blue moon (2)

Thursday, November 18, 2010

The Red Clay: Part Seven ©

John held his stare thinking about what to do next.
Without turning his head he asked the bartender to bring him a couple of beers.
The biker looked back at his partner with a victorious sneer twisted on his face.
John just stood there keeping his eyes on both of them as the bartender was getting the beer.
When the bartender brought the beer he stopped him from opening the bottles but took one in his hands and twisted it open, then slowly, without taking his eyes off of the biker passed it over to him.
The bartender sensing the tension had slowly moved to the far side of the bar and stood there taking it all in.
The kid was pretending he hadn’t noticed what was happening but was watching it unfold through the mirror at the back of the bar.

John picked up the second bottle with his left hand and held it tight as his right hand came over and grabbed the twist off cap.
“Fuck it” he thought, and his fingers slipped down the neck of the bottle and came back loaded then crashing it on the side of the biker’s head sending him into a heap on the floor.
Pushing away from the bar he then looked to the second biker who was now standing and pulling something from his waist.

John snaked out his gun and sent a shot at the biker.
He knew he shot to soon while his finger was squeezing the trigger while still raising it up but when he saw the biker’s gun coming out he rushed his shot.
His bullet hit the biker in the right hip knocking him off his aim as his bullet tore a chunk of the bar off infront of him

John took aim once more and just before he shot his second round, he was violently slammed into the bar.
The biker on the ground had pulled out a gun and shot him, now blood was pouring from his chest.
Bracing himself with the bar he level his gun at the biker on the ground when just then a thunderous roar filled the room.
The ground around the biker seemed to explode in a cloud of blood, dust and smoke, as the bartender stood at the bar frantically trying to load the double barrel shotgun once more.
He hadn’t loaded it when a hail of bullets hit him from the other side of the room.
The war was on and everyone a target.

John moved away from the bar just as a bullet hit the spot he was standing at then opened up on the other biker hitting him twice, in the arm and leg before he took another bullet in the chest dropping him to his knees.

Grinning with victory the biker walked towards him raising his gun as he advanced and taking careful aim at John’s head for one final shot, then his eyes bulged out with surprise then replaced with shock as he slowly climbed up to his toes before falling to the ground dead.

The old man stood there above him expressionless.
He bent down and wiped his knife on the dead mans filthy shirt then took the tobacco out of the pocket and put it back in his shirt pocket.
He straightened up, he looked at John and without saying a word walked out the door.

John went to get off the floor but his hand slipped on some blood and he fell flat on his back.
He lay there without the energy to try again.
He knew he was done and so close to the end to have it all go to hell in some shit hole in no where’s ville.
A noise caught John’s ear and he turned his head to see the young black man crawling towards the back.

He called to him to stop then waved him to come to where he was.
The boy didn’t know what to do; he was scared for his life right now.
In no less than ten seconds his whole world had exploded before him with guns blasting everywhere leaving blood covered bodies to stain the floor with his life now at stake all because he wanted a coke.
The man on the floor called to him again and told him that he wasn’t going to hurt him.
Reluctantly he started going over to the man on the floor but he had to get up to go around the dead biker.

As he got to the dead biker’s body he looked down and his whole front was caved in and looked like someone had scooped up a shovel full of his chest.
The floor was slippery with blood and bits of human flesh but he got to the man on the ground then knelt down to hear him better and to see if he could help him.

John coughed then choked up a mouthful of blood.
He told the boy to come closer to him, while he was still alive.
The boy got closer.
John told him to go to the foot of the bar, nodding towards it and to bring him his satchel, quickly.

The boy cautiously went to the bar and grabbed the handle of the satchel but as he was picking it up he looked on the other side of the bar.
There he could see the bartender sitting up against the wall, eyes wide open with a hole in the center of his forehead.
A trickle of blood ran out of it and ran down his cheek like red teardrops.

He brought John the satchel and John pulled it to him once more so he could feel it all one last time while he was still here on this earth with the living.
He looked at the boy and told him that today was his lucky day and whatever was in the satchel was now his.
He coughed once more and again blood poured over his lips.

The boy tried to help him but he pushed his hands back.
He told him to take the bag and leave this place, leave now and forever forget this day had ever happened.
The boy listened to him then told him that he could drive him to the hospital and they could fix him up.
John nodded no, there was nothing to fix and pushed the bag towards the boy, the boy started to protest but stopped when he looked into the man’s eyes, he looked happy.
The boy numbly nodded that he understood.
John Evan Smith died just then on that dusty floor and left this world with what he brought into it, his soul.

