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Thursday, November 21, 2013

Calling Ground Control ©

Today I got dragged out of bed early in the morning to drive my father to the lab for some bloodwork to be done and to get a ECG done.
This is one of my new jobs now that my father daosen’t drive anymore.

We get to the lab at 9am which is the time I always like to go because it’s when they allow parking after the morning rush.
As we walk in I grabbed a number and handed it to my father before we found seats on opposite ends of the room as there were no other seats available.
I sat there half asleep, half awake not even the exposed thighs of the woman across from me perked up any more energy to move my head a bit to get a better view.
What her thighs did do is make me wonder how the fuck anyone could go out in this cold wearing a short skirt.
I was dressed for winter and was cold.
I know women can generate some serious heat between those thighs without even trying.
Actually I am surprised I haven’t seen a woman wearing a skirt walking down the streeet in the winter with a cloud of steam pouring out from beneath their skirt.
I don’t need heat in the bedroom with Inia under the sheets.
The woman is like a nuclear reactor core.
She would propell herself down the sidewalk in a skirt during the winter.
Now that would fuck up everyones brains ha ha ha.

So I am slowly looking around the room, up from thighs to cleavage before resting at face level where I stopped going higher, just scanned the rest of the faces and all of them were pointed down at their hands.
There were 13 other people in that room ages ranging from mid twenties to their sixties and they were all lost into their little hand held devices.
Not a single person other than my father and I in that waiting room didn’t have one.
For some reason I felt naked.
Maybe that’s why I was cold, I didn’t have a hand held device in my hand.
Well I did have one but it was to cold to pull out not that anyone would have noticed.

The nurse called out number eleven and I had to get up to nudge my father because the man is deaf but refuses to admit it.
Once I got him set for his tests I went outside to sit in the car.
As I sat there I looked around as I always do, liking to take in my surrounding before I settle in.
Everywhere I looked I saw people with little devices in ther hand, at the bus stop, walking down the street.
The bus pulled in across from me and I could see the people inside talking to their devices while other where tapping it like giant woodpeckers.

Don’t get me wrong I am not bashing these devices, I have a tablet a Crackberry as Inia calls it, a laptop and my Itouch that are all or in some part always with me when I travel around.
I am just wondering what we’ve given up for these devices.
People say we are more social because of all the apps and devices.
If that were the case why aren’t the people sitting next to each other on the bus talking to each other instead of pecking at their devices.

New internet laws are being passed here.
New powers to the police to be able take your device away without a warrant.
New laws that would pit husband against wife if the court wished it.

Our new devices have created new problem and the government believes that stripping more of our rights is the solution to the problem.
The devices are NOT the problem.
Society is the problem.
Maybe we should be rebooting society not making more rules.

The tools we develop are not the problems it’s how we think.
How we live.
We have gone from food gatherers to hoarders.
Man fought for land to help feed his own kind.
Now we fight for money to shop with.
This is how we are evolving.
When you really think about it there are only two occupations from the ancient times that still exist, farming and prostitution and even they have their devices.

My father walked out of the building and we went home.
As I walked in from the back door and into the kitchen my 86 year old mother was sitting at the table pecking at her Iphone.
Times are a changing

Have a nice day



GAB said...

Well I guess there has to be something seriously wrong with me! I have no heat! I am always cold and I mean cold. I go out side and Im dressed like I live in the antarctic. And at night I have a blanket and quilt on and usually shivering. Mr Gab yeah he love the cold and has a fan going all the time. Now I guess that explaines the "cold fish" I got on one of those "love machines" in Florida years ago. you know you grab the handle and squeeze and see what you get like "hot mama"? except I got cold fish! LOL explains alot!

GAB said...

Oh and I forgot I have a oh what do you call it? Not Iphone but it is a Samsung Galaxy s3 and I cant work half the crap on it but hell I text alot so thats all I really wanted it for, well and to be able to get on facebook once in awhile when out on the road. Oh and to take photos! I want an tablet but maybe next year!

GAB said...

your not old lol

GAB said...

Merry Christmas! HUGS

itisi said...

Merry Christmas, Walker!
Smoochie kisses!!

Anonymous said...

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