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Saturday, April 02, 2005

Not the begining not the end ©

Hello everyone . I want to welcome you into my wild and crazy insane Life . Its enough that you know that I am Canadian so crazy is the norm , but couple that with the fact that I am also of Greek parents ( yes My Big Fat Greek Wedding was as accurate as you saw it ) then you can understand why I’m going nuts . Throw in an internet girlfriend from New Zealand and voila mon ami fucked up . My parents are demanding nosey and my brother is a pain in the ass who thinks of himself and himself and my sister in law she says she hooked up with the wrong brother. Ha Ha Ha .Oh no she didn’t. { sits back and remembers the day she came up to me in a robe and takes it off and tosses it on the couch , stands there naked and says “well look at me” I look, not like I had a choice and I wasn’t going to dive under the coffee table . “What’s wrong with me” she says. I can hear my brother in the back ground screaming for her to get her clothes on. “Well” I say “tits are kinda small”. She looks down at them and walks away leaving the robe on the couch.} I’ll tell you about her mother and sister another day. Oi.
The girlfriend who I dearly love has been a problem of late but we have patched things up and have moved on. Sorta kinda naw it’ll be ok I’m sure, she’s nuts too, a Kiwi thing cousins to Canucks.
Today my day started with me calling my brother so we can go get a hard drive for my laptop. The old one melted after a steamy conversation with the GF. We talk on Yahoo. Ok it wasn’t a conversation but it did involve words broken sentences and smoking afterwards. But back to the hard drive (pardon the pun) I called him up at 1 pm in the afternoon and after 20 or so rings he answers. “Well” says I “are we going to the suppliers or what?” “Yup” he replies “just going to put my pants on” I’m fuck right there and I know it. He doesn’t know how to get his feet out of bed and he is going to attempt to put pants on. What can I say 2 hours later and there he is at the door with pants on. I wanted to go to the store by myself 2 days earlier but he said I can get it cheaper so off we went to the suppliers via Tim Horton’s and the gas station. This had now cost me 20 bucks and stills no hard drive. We get to the suppliers and my con artist brother goes into his spiel and before you know it I got a hard drive woooooooohooooooooo. $65 more than I would have paid if I gone alone add the gas and coffee and 2 cherry cheese Danishes and its $85. The moral of this story is if you need something go out and get it yourself and don’t ask my brother. By the way I got a fan pad for my laptop to keep it cool for the next chat with the GF.

P.S. Sister in-law has a brand new set of C’s courtesy of her dad


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