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Wednesday, April 20, 2005

The Tie ©

In this so called life of mine, I have worked at many jobs .
What I went to school to become was an architect. I even worked at it for a while with the city. I was pretty good at it.
It was it boring. Compound the fact that your superiors got the credit for your work it just sucked. But what I hated the most was the tie.
I want to know why we need a tie at work. Does the blood being cut off to the brain by a noose around your neck help you think?
One day I walked over to the window and looked down into the parking lot and I could see my mustang sitting there all alone and bored. I looked at the clock and it was lunch time. I got my jacket, walked out to my car and went for a drive. An hour later I had 2 friends in the car with me and we were heading for Montreal. I remember looking at the antenna just to watch the tie flapping in the wind. I never went back to work not even for my last paycheck.
I worked for an Ice Company for a bit. Actually I worked for a Juice Company who got bought out by an Ice company that was really owned by a Milk Company. I should have quit right there. Oddly it was my favorite job even though I was almost killed on numerous occasions.
I delivered ice everywhere to any one that wanted to buy large amounts. I delivered once to a circus that was in town. I was directed to a tractor trailer and told to unload my truck into that one. It had to be all done by hand. I had 2 helpers with me so I jumped into the tractor trailer to catch the 50 pound bags of ice they toss them to me.
Brian tossed me the first one and I turn and walk it to the back of the truck. I drop the bag and walk back to the door. Just before I get there I stop dead in my tracks. Right in front of me was a lion. From pictures I knew it was a male lion because of the mane, not that a female lion would have made me happier. Now I saw that it was chained up but I still had to get through it to get out.
Rick was yelling at me wanting to know how long he was going to have to hold the bag. I said hey Rick stick you head in here for a sec. He pokes his head in and asks what’s up? I look at him and say look behind you and he turns and looks and takes off like an Olympian. I could hear him swearing and my name popping up between fucks and asshole and sometimes combined. Long story short they found a trainer and he shows up and tells me, he’s just a kitten.
That kitten was the size of a donkey with teeth longer than my leg was thick.
I worked for the company for a year and in that year I had a run in with a lion, an elephant, was attacked by a group of women at a weekend concert. I was hauled out of my truck and was about to become a party favor.
The cab of the truck and the reefer were shot up and I hadn’t noticed it. The boys at the shop pointed it out when I told them the reefer was not working and there was more…….
With all that has happened, it’s still my favorite job because of what happened.
I can’t say it was boring.


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