughed and I told her everyone pays, even her boyfriend. She sat next to me and ran her fingers through my hair and told me how good looking I was and I thanked her and told her again how much it would cost her. She just sat there looking at me stunned.
Her boy friend was laughing because he knew me, and I never mixed business with pleasure. Besides I had a perfectly good girl friend at home.
I was there to make money to pay my bills not get high and fucked. Long story short the owner/boyfriend paid me and they left, but not before she gave me a dirty look.
It took about 2 Years before she ran out of rich cocaine dealers to get free drugs from and she ended up with a street level dealer who treated her like shit.
He made her go work for money to buy product from him. He would abuse her sexually and beat her like dog.
She came to me one day with a black eye, looking for something to smoke and had the money in her hand before she asked. She looked not 21 years that she was, but like a 45 year old woman. The drugs had taken their toll on her. She was thin and unwashed. She offered to give me a blow job for 10 bucks, but I graciously declined.
She asked me why I never asked for anything from her and why the other girls hung out with me and she was never invited.
I told her that they never offered me anything and I never asked. She never understood that. Kim did so many drugs and was used and abused so much she forgot how to be human. Everything had to have a purpose and drugs or sex to her.
I asked her how long did a normal blowjob take? She said 15 to 20 minutes. I told her I needed more time and she said ok. I gave her $20 for an hour. She jumped at it and asked where I wanted to go. I said to her that right there on the bench would be fine. She freaked, I’m not going to suck your cock right here in front of everyone she said.
I looked at her and told her I didn’t want a blow job. All I wanted was 1 hour of her time.
I sat there reading her the riot act. I told her that she was killing herself and it was not too late for her to leave and start somewhere new. She cried and told me she wanted everything to be the way it used to be.
After the hour was up, she thanked me and went and gave the money to her dealer/boyfriend for another fix and was on the street looking for the next cock to suck for 10 bucks. I knew, I was wasting my time but I had to give it a shot. Over the next year she managed to get pregnant by her BF/D and had a baby boy.
This didn’t change her lifestyle. The child was taken by her father and step mother to bring up. It was a cute little kid.
One day there was a knock on my door and it was Kim. She was there asking for help to get away from her boy friend. My girlfriend at the time begged me to help her, which I did.
He came by my house and banged on my door, I assumed that he followed her there. He wanted me to send her out and I said no. He got mad but I wasn’t going to give in, so he left.
I called a cab to take her to her fathers place. I called her father and told him I was sending his daughter home. He was happy. He asked who I was; I told him my real name and not my street name.
It was a winter night and she was at my house in open toe shoes. I told my girl friend to get me the red boots I had bought her and I would get her a new pair. Kim put on the boots and was smiling all over the place. I gave her $100 to pay for the cab and to get something to wear. The cab arrived she hugged me and the GF and left.
The next morning I went out to wipe the snow off of my car and noticed I had 4 flats and the head lights were smashed. I knew who did it.
That evening I got a phone call from Kim’s father. She never got home. She took the $100 I gave her and bought some pure cocaine, overdosed and died.
I might as well have killed her myself.
I went to the funeral and the person I saw was not the woman I knew. The person in the coffin was grey and old. Her father invited me to come to the house and have a drink. I refused but he and his wife insisted. While I was there he rattled off a list of people that he would have liked to kill and my street name was one of them. I said nothing, the man was grieving.
When I got up to leave his wife showed me to the door and said to me.
I heard someone call you this name. Is that your name?
I said yes it is.
She told me Kim used to talk about me to her and had told her that I tried to get her off the street and she thanked me for it. She told me to forgive her husband for what he said.
I told her there was nothing to forgive and I left.

I will always remember that blonde beauty that walked down Main Street that first night.

The happy ending to this story is, the boy today is 27 years old and is a good boy. Nothing like his parents. His real parents raised him properly( his grand father and his wife). The last I heard of him he was going to University that was 7 years ago.
I'm sure Kim's smiling down on him where ever she is.


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