blue moon (2)

Thursday, November 05, 2009

Warming Up ©

I’ve become a terrible blogger.
I don’t even know if I can write a post sometimes and it isn’t because I’m lacking material.
Where do I find the time with everything I have been doing?

Let me try writing a post for Last Soul to warm up.
It seems my family and friends have become even more demanding of late.
Doctors appointments
My kids wanted to have a Halloween party.
My father’s car is falling apart but he still thinks it will last
The frame is so rusty and fucked up, you slam on the brakes and the chassis stops but you have to wait for the body to stop too.

Where is the lever of life?
The handle I can pull
To slow down the world
Or jump off before I get dizzy, then go mad.

Maybe it’s to late

The clocks changed last weekend and my kids asked if that meant their party could last an extra hour.
Against everyone’s opinion I let my kids throw a Halloween party.
Rumors were flying around that there was going to be 60 people descending on my modest abode.

My family said they would get drunk on booze and high on drugs then trash the place.
Yeah, like I didn’t think of that but no one said I was smart and I never said I don’t gamble.
I just don’t do it all the time.
Not only did I let them have the party but I even said I would walk away 9pm., go out for three to four hours so they could have fun.
The way I see it is, one day I will have to leave them alone and if they can take care of our home against a mob of living dead then I won’t worry about them if I go away.

When did the stars start moving on by faster than the clouds?
When did the clouds first appear?
To block out the sun
To plunge the world into darkness

Maybe there were always there

Two days before Halloween I found the two girls fighting in the living room.
Frick had jumped on the arm of the chair to watch the screaming match.
They house wasn’t decorated as they wanted and nothing else was prepared.
D1 was saying she worked hard all day and didn’t have the time and D2 was yelling back that she to had to work hard at school to keep her grades up.
Frick ‘s head was bobbing back and forth between the two.
Then I made the fatal mistake.
I offered to help.
Stupid, stupid, stupid

What happened to the bumblebees?
The dragonflies
The fresh smell in the air
Nothing artificial

Maybe this is the new real

8pm Halloween night I was in the kitchen fixing up the table.
I was beat.
The night before I got to bed around 5 am.
D2 and her boyfriend, her new slave, had decorated some of the house and put up police tape all over the place especially around my bedroom door.
All my light bulbs had been replaces with black light and there was a florescent black light at the door.
When they turned that one on, it illuminated a huge “X” in the center of my hardwood floors that you can’t see in normal light.
The previous night I had made seven dips from scratch.
Guacamole, Dracula garlic dip, tzatsiki sauce, sour onion dip, Mexican cheese dip (first to disappear), cucumber dip and salsa.
Corn chips, baby carrots, chopped up celery and mushrooms for the vegans, two dozen deviled eggs and two large platters of cold cuts.
I chopped a couple of baguettes I bought into half inch slices and one half I put on the hottest salami’s I can find topped with jalapeno Havarti and a grape tomato pinning them all together.
The other half had a hard, mild salami with dill Havarti crowned with a green olive.
I rather bread than crackers
None were left.

Is the world spinning fast or are we
Are we the ones spinning our own yarn?
Tying us up in this madness
Following this stopwatch we call living

Maybe we’re too eager

One side of the table had the hot food or food for the living dead and the other had the mild for the victims.
I looked at the clock and it was 8:30 pm.
D1 finished work at none and was getting a ride home so I figured she would be here by 9:30pm but that was fine because D2 and BF were here to help, right?

Standing between sunrise and sunset
Lost among the rays burning me away
Empowering me from one side
While the other sucks it all away

Maybe that’s how it’s supposed to be

With the table done I went upstairs and took a quick shower.
Later in the bedroom I strapped on my leg brace.
My left knee has been in rough shape lately with all the running around I have been doing and now had sharp pains shooting through it.
I know one day I will have to let them replace it but for now I am determined to keep all my parts together.
The knee is my curse, ever since I broke it when I was 7.
After lining up top with bottom I strap it on tight then stand up.
When is nice and tight it feels so light.
Probably because the blood supply is cut off.
As I was slipping the jeans on the doorbell went off, over and over.
I thought D2 would get it but it still kept on ringing so I went downstairs and some of the guests were already here, one carrying in two cherry cheese cakes.
Where the fuck was D2?

