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Sunday, November 21, 2010

The Red Clay: Part Ten ©

Hali was lying on his cot when an officer came to his cell to get him.
He was led to a room with a table and four chairs sitting around it and a black glass window on one of the walls.
He was asked to sit in a chair and told someone would be with him shortly.

Hali sat in the room by himself for about an hour before the door opened once more and a man wearing a cheap suit walked in.
He introduced himself as detective Brian Miller before he sat in the chair opposite Hali, then putting a small recorder down and turning it on.
He read Hali his rights one more time and then asked him to tell him his version of the story.

His version, why was there someone else with their own version that was different than his?
Had they found the old man and did he say something different?
These thoughts now came to his brain with an alarming fear.
His version, it was the real version so why was he worried?

The detective asked him once more if there was anything more he would like to add to his story to which Hali said no, he told them everything.
Miller stared into his eyes for what seemed an eternity then looked at the dark glass and made a slight nod upward with his head.
Hali looked at the window, he couldn’t see through it but he was sure there were others behind it watching them.

Just then the door opened and another detective, Mike Grouper walked in but he was also carrying the satchel in his hand.
He had forgotten about the satchel, he didn’t think it was important.
Grouper put the bag in front of him and Hali stared at it, this was the first time he really had a good look at it.
It was a beautiful work of art and the leather had been well tooled by a master.
The bag was obviously old and well taken care of.
It was now that he noticed the brown stains, blood dry blood to be exact all over the bag.

Miller asked him if he had ever seen the bag before and Hali told him the truth and that was that the man, at the gas bar, had given it to him before he died.
Miller sat back in his chair and asked him why he didn’t mention the bag before now.
Hali told him that it had just slipped his mind.

Miller didn’t believe him then asked Hali for the key to the lock.
Lock, Hali didn’t even know it had a lock then told Miller that and he didn’t have a key for it.
Miller took out a pocketknife and started playing with the latch until it popped open.
He then undid the leather straps, he looked at Hali to see what his reaction was before he opened the top and peered in.
A whistle escaped his lips as he reached in and pulled out a bundle of hundred dollar bills.
Pulling one of the bills out of the stack he held it to the light to see if it was real and it was, so were the next two he looked at.

Hali was getting a nervous stomach now looking at all this money; it wasn’t making him look any more innocent.
Miller then pulled out an ugly statue and asked Hali what it was, he said he didn’t know what it was because he had never seen it before this moment.
As Miller emptied the satchel’s contents on the table while Grouper continued to question Hali about the contents and asked him to retell his story yet again.

Annabelle sat by Mary’s side wiping the blood off of her sister’s lips where he had hit her.
He did this to her sister, the man that bought their place.
Killed her parents and brother, Jonas Beacham.
That was his name, Jonas Beacham; she would never forget his name.
That was about a year ago and here they were, prisoners caged out in the wilderness for him to come and rape her, her sister and the other girls that were being kept here against their will.

She remembered the first time she met him at their house, she didn’t like him then and when they were brought here after they were attacked at their camp, he showed up, she knew she had been right to worry about him.

That first night she had been left alone in a room until he walked in.
When she looked in his eyes she saw fear, hers.
The memory of his eyes haunted her when she slept at night or when her mind wandered away from her prison.
He showed her a world she had never known or understood before, a world so cruel and sadistic it had to be a secret for no one to know.
She held her suffering inside.

She was still staring in his eyes when he hit her, knocking her to the ground.
Again and again he struck her before he tore the tattered remains of her dress off of her body.
Violent hands pried her legs open as she was brutally mounted and abused time and time again.
Unspeakable acts; never heard of or desired acts, yet real, handed out by another human.
Her innocence torn away from her without so much as a whimper, she lay there dead to the world yet she could hear herself screaming inside her head.

