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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Is Here And Hell The Same? ©

Post more often says Boxer and Luka.
I want to but I don’t have time to read blogs thus refuse to post.
I’m kind of weird that way.
I throw one up on Last Soul every now and then but that stuff pours out of me in five minutes as apposed to a few hours working on one of these.

“Hey, D1 do you mind if I play my music”.
“Yeah whatever, if you can call that music”?
Fucken kids

What have I been up too?
Going through crap many of you are going through or have.
If you haven’t and will be going through it later in life then may I say?


Run for your lives or your sanity, which ever you treasure the most.

My life has been mayhem for the last few months.
I can’t seem to be able to escape it; it just follows me around like a curse.
D2 and I are not seeing eye to eye and she’s pushing back.

I’m afraid she is leaning in the wrong direction and pointing it out to her falls on deaf ears.
Yeah I know those years and how I was but I at least was street smart, she just jumping off cliffs without looking over the side first.
Her sister went out of her way to get her a job working part time at the same place she is working which would have put at least six hundred bucks a month in her pocket but she colored her hair instead knowing they wouldn’t hire her with her hair being the way it looks today.

She turns 18 this month and that means her allowance goes to zero.
The job would have put money in her pockets and padded her resume for when she finished school and went looking for a job she would like but no…

Their mother, my EX is still around.
Seems she escaped from her country love nest and was in town to haunt me.
She had called D1 and told her she wanted to come by to see her on Wednesday and she did.
Not only did she come by but also she brought the Pomeranian from hell along with her.
Her BF doesn’t like dogs so the dog was tied outside in the country fighting off raccoons and skunks through the night every day and now looked mean with hair all over the place along with the attitude to go with it.
Looked like a pissed off Gene Simmons.

She comes in and they sit in my living room.
Me, I went back to the basement to finish off hanging a shelf for D1’s art studio.
When I came upstairs D1 asked me about drinks for her Halloween party that they are holding at my house.
Oh yeah, it’s going to be a fun month.

So I showed her a few and she tasted them with her mother.
D1 didn’t like them but her mother drank hers and D1’s then drained the shaker.
Some things never change.

We talked for a few minutes and I went back downstairs to my work leaving them upstairs to talk.
About an hour later I come upstairs and find the ex in my kitchen pouring out what was left of the sour apple schnapps into the shaker with what looked like about six ounces of vodka and started shaking it up.

I’m not a big drinker like I used to be so I have a couple of bottles in the cupboard just in case something comes up where a drink is needed but this isn’t one of them.
I walk in and she looks at me then starts laughing.
Me I’m thinking “Be nice, it’s only booze”.
I could see the vodka was down about a pint and the sour apple schnapps was sour no more.

I asked her what she was doing and she said she thought I wouldn’t mind.
Would I mind?
Let’s see.
She got drunk, and then she stabbed me.
Another time she got drunk and bludgeoned me in my sleep with the empty bottle.
Set me up which ended up really ugly for six cops and me.

When she is sober she is skipping in her own world.
“Yeah I mind if your drink my booze”.
I look at D1 and told her that her mother was her responsibility then went downstairs hoping when I came up next she would be gone.

Thirty minutes later I came back up and my EX was passed out on the couch with the demon dog snarling at me chained to my coffee table.
D1 was nowhere in sight.

Remember this is the woman who accused me of raping her for nearly 20 years.
I walk around the dog and call to her.
She mumbled something then slid down the couch.
I got a little closer and Gene showed me his ugly teeth; I called to her to wake up but nothing.


I move in and the fucken dog jumped at me and I grabbed him by the throat and held him there snarling at my hand while I was trying to shake her awake.
She started to stir and half opened her eyes.
I told her she had to go home.
She said she couldn’t stand.
D1 was going to here about this I thought to myself.

I told her to push herself up off the floor and onto the couch at least.
She did then passed out again.
Letting the dog go I went to the kitchen to wash the slobber off of my hand.
Good thing she got the dog fucken shots.

