blue moon (2)

Sunday, April 24, 2005

Bunnies ©

I’m sitting here today talking with Sara on the headset and I look up to the ceiling and I see dust bunnies up there. That’s 10 feet off the ground.
Now I understand dust bunnies on the floor but how do they get up there?
I’m not my mother when it comes to cleaning, you can eat off the floor at her place here if you put food on the floor it belongs to the cats and I’m looking for more food.
I sweep and mop my floors weekly and vacuum all the rugs. I look down at the floor and it’s clean, but the dust bunnies have moved to the ceiling.
Are they alive?
They are clustered in the corners of the ceiling and the wall.
Does this mean they are organized?
Do they have a leader?
How the fuck do they get up there.
How am I going to get up there?
If I ignore them will they move on or populate my ceiling?
What if they join forces with the floor dust bunnies and I have an uprising.
ATTACK of the Dust Bunnies!!!!!!!!!!
They may roll over me and take over the whole place.
My cats will be consumed. I will have fits of sneezing, I may choke to death. I would have to swim through a houseful of dust bunnies and try to rescue my cats.
But I can’t swim.
OMG, I’m doomed.
The end is near.



Ok Dear.

Sara just told me to shut up and get on a chair and just “Wipe the fucking Dust Bunnies away.”

I tend to say out loud what I type.

Do you say out loud what you type?


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