When he was done with her he stood up and laughed as she lay there on the blood soaked bed, evidence of her once innocence.
He took out a red handkerchief and wiped the blood off of his member and tossed it on her then got dressed and walked out the room.
As she lay there lost in her nightmare she thought she felt Mary reach out for her before the screams filled her brain once more.

She has had many nightmares in the past year, some while she slept, others as they unfolded before her.
If it was only herself, it wouldn’t have mattered but there was also Mary, she wasn’t as strong as Annabelle and she was afraid to loose her sister.
They had to stay strong so that one day they may escape and tell everyone what has happened to them and by whom.

Rebbecca was preparing herself in the bedroom for Jonas.
She had dreamed of this night for a long time and it was here now.
As she got older her desires woke up a hunger inside her that burned between her legs and the thought of Jonas made it an inferno.

As she stood in front of the mirrors her heart started pounding with anticipation at the though of Jonas kissing her softly and then taking her for the first time.
Her hand went down between her legs and she squeezed it crushing against her growing desire and feeling its surge go through her entire body.
She could feel her nipples getting hard as they pushed against her bodice.
In the reflection of the mirror she could see her excitement and pinched one with her fingers as she continued pressed her legs tighter around her curled up fist.
She can’t wait much longer, where is Jonas to quench her fire.

Jonas was in his study with Smith and Daniel, giving them their orders.
He asked Daniel if he had everything set as they had planned a month earlier and Daniel said they were ready and waiting for the word to go.
Jonas smiled and told him to go and take care of it then.

Jonas now stood in his study with Smith telling him that he wanted the cargo picked up from the hiding place tonight and to take it to Jacksonville where someone will meet the ship to take possession of the cargo.
Smith nodded his head signalling that he had understood and left the house.

It had been a long day with his wedding but he still had to keep track of business so that there was less chance of anyone finding out what he was up to, if it ever got out they would surely hang him.
He finished his brandy and went up to the bedroom where Rebbecca was now waiting for him.

Jonas opened the bedroom door and found Rebbecca standing by the mirror.
He closed the door behind him and walked up behind her and with gentle hands he touched her shoulders and kissed the back of her neck.
She leaned back into his chest as his lips tugged at her soft flesh, his hands now coming around her waist and up touching her full breasts.
Her blood was beginning to boil once more as she turned to face him and he kissed her soft hungry lips.

Jonas stepped back and removed his jacket then started unbuttoning his shirt as Rebecca made her way to their bed.
Putting his shirt on the chair he sat on it and pulled off his boots, first the right then the left.
The socks came off next then he stood up and unbuttoned his pants as Rebbecca watched eagerly, her legs making waves on the bed beckoning him to hurry and come to take her.
Jonas stepped out of his pants and stood there before her with his manhood erect and pointing in her direction.
He walked up to the end of the bed then climbed in, his hand slowly pushing up her leg and her nigh gown Followed exposing the naked mound between her legs glistening with excitement.
He mounted her body and slowly, gently pushed himself inside her.
Smoked filled the night sky in the distance as the sound of Rebbecca’s moans filled the room.

Diego stood at his office window looking out onto the courtyard as Ada and Hali, as Dakarai called him instead of Thilivhali for short playing in and around the garden.
Dakarai was with Baba sitting on a stone bench as he had done once, listening to Baba instruct his lesson.

Baba was always a strange man.
Diego remembered when he was a small boy and Baba used to come and go as he pleased.
Even though he was a black man he was not a slave, or at least no one wanted to claim that they owned him.
He was a witch doctor they say and he knew ancient spells and cures for diseases no one knew how to cure.
His father let him come and go as he pleased and one time he help cure Diego when he had gotten ill and burning up with fever.

When the slaves revolted Baba help them escape to the ship and that was the last time he had seen him until the other day at the edge of the forest when he came out of the jungle with about a dozen well armed warriors.
He thought it was a raiding party from Haiti and was prepared to fight to the death to defend Ada and the boys but then Baba walked out of the jungle.
He looked as he did when he was a boy, like time had frozen still for him.