What happened to the green grass?
The tall trees
The skyscrapers in the forest
The ladders to heaven

Maybe they withered away

9:30pm rolls by and no D2, no D1, just Walker and fifteen people he doesn’t know and to make matters worse none of them knew each other.
It was like standing in a forest of zombies.
One guy was and looked like Bruce Lee.
It helped that he was Asian.

He was standing alone near the door looking like a doorknob.
Must have been the punk chick with the big tits that did that to him.
Trying to be a good host and represent myself among my daughter’s friends I walked over to him.
“Hi, I’m Walker you must be one of D1’s friend, I’m her father. BTW I’m not here, it’s past 9pm”?
He gave me a strange look “Yes” then he stared off towards the ceiling
“She know you from school”, I asked?
No, from a mutual friend” then we looked up at the ceiling again.
Hmmm, I just painted I don’t know what the fuck he was looking at.
“So…………… you must feel really awkward being here with a bunch of people you don’t know”.
“Like poop in the middle of a field”.
OH, I minded my Ps and Qs, no swearing.

“Umm yes it is a little awkward”.
“Don’t worry about it, after a few drinks and some of those sandwiches on the left you will all be like old bum buddies”.

He reluctantly walked over to the table and picked up a carrot then dipped it into the cheese dip.
Then he grabbed a celery stick and went at the cheese dip again.
He looked at me and said it was good then went for more.
Just then one of D2’s friends walked into the house and straight to me and asked for D2.
I told her I didn’t know where she was.
Maybe food for the zombies
She gave me a lost look.
I asked if I could get her something to drink and she stepped back.
She was bundled up in a coat and wool winter hat tied up under her chin.
She looked really shy and scared.
I told her she could take her coat off and hang it up with the rest and she wrapped her arms around herself so no one would steal it from her.
Where’s D2?

Bruce Lee came over and asked me where I got the dips and I told him I made them.
He seems surprised then ran back to the table to fight with the rest of the guests for the cheese dip.
Just them D1 walked in followed by four more people, two cowgirls and a busty star trek medical officer.
She asked me where D2 was and I told her I didn’t know.
She walked into the kitchen and was surprised to see everyone there and all the food.
Up until then she didn’t know what I had been up to.

Leaving her in the kitchen I went to the living room where I found shy girl and Bruce staring at Bubbles and Whitie surfing the waves from my new high-powered filter.
D1 came in and walked over and introduced them to the critters I own.
He calls that big orange one Bubbles".
The white lobster is Whitie and those two snake like things, the big one is me, and the little one is Mini Me”.
I’m so glad he didn’t name me

Just them D2 walked through the door.
And where were you while your friends were here” I asked her then grabbed her by the arms and dragged her into the living room where I forced her to her knees then told her friends I had a good hold on her and they could start beating on her whenever they were ready.
D2 started screaming “Yes, yes beat me, I deserve it

D2 got up and started hugging her friends
I turned and went to the door and slid on my leather, turned and told everyone I wasn’t here and was gone.

Now all there is, is concrete
The green grass is black asphalt
The sky dark even before night
What did happen to the dragonflies?

Maybe they found the stars

As the blocks fell behind I started feeling my knee acting up again.
I had to stop once and whack it back into place to stop the sharp pain shooting through my bone.
I got to the bar and it was filling with freaks and all sorts of weird people.
There was a band playing that had Christmas tree stands on their heads.
It was a wild night at the bar with great music and lots of suds.
I sat there for three and a half hours before I saw a red headed leprechaun walk in with a nice big set of melons strapped into an outfit that was two sizes two small.
That’s when I knew it was time to go before the dam broke and people got hurt.

