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Saturday, April 02, 2005

The Girlfriend Part 1 The Begining ©

Here is a three part set on the one I love Mz Kiwi. If anyone out there says love is an easy thing then all I have to say is go stuff yourself.
Here is a little about her. She’s beautiful that’s enough, the rest you’ll just have to read on.
We met online in a backgammon room I had noticed her in the lobby talking and seemed like a fun person .She came to me one day and asked me if she could be my partner in a partner’s backgammon tournament. I was considered pretty good at the game and she referred to me as Darth Vader because I didn’t speak much in the lobby and everyone was scared to play me because I won a lot of the games I played.
Well at the all start of the tournament my ISP goes down and that was that I dumped my partner before we started. Fuck I said to myself, this looks good.
The next day I waited for her to show up and explain what had happened and that I owed her 1 so the next partners tour we would play together. Which we did.
At the time I met her she did have some what of a boyfriend who lived in Auckland. They had never met but they were in the same country. Besides I was there to play not get lucky. I had enough women in my life driving me nuts without getting one online I could drag off into the bedroom. I liked the way she played and her demeanor , I also was tired of having people ask me to play with them as partners , never like making decisions and disappointing people by saying no so I asked MZ to be my permanent partner and she agreed. Well over the next few months we talked a lot and got closer. I took her into a social room to show her how I played but mostly to be alone with her away from others particularly groupies and women wanting Darth Vader for a meal. I imagine groupies for online backgammon how stupid can that be.
We shared a lot of personal stuff everyday and got closer and began talking on the phone. She was preparing to go see Auckland after Christmas.
Now she also had an online boyfriend in England who I refer today as Asshole. It’s my blog and I can say what I want to Asshole it is. He will become more prevalent as time goes on.
Well off she went to see Auckland. She gets there and he asks “so yeah happy you’re here”, she replies “I wish I was on my way to Canada.” as told to me by her. Well he had suspected something I guess and by this time I was in love with her but wouldn’t tell her because they were in the same country and I was across some really big ponds. Well this was a rough time for me considering I got very sick at this time with double pneumonia and I virus the had crippled me. Death was at my door. I had already collapsed once and crashed through a coffee table almost ripping my face off. I know this because when I came to the broken leg of the table was inches from my eyes. She managed to get on his computer and talk to me and had sent a text message to her friend to relay a message to me but that was all. I didn’t speak to her again until she came home to me. She told me about her time including fucking him which wasn’t much for the time she was there but what can I say she was his girlfriend not mine and I was getting enough from the neighbors wife to keep me satisfied. We’ll get to the neighborhood another time. She got an email not to long after by Auckland basically saying I don’t want to see you anymore. Not in those words but in a more fucked up confusing ramble of words that resembled a mess of bullshit and sheep shit combined. At this point all I can say was YAYYYYYYYY.
It wasn’t to long after about 40 days or so when I told her I loved her and she said I got to go bye. FUCK. She was gone. SHIT. Why did I tell her? Truth was she had to go pick up her kids from school and she came back and said she loved me to. Whew.
We spent a lot of time together and she planed a trip to Canada for October the same year with a friend. She arrived on Vancouver where I had gone to see her. I live in Ottawa. We went to a small town called Powel River for a week, but on the way there we spent a lot of time together. The bus ride was 7 hours long and we got to kissing on the bus. Best kisses that I can ever remember and if it wasn’t for her friend we would have went to the back seat and gone nuts. I did say I’m a Canuck and Greek right? Well we got where we were going and well bed time came quick. That’s all you get.
We had a great time together all 21 days of it .One that will never be forgotten.
Stay tuned for part 2 it’s a whopper.

P.S. On a somber note I’d like to say on the passing of a man today Pope John Paul. I am not a very religious man but here is someone who did make a difference in the world and will be missed very much. Cheers mate, you fly with the Angels.

Take Care


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