There was nothing I could do but let her sleep.
I went back in and told her she could sleep it off.
She asked if she could use the middle bedroom.
Umm, NO!!!!!!!

I had the rooms already set up for Inia’s kids who were coming for Canadian Thanksgiving and the last thing I needed was her puking all over it.
She pukes after she drinks.
I let her pass out on the couch for about an hour when the fucken dog starts whining.
Damn dog had to go for a fucken piss and she was out like a light.

I walk into the room and he starts snarling at me but it was either take him out or watch him piss all over my carpet.
I grab at the lease and he came at me but I shoved him off and the second time I grabbed and pinned him to the floor while I undid the quadruple knot.

Untied I dragged him to the door and swung him out, down the stairs and let him chase me across the street to the grass.
The little fucker can snarl and pee at the same fucken time.
On the way back we played kick the head and bite the ankle.
After getting the dog re-secured to the leg of the coffee table I went to my computer and dropped into the seat.
It wasn’t long before Inia came on line and asked “How was your day”?
Ha, it’s passed out on the couch.

So I told her what was going on.
She was laughing, thought it was funny.
That’s ok, I’ll get even with the Magic Bullet post.

How many of you are now thinking, “I never thought of using it like that”.
They say you can make a meal in 10 second.
You can spin a buffet in fifteen “Wink”.

Yeah I know what you’re thinking.
Yeah sure, just like you told us about your friend who freaked out when he couldn’t find you.
I’ve been busy freaking out myself and besides I told him.
“Watch out”.
But he is a dumb ass.
He goes to Brazil Rio de Janeiro and asks some guy in a car he wants to go see the statue of Christ on the mountain with his arms stretched out.
Thirty minutes later he found himself at the foot of the statue with his arms stretched out while the guy took all his money from his pockets, leaving him there to walk back.

I told him before he left that he was to stupid to go to South America.
Catholic school teacher that he is he had to go be with the other Catholics.
“No”, he said “They are nice god fearing catholic people there”.
So is the Mafia.

He hides for a week in his hotel room until the day he is to leave but he is not going home.
No, he takes off for a month to Venezuela where he has rented a house for a month.
The second day there he is kidnapped at knifepoint as he is walking down the street at night.
As they are racing down the street in this little car he says he opened the door and fell out.
The car stopped and they jumped out after him.
He said he ran down the street past people as his kidnappers chased behind.
He ran down an alley and duck into this restaurant/dance club where they only dance the Tango.
He hid out there for a few hours before going back to the house he had rented.
I asked him what he did after that.
He said he only went out in the morning to get supplies and hid in the house until the day came for his flight to leave.

He said he called but I wasn’t home, like I could have helped other than telling everyone one his story.
I told him he should have called his travel agent.

Around 1 am the EX started to stir on the couch so I told Inia I would be back and went in to see if she was ready to leave.
I said, “are you sober now”, and she said, “I have to puke”.
I knew it.
I moved quick, like the bionic man from the show and ran to the corner grabbing the hemp woven waste basket and tossing it side armed beaning her between the eyes just in time.
Hey, it was soft ok.
I didn’t know about the Snapple bottle in it.

After all of that she was wide awake and able to stand but wobbled a bit so being the gentle man that I am I offered to walk her half way home or as far as the most dangerous part of town at that time of the night.
She had nothing to worry about with Gene by her side little ankle biter that he was.

I told Inia I would be right back and led her out the door.
First thing I did was step on a bag of shit she had left on the first step when she got here.
Fuck, at least she picks it up.

We start walking down the street for about two blocks in silence and she asks if she could ask me something.
If it keeps her walking I’m game so I say sure.

“I don’t think I love the new BF”.

No, no, no, "can I ask you something" means you need to know how the remote works.

“ I love the way he eats my pussy and he drives me nuts but he can’t make me cum”.
“Walk faster”!

