blue moon (2)

Thursday, October 14, 2010

The Nuts In The Tree ©

I don’t understand some people.
I know me.
I know that right now I want to shoot someone and I mean for real.
There are people in this world that make me feel that way.

This brings me to my brother and sister in law.
Mean fucken people who do their best to hurt each other be it physically or mentally.
I have no fucken idea why they are together and now they went and bought a house together.

What a fucken nightmare that turned into.
They didn’t plan and it took them two months to prepare the house for their arrival and when that day came, it turned out that my SIL hadn’t even started to pack with only twenty-four hours to move.
Did I mention my SIL is a hoarder?

Yup she drags things home from other people’s garbage then hiding it in the basement of the building she lived in.
Do you have any fucken idea after thirteen years how much shit that could grow into.
It was obviously spread all over the place that she has a problem.
A problem among her other problems one of which is to try and ruin everyone else’s life because hers sucks.

My SIL is not happy and tries to make people feel like her, miserable.
So far half the block hates her and the other half is at war because of her.
One couple has split up because of rumours she spread.
Two sisters were at each others throats because of my SIL making up false accusations.
Oh and planting me right in the middle.

She has talked shit about Inia and her kids because Inia refused to let her take her young son out in the car when she was so drunk she could barely walk.
Not only has she said things about Inia but also criticized Inia’s five-year old son just to start trouble so she could say, “Everyone is attacking me”.

She tells people she is taking my brother’s daughter and moving to California and he will never see her again.
Tells anyone who will listen how she pays for everything.
I don’t know how she can with her 1500 a month when the bills add up to three grand a month.
Probably spends a third of that on her drinking habit and man is she a lousy drunk.
She becomes one of those people you try to hide from at a party.

My brother is a mean fucker.
She drives him nuts with her BS but he prods and verbally attacks her all the time, causing more trouble.
She is a pest in many ways but no one should be called a cunt twenty times a day.
I don’t know why these two are together.
It’s scary and discouraging to those who still believe in relationships.

They are two of the reasons I keep to myself and don’t let those around me near them.
Me is one thing but when they slip past your guard they do their best to either take what you have or to try and destroy it.

Right now she has my EX up the street almost everyday and is telling her all about what MY life.
The woman has no idea about who and what I am so she is inventing who I am to my EX.
D2 who was there at the time and jump in at them and told them to shut up and to stop lying about me.

Personally I don’t care what people say about me, I can take it but I don’t care for people who attack other’s especially a five year old boy who can’t defend himself.
The SIL’s oldest daughter is a chip of the nut shell as well.
She is learning how to be a bitch from her mother.

The SIL doesn’t care whom she talks to or what she says.
She insulted one of my nephews by telling the kid his mother was a bitch.
Why not go to his mother and tell her to her face so she could rip hers off I don’t know but the SIL would rather go after our kids instead of confronting us.
I call someone like that a coward.
My brother is no better.

I don’t understand how people like that could live with each other.
How they try and disrupt others who are happy with their lives just so that their misery could have company.


Have a nice day



poet said...

sounds absolutlely horrid, friend. i have no words except hope you can find some peace with it.

BikerCandy said...

I think you nailed it with the line "misery loves company". There are those in all of our lives, unfortunately some of us have actual family members like that. All you can do is sigh and move on and hope the damage doesn't come crashing into your door. Hard to do sometimes I know, I have a sister that is miserable and tries to make everyone else miserable too. I admire you Walker though for sticking up for yourself and your daughters and Inia.

BlazngScarlet said...

It's sad that some people are only "happy" when they're tearing everyone and everything around them to bits.
I feel sorry for her own children.

Anonymous said...

I sure hope you weren't there helping them to move, but knowing you, you probably were, because in the end, family's family, even when they act like your brother and SIL. At least, it seems that way from what you've written over the years. When does your limit get reached?

Peter said...

You can choose your friends but you're stuck with your family.