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Wednesday, July 01, 2009

July First ©

July first.
You know what that mean?

PARTY TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I’m off to Archie’s for the Canada Day and it’s also his birthday so who knows how crazy it’s doing to get.

I spent the whole day yesterday shopping and cooking for today so I could bring up the food for the drunks to pig out on.
Who knows maybe another food fight will erupt unlike the one I got into the other day.

I was standing outside a government building where I had gone in to get some information about receiving a pardon.
It’s not the first time I applied.
The last time I did the refused me and upon appeal I received and still have and cherish a letter sent to me by the board stating, “WE, do not believe that you have and ever will reform”.

They got that fucken right and I NEVER will.
I will fight the system until my dieing breath but it doesn’t mean I’m a danger to society.
I don’t agree with the marijuana laws in this country but that’s my prerogative.
I choose to rebel against that law.
As for my blatant disregard for authority and the law, I have the utmost respect for the law and those who uphold it.
It’s a dangerous job but when you bop me in the head for no reason or harass me because you wear a uniform doesn’t mean I won’t smack you back as history has proven.

Ok so I have been charged a dozen times for assaulting police officers the judges said they had it coming to them and let me go.
So what’s the problem?
I’m a proud Canadian.

I’m in the alley sitting on the hood of a cruiser parked there smoking a joint, thinking, I’ve stayed out of trouble for over 20 years so what’s the problem?
Finishing my reefer I walk out to the front and think of what I needed to do next.
As I’m standing there among the other government employees standing around smoking on break, this guy in his 20s of Middle Eastern decent slammed his way out of the building swearing at the top of his lungs.

He was pissed and spewing off stuff like, “Fuck Canada, FUCK Canadians, FUCK EVERYBODY”!
As you could see he has picked up the Canadian lingo, Eh.

People moved away from him as his arms danced around.
His rant continued for about three minutes swearing at this country and how pathetic it was.
I’m standing there with my back to him but I could see his reflection from the parked car in front of me and was thinking, “If it so bad here, what the fuck are you doing here”?
“Go back to that war zone you came from and live in your hell.”
“Don’t come here and try and make our paradise a hell because you actually have right’s in this country”.
That’s what chaffs my ass the most.
People who come from places where they were suppressed all their life taste freedom for the first time and all of a sudden we owe them something because of how they were treated before.
Go tell them not me because I don’t give a fuck.
You’re here, be happy and shut the fuck up while I’m trying to think.

I had to go to the pharmacy to pick up a card for the wedding and to pick up some cat food for Frick.
D2 wanted to go shopping for a bathing suit.
I turned and hit him in the side of the face then shifted and the second shot hit him in the side of the head dropping him where he stood.
Fucken noise pollution is hard on the brain.

Ice cream, I feel like ice cream first.
The soft kind dipped in chocolate then maybe the pharmacy.
The pardon, I’ll take it if they give it to me.
I don’t need it; I’m a Proud Canadian either way.
Even if we all don’t agree on the same thing at least we have the choice to disagree or leave.

Happy Canada Day to all my fellow Canadians.




BikerCandy said...

Happy Canada Day Walker! I'm when you are pardoned it means you get out of jail. Since you are obviously not in jail I guess that it means something different in Canada. I think what you are talking about is an expunge of your record here in the States. Regardless, good luck with it. I'm with you on the Marijuana laws both here and there. I'll never understand why some of the most dangerous drugs in the world (alcohol) is legal and marijuana is not.

Boxer said...

my best wishes to our friends to the North.

EXCELLENT song choice.

Peter said...

Happy Canada Day Walker, Ummm is the place that issues the pardon the same one where you were hitting that guy on the face and head? I'm just askin'.

Puss-in-Boots said...

Happy Canada Day, Walker. Hope you have a great party (I'm sure you will).

I know what you mean about those guys coming over to a different country and mouthing off. We get it here, too, and everyone's fed up to the back teeth with it. Some people say what you were thinking and then the idiots start crying racism. I really don't get it...

PBS said...

Happy Belated Canada Day to you, Walker!

Michael Manning said...

Walker, Wishing you a Happy Belated Canada Day!

Dotm said...

Hope you had a great Canada day and some friends to spend it with. Did you cook one of your big delicious feasts for it?