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Thursday, February 16, 2012

The Chill Pill ©

Here we go again.
The news and every other commentary show is dwelling on the death of Whitney Houston.
News groups have nothing better to do than strangle a story until it’s not only dead but totally distorted.
She’s dead.
She died the way many entertainers do who are in the limelight.

Society makes me laugh.
The speculation is that she more than likely died due to a combination of prescription drugs and alcohol.
Scrips and booze are a deadly combination.
That or different types of scrips mixed together.

Society’s storm troopers(Police of all agencies) hunt down drug smugglers trying to stop the flow of marijuana. cocaine and heroin in all our respected countries but in today's world they are nothing compared to doctors who simply prescribe opiates to people legally.

The police shouldn’t be watching the borders and airports.
They should be keeping the local drug stores under surveillance.
How many entertainers do you hear dieing from using marijuana, cocaine or heroin.
Very few.
Look at the Stones, Beatles, OZZY!!!!!!!!!!
They are still alive and will probably live for 100 years because they didn’t touch a single pill to get high.
Many people don’t get it.
The drugs you get from the drug store are pure and untainted.
Marijuana has about 12% THC compared to a THC tablet which has 100% THC.

A drug addict can’t get drugs from his dealer without the money but a person with a drug plan can go see his doctor or a couple and fake symptoms to get prescription drugs in most cases for free.

Michael Jackson, dead by prescription.
Elvis, dead by prescription.
Whitney Houston, probably the same, we have to wait for the autopsy report.
People don’t get it.
Pills and booze don’t boogie together.

One person dies every 19 minutes from a prescription overdose.
One person every 3 minutes gets the munchies from smoking a joint.
Does anyone read the stats?

I know people on welfare who fake pain to get scripts for free opiates so they could sell them for the money to people who sell them to people like Whitney Houston to get high on.

Lawmakers themselves are getting high on scripts.
2 Valium and a couple of glasses of wine can make the average person stop breathing in their sleep.
Besides the tolerance of an addict, the addict knows you don’t pile one downer on top of another downer.
They may pop a downer to equalize the effects of an upper but a junkie probably knows as much about drugs as does your local pharmacist.
The average person believes the doctor wouldn’t give them something that could hurt them so what if I take a couple of sleeping pills then wash them down with a bottle of Chardonnay.
It should be OK, right?

Another thing, I don’t believe drugs are the problem.
Society is the problem.
Cure society and the rest will recede.
These are just my opinions.

Have a nice day



Shana said...

I agree with most of what you said.

In the grand scheme of things I don't care about Whitney or Michael Jackson- or any other rich star who thinks they can do anything. I care much more about my friend who is dying of cancer.

Anonymous said...

You should hear the uproar in my state of New Jersey, where Whitney is from, because the Governor has ordered that the flags be flown at half-mast for her. I tend to disagree with the Governor's decision to do this. We definitely make too much of celebrities.

As for prescription drugs, well, we are definitely an over-prescribed society. But I have to say, I wouldn't have given up my pain pills that I needed for some health issues last year for anything. And that's probably how it started with a lot of people like Whitney Houston. I was this close to forming a dependance to them myself; I was liking the high I got from them a little too much that I took a couple even when the pain was minimal. In fact, just talking about it is making me want to reach into the medicine cabinet right now. Well, okay, not really, but that's only because I managed to cool-it in the nick of time.

Walker said...

Shana: I am sorry to hear about your friend.
Yes those normal people fighting day to day for one more day deserve peoples attention and respect.

Walker said...

Skye: Yes i heard about the flags being flown at half mast.
I think if she contributed to the state with more than just her fame I could understand it.
But since i don;t know what impact Whitney had on the State or the welfare of the people there I can't really comment on that.

gab said...

Thats why I was so scared to death of getting pain pills for my back 1 you can become addicted and 2 you might over dose......I did that once!!! They had me on so many different pills and kept changing them and at one point I was very confused at what and what not I was taking. So I took what I thought I was suppose to take and grabbed the ones I was suppose to take at dinner (or so I thought) and went to work. Good thing I was working in a nursing home at the time with nurses around. It didnt take long to realise some thing was wrong I barely got out to the nurse I was having trouble breathing when down I went. Some oxygen and a couple of bags of fluid later I was awake.they told me my heart stopped twice. So now with all the darn pills Im on again I keep them in a daily container and take only those! And now that theyve given me pain pills I take ONE only when Im in so much pain I can no longer move without crying. Then I take one. but grudginly

Just telling it like it is said...

Hey don't hate on the Dr.s I need an ativan every now and daily..

Tamara said...

Hey Walker.I got this post mailed to me while in prison.As u know I've been a faithful follower of your for some years now.And I have to say,this post really hit home.You said it in a nutshell friend.Prescription drugs are what I just did 2 years in prison for.Abusing methadone and Xanax.Falling asleep driving,flipping cars of the road(my own)luckily noone was ever hurt but me,only by the grace of God.Sleeping standing up.Overdosing too many times to count.Spending endless amounts of money.Of course I do understand there are people that need certain meds,but I abused them.So now I'm back(free) and doing just fine without anything.But you told it JUST like it is friend.You hit it right on the nail.
Missed reading ur posts too btw.Take Care.;-}