The boy picked up the bag and slowly rose to his feet.
Standing there he slowly looked around the room.
He had never seen a dead person before this day and now he was surrounded by death, more death than he cared to see all at once ever again.
The smell of gun power still burned his nose as he ran out the door to never forget this day for as long as he lived.

Jonas stood at the helm when they sailed up into the Savannah harbour.
He had to admit to himself, he felt good and for so many reasons.
The fact that he was alive was the best reason of all but his future looked very profitable as well.
The sugar in the hold will bring him in a nice profit so he wouldn’t have to use the money he already had from his last venture.
This should give him enough of a start in Savannah and to gain some respectability as a businessman.
Then there was Rebecca.
Sweet, sweet Rebbecca, she would bring him a warm bed and her father’s money.
He could see in her eyes she wanted to be with him so it wouldn’t be much work to get her to marry him in no time at all.
Her father’s influence would greatly improve his chances of success and fortune.

With his past now dead and gone behind him he could move forward and gain the greatness he knew he had.
There still was his crew but he could take care of them slowly one, at a time until there was no one that knew his past.
Looking out over the bow to the dock, he saw a black woman and his mind instantly went to the female slave.
He had to admit she was a beautiful woman, full of fire and life, it’s a shame she had to die but there will be many slaves here to choose from.
But still……..she was different.

Jonas called out to Smith and told him to dock the ship and to wait onboard for him to come back.
At the pier, officials met Jonas as he walked down the gangplank but Jonas pointed to Smith and they went on board to get the information they wanted from the captain of the ship leaving Jonas to go about to his business.

Walking down the street he turned and walked down and alley when a man jumped out pointing a knife to him demanding his purse.
Jonas gave him a sly grin and told him to run off before he got hurt.
The man took a step closer and told Jonas to give him his purse and brought the knife a little closer to Jonas’ face.

With one hand held up he reached with the other into his pocket and produced the string of his purse and started pulling it out.
The thief’s eyes were glued to the string and didn’t see Jonas’ other hand come down and grab his assailant’s wrist with his powerful vice like grip.
Obvious pain registered on the man’s face as his wrist was being crushed and the knife thudded to the ground
Twisting his hand upwards, he forced the man to his knees and held him there just by the wrist.
Bending to the ground, Jonas picked up his knife and inspected it.
He was impressed with the sharpness of its blade and tested it on the man’s face as his hand flicked out leaving a small trail of blood on the man’s cheek.

Jonas asked him for his name.
The man said nothing so Jonas applied more pressure and he said it was Daniel then cautiously touched his face with his other hand and look at the blood on his fingers.
He asked Daniel where one might go to sell sugar and Daniel told him he could go to the Merchants bank and ask there.

Pain shot through Daniel’s body as Jonas twisted the wrist a little more, then Jonas kicked him in the chest knocking the wind out of Daniel and leaving him sprawled on the ground.
Jonas bent down to him and told Daniel he wanted him to meet him at the Hotel in an hour and not to be late.
He stood up then tossed Daniel his knife back then started to turn away but stopped.
He tossed his purse to the thief before he turned his back to his attacker and walked away.

Daniel got up in obvious pain physically and his pride completely crushed by being totally beaten by this man.
He picked up the knife then the purse and he could feel its weight in the palm of his hand.

He called out to him asking which hotel, but the man only stopped, looked back at him then turned around and kept on walking.
Daniel could sense that this was a dangerous man.

Jonas walked to the Southern Comfort Hotel and registered there and told the clerk that his bags would be brought over later in the day.
Then he enquired where he might be able to talk to someone about selling his cargo.
The clerk told him his best bet was to go to the Merchants bank and see who may be interested there.
Jonas smiled Daniel wasn’t lying to him.

Jonas followed the clerk’s directions to the bank and went inside.
There he spoke to Dalton Henry the assistant manager who informed him that they would buy his cargo if he would like to sell it immediately at the going rate.
Jonas thought for a second and agreed to this because it gave him his money back faster and saved him time not having to find a buyer.

The manager went off to get the necessary paper work then came back with a clerk to witness the transaction.
While the manager was preparing the paperwork he asked him if there was a plantation for sale in the area to his knowledge.
Dalton thought for a second and told him that they held the note on a place that they were Currently foreclosing on and he could have the five thousand acre plantation for twelve thousand dollars in gold by the end of the week if he was interested.
Jonas signed the papers completing the sale of the sugar and told him he will think about the place.

Dalton told him that they would send workers in the morning to start unloading the sugar.
Jonas told him that would be fine and if there was any problem to send a message to him at the Southern Comfort Hotel then got up and left but at the door he stopped and asked the manager if he knew the Bakers?
Dalton said he did and they lived twenty miles out of town but Baker had a trading office on the main street.
Jonas thanked him and left the bank to go find a place to have lunch.

