blue moon (2)

Friday, February 15, 2008

Sex Talk: Anonymous ©

OH look it’s Friday and well it’s been awhile and I thought maybe, Um I could put up a Sex Talk and see what happens.
There is some explicit sex, not as bad as I can be but just the same I have to say there is some sex in this post.
So if this isn’t your bag of tea I understand and you could come back say tomorrow or Sunday when I will have another Sex Talk but that one I promise everyone could read.

Have a nice weekend


He was sitting down at his computer writing a story when an email came in grabbing his attention for a split second.
Ignoring it he kept on typing away trying to get as much of his thoughts down before he forgot the plot that was swimming around in his head.
When he had finally drained as much as he could from his thoughts he sat back and reached for the little baggy sitting just behind the keyboard and pulled out the makings for a joint then rolled a little spliff.

As he sat there drawing a long drag from the neatly rolled smoke he noticed the blinking icon at the bottom of the screen telling him that he had mail.
His hand dropped on the desk then moved the mouse over and clicked on the little icon.
A window opened up and he could see the sender was anonymous.
Clicking on the email another window opened up and there in front of him was one line.

“I know who you are”.

He read the line over and over.
He went back to the front page and looked for a clue as to who could have sent it, the email address was unfamiliar to him.
The THC was taking hold of his brain about now and his mind started speculating as whom this mystery person could be.
They knew him, what’s that mean?

Just as he was swimming in a sea of notes spilling from the speakers, another email came into the inbox.
It was from the same sender.

“Meet me tonight at midnight behind the old fish market. Come alone”.

WTF he thought, there was no fucken way he was going to that part of town in the daytime let alone being caught there at night and to meet who, someone he doesn’t even know.
He got up from the computer and walked into the kitchen then opened the fridge.
Pushing the rotting takeout food around, he found what he was looking for and closed the fridge one more time and opened a beer.

He stood there staring at the computer then walked into the living room and dropped on the couch and turned the TV on.
Every channel had either a CSI or a Law and Order episode, it made him think of his little mystery and Anonymous.
He looked at the wall and the clock said 9:30 pm, two and a half hours before midnight.

Sucking on his beer he settled on Deal or no Deal and watched a big black woman as she was dancing around the stage shaking Howie Mandel all over the fucken place like a rag doll and the game hadn’t even started yet.
He figured Howie was dead man if she won a million.
The show lasted half an hour more and it was 10pm.
He got up and deposited the empty beer bottle in the empty case then went to the washroom to deposit the beer in the toilet.

On the way back from the washroom he noticed the flashing icon on the bottom of the screen flashing again.
Walking over he opened his inbox and there was another message from anonymous.

“I will be waiting”

He closed the message and went straight back to the couch, VIA the kitchen.
He wasn’t going anywhere at this time of night and certainly not to the most dangerous part of town.
The beer was enhancing his buzz as he sank deeper into the couch, how can he go out in this condition anyway.

He had now stopped watching the TV totally and was fantasizing about a past memory and was starting to get excited.
Every time he got stoned he got horny.
His eyes got a glimpse of the clock on the wall again and it said 10:50 pm.

He lit a cigarette and looked at his watch, it was 11:55pm.
What the fuck was he thinking by coming here.
The fucken dope makes him do this shit all the time.
He walked down the dark street along the wall keeping his eyes open for any danger that might jump out at him.
There was a dead silence all around at this time of night as he rounded the corner and found himself standing infront of the old fish market.
The place gave him the creeps.

He walked past the front to the side and the alleyway then stood there looking down its dark throat.
No fucken way.
He wasn’t going down there he thought to himself.
He also said he wasn’t coming down here.

As he stood there he thought he heard a faint whisper come from the depths of the alley.
He slowly moved in closer and again he thought he heard something but a little louder this time.
What should he do he thought?
Slowly, going against common sense, he moved deeper into the alley towards the sound.
It was a voice beckoning him to come deeper into the alley and like a fool in a dream he went in but this wasn’t a dream, it was real.

When he reached the end of the alley he turned around and the entrance looked so far away now.
It was dark here he couldn’t even see his hand as he held it out infront of him.
Fumbling in his pocket he found his lighter and lit it to get a look at where he was but no sooner had he lit it, a voice ordered him to put it out and he complied.
He asked if it was anonymous and was told it didn’t matter who it was.
A hand gently touched his back.

Startled he turned but the hand was gone again.
As his eyes strained in the dark for a glimpse of something a body pressed up against his back causing him to stand dead still.
He felt two lips kiss the back of his neck as hands coiled around his chest, probing his body with hungry fingers.
Slowly the moved inside his jacked and felt his hard chest then slowly moved them down going over is crotch and taking hold of his cock though his pants.

He didn’t know what to do; he was enjoying it but was scared at the same time not knowing whom he was here with.
The fingers found their way past his zipper and were wrapping themselves around his cock and slowly started stroking him as his earlobe was being chewed on from behind.
The hand was pumping him getting him harder with every stroke of the wrist and his excitement was getting the better of him and he started moving his hand back to touch anonymous but just then anonymous was gone from behind him and kneeling infront of him still stroking his hard cock.
He could feel a warmth wrap around the head his cock then something silky passing over it while firm lips held him in a tight grip sucking the life slowly through him.

He reached down and touch a hood covered head then started moving his hips back and forth fucking the tight lips that held him prisoner in the darkness.
With every thrust of his hips his heart beat faster with anticipation then he could feel himself coming to a climax.
He tried to pull back but strong hands gripped butt holding him in place while his whole cock was being devoured by this person until he couldn’t hold it any more bursting into the hot mouth which was now swallowing down every drop of him as it erupted from his core.

His knees were beginning to sag as his cock slowly emerged from the grip of passion that had held him prisoner.
His head still spinning from his orgasm his hand reached out into the darkness but there was no one there.
Stumbling back he quickly put his stuff back in his pants and made his way out of the dark alley.
Out of this neighbourhood as fast and far as he could.

It was 2:20 am when he walked into his place.
Tossing the keys on the table he went straight to the kitchen and walked back with three bottles of beer then sat infront of the TV.
In his head he was still trying to process the events of the evening and trying to figure out what happened and with whom.

Finishing his second beer he got up and went to the washroom, on the way back he passed the computer.
The inbox light was flashing………………..

Have a nice weekend



Anonymous Boxer said...

you picked good music to "score" your sex.


And, Happy Belated Valentine's Day.

Peter said...

I've got this feeling its gonna be from anonymous saying thanks so much. love Harry.

Walker said...

Anonymous Boxer: Thank You it is one of my favorite movies and sound tracks.
I hope you had a nice Valentines day despite the events leading up to it.

Walker said...

Peter: Ah you noticed my little secret did you lol

Gypsy said...

Beware of hooded people in dark alley's and blinking lights Walker. It can only lead to ......oh that's right, you already know what it leads to and goddamn it sounded like you enjoyed it. Very well then, as you were.....

Walker said...

Gypsy: But I wear a hood in the dark too.

You do know I didn't say what sex that anonymous was as Peter said. LOL

And something tells me this post isn't over yet.

Blazngfyre said...

ANY blowjob is a good blowjob, eh Walker?!

Delicious .....

Bunny said...

I got the feeling anonymous was a guy too - but hey - who cares? Fun is fun . . .

Walker said...

Blazngfyre: Umm in my case any blowjob from a woman is a good blow job :)

Walker said...

Bunny: I wanted to leave it to everyone's imagination but I am not finished with anonymous yet.
Thank you for stopping by.