“ I think I still love the old guy, he doesn’t eat me out but he can make me cum just by fucking me”.
“Why is that dog slowing down”?!

“Here we are; I hope you have a safe trip the rest of the way”?
“What do you think I should do”?
“Duck tape a vibrator to the Hoover and live happily ever after”.

Have a nice day



Just telling it like it is said...

You can never tell them...Unfortunately you just have to see them through it and one day they will come back to you and tell you how much they love you for sticking by them no matter what!!! Pick your battles...and then I could flash you to help with the stress!!!

Walker said...

How would flashing me relieve the stress?
Gezz no wonder everyone in Texas is trigger happy. HA HA HA!!!!

You know the girls are safe with me any time you need someone to hold onto them for you.

As for the other, well all i can do is show and tell how it might be.
It's frustrating when things don't gop your way but you have to still try to make sure the damage isn't as bad as it could be

Liane said...

LOL.... i know it wasn't a fun day for you, but it was quite the fun read for me; I thank you very much for that laugh you've provided..selfish as i am ;-)

BlazngScarlet said...

Just another day in the life of Walker, eh?! lol

BikerCandy said...

Is it wrong that I feel so sorry for the poor dog? Poms should NEVER be made to stay tied up outside. Now as far as the ex goes, tell her to eat her own damn pussy if it means that much to her and move along! Anyone that would choose a guy that doesn't make her cum over her Pom is not worth knowing. Just my humble opinion...

Can you tell I'm a loyal Pom owner?

Walker said...

Liane:You're very welcome and be as selfish as you like.

Walker said...

Blazng Scarlet: Yes it is.
Maybe that's why I limp a little from dodging bullets

Walker said...

BikerCandy : I knew you would be on the dog issue.
If fact i thought about you when i saw the dog but trust me, you've never seen a hell pom like this before.
I know this lady who has one and it's the sweetest thing you could ever want.
The EXs dog, whoa.
I guess she drove it crazy to

Tamara said...

Wow! NOW I see why I have been missing my blogger buds!!LOL
Hey,I'm surprised you didn't try to get you"some" when she got drunk.HA Since BF can't do it right,I'm equally surprised she didn't pounce on you...had to be some kind of something after 20 years...I mean,she's not like a suppose that would be rude and taking advantage)LOL

Walker said...

Tamara: You just made me shudder.
I wouldn't touch her even if i hadn't been laid in 50 years.
Like i have said in the passed, be it not for the kids she wouldn't be welcome in my house

Just telling it like it is said...

I feel your pain....
believe me...Miss you thanks for stopping by!

Boxer said...

now, was that so hard? :-) Inia sounds like a saint.

Walker said...

Just telling it like it is: I always believe you and i like when you feel me ...

Walker said...

Boxer: Yes LOL

Inia's a Saint all right.
I'm still limping

Michael Manning said...

I don't know, Walker. If it were me I'd relocate. Have a Happy Halloween!

Puss-in-Boots said...

Have you got grey hair, Walker? If not, you should have. They say it's a great life if you don't seem to be coping fine.

Look forward to the next episode of the Life of Walker...

BlazngScarlet said...

Ok .... it's been over a week, where are you???????

Just telling it like it is said...

Come back to us walker...who am I suppose to flash my boobs too?

Monogram Queen said...

When you catch up - you REALLY catch up!

Susan said...

I survived those years with my kids. My middle one gave us alot of grief. Somehow, I miraculously survived with my sanity intact, and he turned out to be an awesome young man!
On Thanksgiving weekend we ended up with our 16 yr old Nephew moving back in with us(His dad couldnt handle him any more!) So hes come to us with all our years of experience! We have him untill at least july, when his mom moves back to town. Hes been great for us so far. Lucky us!

Just telling it like it is said...

I miss your presents...anyway that they pun intended...lYou know that I am totally in love with yhou...

gree said...