blue moon (2)

Monday, May 23, 2005

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Have you ever walked down the street and look at people and wonder, what’s their story?
Why are they, the way they are?
How did they get here?
Where are they going?
Throughout our lives, we go down paths that lead to other paths. We get steered in directions we may, or may not have ever though of going. Through circumstance or fate we are guided. I will periodically be introducing you to people that have crossed my path in my past and at times right now in my present time.
I will not be doing this for me or you to criticize their choices, but to see how they got to where they are and their journey.

I was out today taking a stroll up the main street here and I sat down to have a smoke on a bench outside a pub I used to frequent. I was looking at the people walking by and I noticed for the most part they were a quiet sort. Laughing, walking with their friends and doing some shopping before the long weekend.
I looked at the door of the pub and I was transported 20 years down the road, when most of the people on this section of town were drug dealers, hookers and thieves of one sort or another. The guys were in their jeans and black leather jackets, the word Fuck was every second word spoken and every person was just as dangerous as the next. This was my home. If I wasn’t in bed sleeping, I was here taking care of business.
That door and this bench is the setting for this post.
I was with some friends one night having some beers and wings (I love my wings), after which we were going across the street to the listen to the band playing at Barrymore’s. As I walked threw the door I saw a man dressed in a nice suit but was all messed up, sitting on the bench crying. I hate seeing anyone cry.
Hey I asked, what the fuck’s your problem?
I got mugged he said and they took my wedding ring too.
Well isn’t life a bitch. So what are you going to do sit there and cry until they come back and say sorry we robbed you, here take it back? Chances are they’ll come back and use you for exercise. Go home.
I start moving off and he says.
I can’t go home, I don’t have one and I want my ring back.
I turn and face him. You look like you could afford a nice house and you must be married to have a wedding ring. If you stay here you‘re going to get yourself hurt and that suit dirty, so I suggest you move on.
I don’t care what they do to me. I have nothing left to live for.
Well then you came to the right place, Goodbye.
I want you to get my ring back.
What? Say that again, you want me to get your shit back? Who do you think I am, the tooth fairy? She’s up at the corner, under the street light, go see her.
I know who you are; I’ve seen you in court. I’m a lawyer.
I took a good look at him, but I didn’t recognize him. I sat down on the bench next to him and lit a smoke.
First off, I said to him, no one tells me what to do. Further more this is not the court house and you are nothing here but meat for the taking, unless your street wise, which obviously you are not. Now why don’t you tell me what happened. From the beginning, like what the fuck are you doing here?
I came here to get some drugs. I wanted some cocaine.
You came to the right place for that but you don’t look like a user.
I’ve never done it before. This was my first time.
Then you’re stupid, I told him. Why would you want to do that?
He sort of shriveled up and didn’t say anything. I noticed someone across the street staring at me with intense interest. I sent one of the guys over to see what his problem was. Five minutes later he signaled me to go over.
I got there and he says listen to this. I was told that this guy (the lawyer) had shown up 3 days earlier and wanted drugs and hookers and was peeled for $30,000 by this guy and his friends. He didn’t even get fucked. The girls did his drugs and showed him some tit n pussy. I asked him if he was the one that rolled him too. He said no but knew who it was.
I looked at my buddy, who was also my body guard at the time, (not that I needed him, but it’s good to have backup) I told him to go with this guy and find the guy that mugged the lawyer and bring him to the bar so I can talk to him.
I went across the street again and sat on the bench with the lawyer.
Tell me now the rest of the story or I won’t help you.
You’re going to help me he asked?
It depends how entertaining your bit is, if it’s a good one then I will see, so tell it all to me. I want to know what made you come here.
He sat there telling me how 4 days earlier his small boy, (he was 4 years old) had run out into the street and was squashed by a semi. There was little left to take to the undertakers. He had lost it and left home and hadn’t been back since.
Was he your only child I asked him?
No I have a daughter.
Well fuck me silly; you’re a selfish piece of shit now aren’t you? You left your wife and your daughter without even giving them a thought.
I left them everything. They will be fine.
What about their grief and how they need your support. I should just finish you off here myself. Whose shoulder will your wife have to cry on, or is she down here to, selling her ass.
She would never do that. She is a good woman.
Yeah, with a selfish asshole for a husband, who doesn’t love his family?
I do love them; they don’t need me, anymore. I’m useless.
You got that fucken right.
I sat there having another smoke and buddy came over and told me they had the guy at the bar.
I’ll be right back, I told him.
I told the guys to watch him and not to let him go anywhere.
I met the guy at the bar and asked him where the lawyer stuff was and what he took. They got his wallet and his ring. 500 dollars and they sold the ring for $20. I asked him where the wallet was and the credit cards and who he sold the ring too.
The wallet with the credit cards was thrown under a car which he went and got for me. The ring I bought back for the same money. The $500 the muggers kept, I had no right asking for it.
I went back to the bench and showed him what I had and he reached for it.
I pulled it back and put it in my pocket.
This is mine, I told him, I paid for it so it belongs to me, but I will sell it to you.
How much he asked?
Come with me, I said.
We walked to the payphone and I told him to call his wife.
He protested a bit and I told him that it was the only way to get his stuff back.
He talked on the phone for what seemed like forever, talking and crying.When he was done, he told me that they were worried about him and that the police were looking for him.
He said he wanted to go home, but he had no money.
I asked him where he lived and I called one of my drivers (cabbies used to drive us where we wanted for favors). I put him in and gave him his stuff. I told him I never wanted to see him down town again, or I would deal with him personally.
Three months down the line I’m in court with one of my friends from that night.
He nudged me and says, look over there. I look and there was this lawyer, piled high with books and files trying to get into the court room.
That guy owes you big time, buddy said to me.
Naw, he owes me squat, I replied and headed into our court room.

Many people that came downtown were lost and confused. They were swallowed up by what they didn't understand. Those of us who grew up in it, learned how to avoid alot of the traps, but even we got stung on occation.


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