blue moon (2)

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Rounded Corners ©

So how hot is it in your neck of the woods?
Here it’s hot and humid.
And I hate it.

A week ago it was cold and today we are melting.

It’s raining rivers in Indiana and Wisconsin
Earthquakes in China and Greece
People are loosing their lives because of changing weather
Do governments care?
Because big business elected them with their polluted money

Now we have tainted tomatoes in the states.
They have salmonella, pretty soon the tomatoes will be clucking and laying little tomatoes in hard red shells.
What’s next, watermelons that Moo?

I am going to do a little cheating today.
I am going to post a post I posted on my other blog which I should have put here instead but I was on a roll and didn’t want to put this one up last week instead posting it on the other blog but now I will use it as I make my escape to go look for someplace that has AC.
If some of you think it looks familiar, it’s probably because you already read it HA HA HA

I wrote the post after watching a commercial for cars.


Around and around the world turns
Where will it stop, does any one know or care?

The universe is a big bowl and everything in that bowl, from the smallest ion to what ever the imagination could conjure up, is round.Is that why we all try to be square pegs?

Imperfection, can it get any more perfect?

A moment is a lifetime, so why waste it.

Love is a feeling; happiness is living it.

Hate is love

Peace is death

Dieing is living

Yesterday is today

Tomorrow never happens

Now is forever


What really matters is, where’s the remote.

In a round world, all we seek are things square.
From the remote to cars, houses, the clothes you wear are more square that round.
Even our bodies are square, that’s why we fall out of round beds.

Books, televisions, purses, backpacks, picture frames………..

A circle is perfection; a square is secure

A square is a prison; a circle is free flowing.

We use square blocks to build societies on a round planet.
Societies are walls built not to keep people out.
We’re all a bunch of square pegs in a round bowl.

Imagine if building blocks were round.
We might be able to get some fresh air once in a while and breath a little easier.

Have a nice day



Lynilu said...

Well, aren't you just a beacon of light??? LOL!

Actually you're right, it is a pretty depressing and scary world out there. I was just saying the other day that it really irks me that now, just as the tomatoes are getting ripe and ready to pick up, wash it off and bite into it, it is not possible. Just one small inconvenience in my life, but a sign of the times.

Make it go away, OK?????

Anonymous Boxer said...

You know, this is just what I needed - it puts everything in perspective. Sometimes I think we get soooo consumed with the details of our own lives and it's good to stand back and remember we're all in it together.

Stay cool. I'm soaked.

Weary Hag said...

Yeah it's hotter than hell here, humid, sticky, ca ca ... just UGH. It was supposed to cool down today but nope. Another day of the three H's. Great.

Square pegs in round holes... it's all so much to take in.

Guess it is nice to know things usually do come around full circle. Sometimes, it's just hard to wait for it.
Stay cool somehow, Walker.

Gypsy said...

Would you hate me if I told you that I spent the whole day outside working in the garden and it was as close to perfect as it's likely to get. Cool and sunny with hardly a breath of wind. Of course I'm paying for it now but it was SO worth it.

Stay cool Walker. I feel for you I really do.

Blazngfyre said...

I'm sweatin' right there with you.
Only difference is about 1500 or so miles! lol

It is nice to remember that we're all in it together .... whether we're in the US, Canada, China or Australia.

Hope you get some relief doll.

having my cake said...

Our forecast is for cool temperatures and rain. And my daughter is going off to camp at her first outdoor weekend rock festival. I wonder if I'll ever see my Pak-a-mac again?

Peter said...

Thats all a bit of a worry Walker, mainly because its so true.

nachtwache said...

We're still heating the house! In June! I hope to get some sun in your province next week!