I paid the bartender and started walking home.
It’s one of the longest, short walks I have ever taken but after four stops I turned the corner and the sound of loud music a hundred feet away.
Hobbling down the street to the house I climbed the stairs and opened the door.

Green is green even when it’s gray
The sun shines even if we see it or not
The world is spinning out of control
Time is never on our side anymore

Maybe I need roller blades

That’s if for my Last Soul post, now to go post it.
Nice little warm up after not blogging for a bit but I will try and write up a post for here soon.

Have a nice day



Tom Bailey said...

It is good to know the dark side of darth vader is also busy too. I have had some of the same issues as Mr Vader.

Best regards

Lora_3 said...

It's great reading your blog and hearing about your Family.

"The world is spinning out of control!" Have good thought for the state of Texas tonight. We need it!

Be safe...

Walker said...

Tom Bailey : We're all in the same bowl of soup treading for a piece of cracker to stay afloat

Walker said...

Lora_3: Yes I am watching it right now.
Tragically sad....

BlazngScarlet said...

"When is nice and tight it feels so light."
Knee brace?
Uh huh .... riiiiight.
Methinks it has more to do with redheaded leprechauns with ripe melons and 'lucky charms'.
I hear they're magically delicious. ;)

Miss you doll ....

Tamara said...

You got AT LEAST one thing right! You SUCK-OLA at keeping up w/ your blog(I'm a fine one to say so,I know)...but dammit,I've had my post up since Oct 28th until King Walker shows his friggin face on my dang post!!NOW I can move on.Then....being your usual help at all with my coffee pot blues.I always get a good laugh though,so I'll let you slide.Panties in my coffee pot?Maybe my Granny's may work...but not my few strands of thread for drawers!lol
Now look here slick.If life slowed down,and wasn't so chaotic some days,you would surely freak.Something would be wrong.So if I had ONE thing I could tell D1 and would be "GIVE HIM HELL,CUZ WE CAN'T"!!! hahaha
You tend to be surprised when they pull a "Walker" move!! I wanna say "you created those monstors"...but that would be off.The monstor created angels...and just can't seem to keep up w/ LOVE IT!
love ya dude ;-}

Tamara said...

I think I wanna take up more space since you've been too dad-gum busy to take up space on mine you peckerwood!
Looove ya P.

Walker said...

BlazngScarlet: Honest it was the leg brace, the red headed leprechaun wanted to smoke my Pot, Acapolco Gold

Walker said...

Tamara: take up all the space you like. It's always the skinny ass chicks that take up the most space LOL

Just telling it like it is said...

Roller blades are totally over rated except if your roller girl...

I'm stopping by to flash my boobs!

Michael Manning said...

You tried to officiate? I tried to save a Cat being chased by a Dog years ago. The result? A trip for me to the ER! OUCH!!! I relate.:)

Peter said...

Last Soul post or not you still write very well Walker.

Walker said...

Just telling it like it is: I don't think anyone one will see me on roller blades anytime soon.
There is a better chance of me being seen ooggling your boobs ;)

Walker said...

Peter: Well thank you Peter.
I get most of my stuff from bibble gum wrappers ;)

Walker said...

Michael Manning : When intervening in a cat or dog fight its best to use a garden hose on full LOL

BikerCandy said...

I'm disappointed in you Walker! Why didn't you dress up for Halloween? Where's the fun in going as yourself?

Just telling it like it is said...

There a definite possibility

Walker said...

BikerCandy: But But But I am in costume all the time :(

Walker said...

Just telling it like it: ;)

Liane said...

Your post always make me laugh.. i like your sense of humor and D1 and D2 must (hopefully) have the same sense of humor. Glad you survived Halloween !!! hope that knee of yours isn't causing you too much trouble after that long walk.. hugs!!

Monogram Queen said...

I blog boring stuff but hey, I blog!
You're such a good father!

I want to know more about the Dracula Dip!