The warriors moved out of his way when he walked towards Diego and stopped in front of him.
That’s when a smile came to Baba’s face and with open arms embraced Diego.
Ada and boys were still standing a fair distance back no knowing what was happening.

Stepping back Baba looked over Diego and told him in a language Ada did not understand that he had grown up tall like his father and that he had inherited the fierce look in his eyes as he had also.
Diego commented that Baba still looked the same as he had when he was a little boy.
Baba looked past Diego to Ada and the boys, Diego turned and stepped towards them a little bit and motioned for them to come close and meet Baba.

Cautiously Ada moved out from behind the horse and stood next to Diego.
Baba bowed his head and said something to her that wasn’t Spanish.
She bowed to him in return and apologized in Spanish that she didn’t understand what he was saying.

Diego laughed and told Ada that he was speaking French and in fact it was Baba that had taught him how to speak French the language they spoke in Haiti.
Diego told Baba that this was his wife Ada and his sons, Hali and Dakarai.
Baba bowed to them once more and proceeded to ask Diego about his parents.
Diego solemnly told him that they had past on into tomorrow and he was all that remained along with his family.
Baba walked closer to Ada and looked down at Hali, he felt this strong presence around the child, an invisible aura that he could feel, strong, very strong, this was a special being.
He then looked at Dakarai and immediately could see the boy’s intellect just by looking into his eyes and seeing their depth.

Baba turned around to the warriors and told them something and they all turned and ran off back into the jungle.
He then walked back to Diego and told him that he would be going back to the hacienda with them and planned to stay with them for a while.
Diego didn’t need to reply, Baba wasn’t asking he was telling him, not that it would have made a difference, Diego and his family owed him for saving his life as a child.

Back at the hacienda Diego asked the servants to prepare a late dinner while they all went to get washed up a bit.
During dinner Diego asked Baba what had he been up to for the last 20 years and he told him that he was wandering the island listening, learning and helping those that needed his help.
He had learned much about Hispaniola in the last twenty years and learned much from the Arawak/Taino Indians who were indigenous to the island before the Spanish got here.
In fact they were the reason there were black slaves here.
In Spain it was decreed that the natives of the land should not and will not be used as slaves.
Many of the Spanish over the centuries had married natives and now some of the large plantation owners had Arawak/Taino blood mixed with their Spanish blood.

Diego thought for a few minutes and then asked Baba if he would be willing to stay longer to be one of Dakarai’s and Hali’s teachers.
The boy looked up when he heard his name mentioned and looked at Baba, waiting to hear his answer.
Baba smiled at the boy and told Diego that he would stay as long as he was needed, then asked Diego if there was someplace they could go and have a private conversation.

Diego led the way to his office but before hand telling Ada and the kids he would meet them in the courtyard as soon as he and Baba finished their talk.
Seated in his office, Baba gave Diego some disturbing news.
It seems there was talk on the Haiti side of the island that they were preparing to go to war with them once more.
The constant raiding into Haiti to get slaves was starting to get people upset again and war was in the air.

The last thing Diego wanted now after working so hard to regain his family’s property was to loose it again.
After talking for a bit longer Baba asked if there was a place he could go clean up and Diego told him there was a fountain off of the courtyard.
He thanked Baba for the information and told him he could get to the courtyard via the door on the left as he exited the office.
Baba bowed his head and left Diego alone to absorb the news.

Diego had to think about what to do if war came again and had to think of Ada and the boys now.
He walked to the window and looked down at the courtyard and his family.

It was about 1 am when there was banging at Jonas’ bedroom door waking him and Rebbecca up.
He got up and instinctively reached for the pistol he kept next to the bed then walked to the door and opened it.
A servant was standing there telling him there were men at the front door asking for him.
Jonas told him to tell them he would be right down and closed the door once more.
Inside the bedroom Jonas started dressing again and Rebbecca asked him what was wrong.
He told her he didn’t know.
After getting dressed he went down and there was the Baker’s foreman and the sheriff with their hats in their hands.