After lunch he went back to the ship and told Smith that they would be unloading the cargo in the morning so he wanted the men rested and ready for the morning so no drinking or wenching all night.
Jonas walked down the gangplank and headed to the hotel with two men bringing his luggage along to the hotel for him.
At the hotel two Negroes took the bags and brought them to his room.

When they had gone, he went to the task of unpacking some of his belongings.
The pistols he left in the bag and pushed it under the bed, he had a small dagger, which he kept in his boot and small pistol he kept in his pocket for protection.
His sword he had left on board the Abigail, no one carried swords much here so he had no use for it and it was in the way in large crowds of people anyway.
Besides it only intimidated people and he didn’t want to scare the people he wanted them to accept him.

As he was unpacking a knock came from the door.

Jonas took his pistol out of his pocket and opening the door a crack to see whom it was and to his surprise he saw Daniel standing in the hallway.
He expected him to show up but he didn’t know how fast he would be able to find him.
Jonas let him into the room and pointed to a chair at the side table that held a basin with water on top of it.

Daniel walked over to the chair and sat down while Jonas brought two glasses and a bottle of rum he had taken from the Abigail when he packed his bags.
He passed Daniel a glass and filled it half way with the dark liquid then filled his the same before he put the bottle down.
He saluted Daniel and took a sip from his glass as Daniel gulped his back.

Jonas sat on the side of the bed and told Daniel he had work for him if he wanted and it paid well.
Daniel sat there listening to Jonas as he explained to him what he needed done and how much he would be paid for the work when it was done.
Daniel sat there listening to what Jonas was requesting of him and was slowly realizing this man was not only dangerous but ruthless as well.

When Jonas was done with what he wanted done he asked Daniel if he understood what he wanted and the other nodded.
First Jonas told him to get cleaned up and tossed him fifty dollars in gold and told him to get a clean outfit.
He didn’t want to be seen in public with someone that looked like a thief if the occasion ever came up and they needed to meet in the open.

Daniel picked up the money and Jonas told him when he was done cleaning himself up to come and see him in the morning.
Daniel started for the door then stopped to ask him how did he know that he wouldn’t tell everyone what he wanted him to do and run off with the money?
Jonas smiled at him then asked Daniel how his face was.

Daniel’s hand went to his split cheek, anger and fear lit up in his eyes but without a word opened the door and disappeared down the hall.
Jonas finished his unpacking and went out for dinner before he came back to sleep, he had a long busy day tomorrow and also needed to arrange to rent a carriage to take him to the Baker’s estate in the next couple of days.

Diego was surprised by Jonas’ skill, not only had he held back Diego’s assault but was pushing him back with his powerful blows.
He had obviously been taught the way of the sword by a master, one as good as those that taught him, maybe even better.
Each blow was sending him back; Jonas was a powerful man and he was barely able to stay on his feet after each blow of Jonas’ sword.

Diego had to find a way around Jonas’ guard or he would be in trouble soon.
The sound of fighting filtered down to him while he once again had to take a step back after a powerful blow by Jonas but just then his slaves charged out and started fighting by his side holding back the raiders.
They were beginning to push the raiders back when Jonas shoved him to the ground and ran away like the coward that he was.

Diego watched them run towards the longboats and told his men to stop, to let them go, enough blood had been spilled this night.
From that distance he saw Jonas stop and turn, then a plume of smoke erupted that was visible even from this distance.
He figured in a last desperate move, Jonas had attempted to shoot him from afar but obviously had missed, until he turned around and knew different.

She ran out to the beach towards Diego then suddenly she stopped dead in her tracks.
Her legs gave way to the weight of her body as gently she fell to the ground and, lying there motionless.
The raiders were beaten back and were now in their boats rowing out to their waiting ship but the damage they done now stained the white sand.

Diego called out to one of the servants and told him to run to get help and to summon the doctor immediately and have all the wounded men looked after quickly.
He then walked over to her fallen body.

She lay there staring up to the morning sky.
Ada was lost, without words to say.
Blood was streaming out of the wound in her chest and no matter how much pressure that was applied on it, it still was running out of her.
Diego got up and started pacing, wondering where the doctor was.
Baina touched Ada’s cheek and told her everything will be fine and not to worry.
A tear ran out of Ada’s eye filled with memories of pain and suffering and then it was all over.

Diego stood there with his head down as two servants picked up her limp body from the beach to carried it back to the house.
With her arm around Dakarai they followed behind in silence.


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