blue moon (2)

Saturday, April 16, 2005

Alice Doesn't Live Here Anymore. ©

The other day I was talking with one of the GF best friends. I’ll call her Madam X. Cool name she’d like it. Hot lady, smart sexy full of life, mother, father (cause she is a single parent) hard worker, at home and at work.
She was portrayed to me as a tough woman, fire breathing rip off your head if you fuck with me type of woman.
I had visions of her opening twist off beer caps with her belly button. (I wanted to say pussy but the GF and Madam X will probably read this and I don’t want to be killed on New Years eve).
I have never met her but I have seen pictures of her and her kids.
She said write something about me and what I'm going through so I can come and see What people think.
So here it is.
She has turned into a Jelly fish.
Yup, toughest woman in New Zealand, mush.
And why you may ask?
She has a problem with her boy friend.
We should give him a name too. I guess it’s only fair since we gave her one. Let see, we’ll refer to him as Meathead.
They have been a couple for about 3 years, but have never lived together. Before they had met she had her share of her medical problems but she persevered.He has known this from the beginning and still persued a relationship with her.
Meathead at the age of 44 or so has now decided he wants offspring. So that means Madam X is out of luck now because the operations she went through and yes that was plural left her incapable of having children anymore.
He now says he wants another woman to breed with.
Where was he for half his life, for him to want kids now?
Why did he continue the relationship and waste this woman’s time and emotions?
He knew her situation from the start but still professed his love to her, but won’t move in and solidify his relationship.
He keeps his place to run off to if they have an argument.
Her kids are growing up and leaving and soon she’ll be alone and it’s the perfect time for 2 people to start on a new adventure together.
She wants him to commit and he says no. He wants kids.
Fine then fuck off, Right ?
He won’t go and stays in her life as her boy friend to boot and she wants a commitment, she loves him still.
She sends him a text message, I love you .
He sent her a text message to drop off his dry cleaning.
She did and mailed him the ticket to pick it up, ahhhh she’s almost herself again break out the beer.
Let’s see.
She loves him.
He fucks her.
She wants him.
He wants kids with another woman.
She wants his company.
He wants his dry cleaning picked up.
She wants him gone.
He won’t go.
I have told her what I think she should do .
She loves him.
I have told her he will find someone else to have kids with and he will leave her all alone.
She loves him.
I’m not saying any more to her.
Fuck it.
I've said a shit load and I’ve had enough.
She’s not listening to friends and they have gone through loads of comfort food with her. Weight Watchers are making heaps of money so they could stem off the comfort food assault.
You, the strangers the unseen bloggers are going to tell her. If you want?
She won’t listen to me and she can’t find you.
So get your friends to tell her, your spouses, to tell her, your pastor,the hooker on the corner,the cleaning lady any one.
Tell her what you all think. She’ll see it written here.
And remember it’s your opinion and you’re entitled to it.
For the record again, she has asked this of me and wants some more insight from normal people rather than the raving lunatic that has been typing this and talking to her.
I'm gonna go bug Sara now.


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