Jonas invited them into the sitting room and asked them to have a seat.
The sheriff looked at the foreman then back to Jonas and told him that he had some bad news for him.
It seems that two slaves had escaped from the Baker place but before they’d gone they had murdered Mr and Mrs Baker in their sleep.

A loud screamed erupted from behind them as Rebbecca fainted at the foot of the stairs after hearing about the fate of her parents.
Jonas ran to his wife and picker her up and carried her onto the chaise lounge in the sitting room and sent a servant for some water.

Rebbecca came to again and begun crying while Jonas tried to console her.
He told her he would find out what happened and the ones responsible then make sure they were punished for what they done.
Rebbecca wept on his shoulder as Jonas barked orders to have his horse saddled and ready to go.
He then told the sheriff that he would take some of his men and help find the slaves who did this.
To the foreman he told him to go back to the Baker’s place and make sure the rest of the slaves were locked up so nothing more would happen.

After they had gone he told the servants to stay with Rebbecca and he told her he would come back as soon as he could and started getting up when she grabbed his sleeve and told him not to come back until he had the bodies of those who killed her parents.

Jonas mounted his horse and road off into the darkness towards the Baker house but when he was out of site of the house he turned and went to the old Butler place.
When he got there he found Daniel sitting in a chair waiting for him.
Jonas asked him what had happened that night and Daniel told him it all went as planned.
Him and four men snuck into the Baker house while they all slept and slaughtered them in their beds with machetes, then went to where the slaves slept and took two slaves with them
They were now in the tool shed near the fields.

Jonas was pleased with his employees work and then they both walked out to the tool shed where tied to a post were two Negroes.
Without a word Jonas walked up to them and shot them each in the head and then told Jonas to load them up in a wagon and to follow him to his place.

Rebbecca ran to the front of the house when she heard the horses pulling up to the front and ran out to meet Jonas and the rest of the men.
When she got to the wagon she saw the two dead Negroes in the back and asked if it was these that killed her parents and Jonas told her yes.
He told her that they caught them trying to cross the river and he himself shot them both.

Shortly after the Baker’s funeral Jonas and his wife moved into the Baker place since Rebbecca was now the sole owner and wanted to be close to her parents last resting place.
Jonas told his wife she could have anything she wished and if moving into her old home made her happy then he would be only to willing to see her happy.

Annabelle sat by her sister’s side wiping the sweat from her forehead after every contraction.
They had been moved from the place they had been kept and loaded onto a ship and sent to Jacksonville where they were loaded onto a wagon and then a two-day ride to Tallahassee, the capital of Florida.
There they were put into a brothel run by an ugly fat woman who beat them whenever they showed any resistance.
It wasn’t long before they realized Mary was pregnant with that Jonas’ child.
Just the same Mary had to service the men that came by that wanted her.
The fat woman was mad when she found out that Mary was pregnant and wanted to bring someone in to terminate it but Mary refused and Annabelle stood by her sister threatening if anyone touched her that she would kill them the first chance she got.
The madam told them that she could keep the little bastard but it better be a female so she could earn her keep when her time came.

Another contraction came and Rebbecca screamed as the doctor and midwife stood by her.
She had a fever and the doctor was worried for the mother and the baby.
Jonas told him to do what ever it took to secure the safety of his wife and child.
Mary’s scream filled the dungeon they were being kept in and she started to push.
The doctor told Rebbecca to push as the midwife sat behind her helping her.
Annabelle was standing in front of her now watching the baby’s head slowly come out.
Again Rebbecca pushed as the doctor urged her on.
Then all of a sudden a slap woke up a baby to his new world as its mother left this world.

Two babies arrived in this world, born on the same day by two women, fathered by the same man.


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