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Sunday, May 08, 2005

What Were You Thinking ???!!!!!! ©

It’s a beautiful day here today. The sun is shining and the short skirts and shorts are out of the closet. Eye Candy every where, well sort of.
Now I am not very critical about people and what they wear, or do with themselves but today’s post is me seeing what was out there .
Considering some of the clothes I’ve been seen in, and I don’t want to remember, maybe I shouldn't talk, but I have to say this.
Some people have to get new clothes or a new mirror.
What the fuck were they thinking of when they looked into the mirror this morning?
"Oh look, this halter top still looks good on me. I bought it 20 years ago and I’m 60 pounds heavier and look it still fits".
I want to say, "of course it fits you twit, because everything else hangs out of every where scaring the shit out of babies and the elderly".
The damn thing started as a halter top that went from the tits to the belly button. Now it’s a bandaid covering your nipples which are down at your belly button.
That’s not all, no, no, no; let’s add the black spandex pants that were 10 sizes to small.
She probably dressed herself in the morning and thought “wow, this is a killer outfit”, she was right, people were dying all over the street.
I rushed out of there and ended up nearly 8 blocks down the road to a section of town that has been closed off to traffic and is only for pedestrians.
There was a group of kids hanging out at one corner. They were dressed punkish. Most had different color hair, which I think is cool. I like alot of the clothes they wore, some of it was like the stufff I wore when I was younger, last year. "cough""cough" It’s their thing as we had ours. Some had their ears, noses, eye brows, and tongues pierced. But one had brought a new meaning to piercing for me.
He had 2 safety pins piercing his cheeks. Not a little cheeky, but the whole length of his cheeks with these large diaper pins. Whoa!!!
My mother bitched about my long hair; I wish she was here now.
“Umm hey bud, what’s’ with the diaper pins.”
“I’m making a statement man”
“Oh, ok”
What’s the fucken statement, “I don’t need diapers any more and I had no place else to put the pins”.
Maybe he should have just hung a diaper between them and saved a lot of people from fainting.
I sat for awhile thinking, “Walker you’re getting old, and you’re becoming your father”.
Like fuck I am, he was wearing safety pins through his cheeks, he’s NUTS and my father wears his pants all the way up to his armpits he’s nuts too.
Now all of this brings me to a story from 5 years ago.
It’s about my neighbor’s son. I have known this kid from the day he was born.
On his 16th birthday his parents let him get a tattoo, which is cool.
My back is almost completely covered.
Then he got another and another, his parents said nothing.
One day he shows up at my brother's store and we were sitting around talking.
“Hey”, he says to us” I want to show you guys something. You guys are cool, come see.” So he goes to the washroom and we follow.
We get there and he’s undoing his pants and my brother freaks out and says ‘’WO, WO, WO, what are you doing’’.
‘’No it’s ok wait.’’
My brother tells him he doesn’t want to see the kid’s dick, but the boy insists and pulls out his cock and holds it there for us to see.
I swear my brother was on his tippy toes and almost had a stroke.
Here was this 6 foot 6 inch tall, 18 year old boy.
He was a future basketball star, with scholarships to the states, holding his cock with a ring through it.
I do mean THROUGH IT.
From the opening and out of the side of the head of his cock, I was barely standing at the sight of what I was looking at.
Well, he says what you think. My brother was running for the door and fresh air.
“Are you crazy” I yelled at him.
Why the fuck did you do that?
"Well, the girlfriend likes the way the ring feels in her mouth when she’s sucking my cock".
“How many cocks has she sucked that were like that”? I asked .
I’m stunned, “all you had to do” I said “is have her put a couple of metal nuts in her mouth while she was sucking it and saved your self a lot of pain.”
“How did you do it”? I asked him
That was a bad question, because he told me the answer, which only made my brother run back outside.
He went to this house, not even a hospital or someplace sterile. He pulled it out and a guy takes his cock and puts it on a piece of wood. Then he takes a stainless steel nail, and puts it at the opening of the cock and SMACKS it with a mallet driving the nail through the side of the head of the cock.
I was outside with my brother.
I came back in and asked him if he was nuts or what?
I guess he wasn’t that impressed with what we thought and left.
Well guys if you’re ever in a washroom and you see someone pissing in 2 urinals at the same time; it might be my neighbor’s son.
Am I getting old? For sure, but I’m not going to pierce my dick to stay young.


To all the Mothers out there, Happy Mothers Day

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