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Sunday, January 20, 2008

Sex Talk: The Other Woman ©

It’s been awhile since I have done one of these but I am in the mood to be horny so here we go.
Hell this is stress relief for me.
There is explicit sex in this post so for those who don’t care for my smutty mind, and I don’t blame you, it gets me into trouble all the time I inviter you to try some of the wonderful blogs on my blogroll.

I wonder if I smoked a patch if I would get a rush?

Have a nice day.



The meeting ended early so Paul went back to his office to go over what was left on his agenda for the rest of the afternoon, maybe he could leave early for a change.
Just then Betty from accounting came in and dropped off some files that he had asked for.

As she stood there talking to him he noticed her full breasts pressed up against the thin material of her blouse.
The outline of her nipples were clearly visible as they tried to bore their way through the blouse; it made his mouth water and his pants a little tighter looking at them and think how nice it would be if they were in his mouth.

Betty noticed that Paul’s ears were not hearing what she was saying but he eyes were definitely reading something.
Paul came out of his trance and looked up at Betty who had this funny look on her face.
Without saying a word, she turned and walked to the door then reached down to the handle then turned the little knob sealing them in the office together.

Paul watched her lock the door then turned to face him; her eyes were locked on his as her hands slowly went up her blouse and over her firm breasts.
She looked at him and could see his interest; with a seductive yet subtle smile she begun to unto the top button of her blouse.
Will this be his lucky day or hers?

Just this morning Betty saw Paul walk past her office when she noticed his butt and thought of how nice it would be locked up in a room with him at that moment and now here they are.

Paul pushed back his chair and stared as her fingers made their way down the blouse leaving an open trail of buttons as they past by.
He was getting aroused watching her revealing herself slowly, button after button until there were none left to open

The blouse hung there open about an inch apart revealing a strip of flesh from her belly button to her soft white neck.
She stepped closer to him as her hands slipped behind the blouse feeling her soft belly as they moved up to cup her breasts.
A rush of lust ran through her body as her palms passed over her hard nipples, she clenched her legs trying to catch that small spark.

She looked at Paul as he sat back in his chair.
He had pushed himself away from his desk and was now rubbing his crotch as he sat there watching her; she could see the bulge growing as he rubbed it in his pants.
The sight of him rubbing his cock made her pussy throb even more.
She looked down at her breasts and brought her hands up and squeezed both of them feeling her soft silky skin.
Her fingers pinched her nipples and her pussy twitched with excitement once more.

Looking over at him she could see he had his cock out now and was stroking it, getting it nice and hard for her.
Rolling her shoulders the blouse slipped off of her back and floated to the floor at her feet.

She has big tits, Paul thought to himself as she caressed herself in front of him.
Gripping his hard cock, he thought how much he wanted to get up and fuck her on his desk right now.
He has been thinking of her ever since he caught her staring at him this morning while walking through her section.

Betty stood infront of his desk staring into his eyes as her fingers passed over her nipples time and time again, feeding the growing fire within her.
She looked at his hand as he pumped his hard cock and it made her mouth water.

Stepping around the desk she walked to him and knelt down beside the chair and watched closely as his hand slid up and down his hard shaft.
Her eyes went from his cock to his lips as hers reached out to them then, mashing hers to his then parting them to invade his mouth with her tongue.

She crawled on his body and grabbed his head with both her hands sinking her nails into his scalp while consuming his mouth with hers.
She bit his lips as her tongue slipped out of his mouth then kissed his chin as she made her way to his neck.
Her fingers quickly opened his shirt exposing his muscular chest.
She probed his nipples with her lips and tongue as her hand made its way down his body to take charge of his hard cock.
When she was finished mauling his nipples she slowly made her way down and watched her hand as it pumped his hard throbbing shaft up and down.

Stopping at the base of his shaft she squeezed it hard then bent down and let her tongue slide over the head of his cock before taking it into her mouth.
Her tongue swam around it as her lips tightened their grip on him before taking more of him in her mouth.
She could feel his hips pressing her hand but it only made her tightened her grip and lips on his cock.

His brain spun in circles of emotions as her tongue caressed the head of his cock and her lips sucked him just enough to make him weak at the knees, submitting himself to her will.
The head of his cock felt like it was going to explode because of the grip she had on it, with her lips and hand.

Releasing the grip with her hand she moved between his legs and took as much of him as she could in her mouth and held him there for a bit before slowly massaging his cock with her lips back up to the top before going back down and repeating the feat several times until she noticed he was about to cum in her mouth and she slowed down then looked up to him and told him she wanted her cunt eaten.

Betty stood up and sat on the desk infront on him then slowly pulled up the front of her skirt revealing her wet panties to him.
Her hand past over her pussy, then under her panties, where she squeezed herself before entering inside to feel her warm around her finger.
She looked at him and told him, she was ready.

He stood up from the chair and stepped up to her, his hard cock still standing at attention as his strong hands moved up her legs.
Paul slowly bent down and kissed the inside of her thigh.
He could smell her pussy while he was kissing her and it made his horny.
His tongue passed over a soft spot on her thigh then he gently bit into it, sucking with his lips after.
He licked his way to her panties where he nuzzled up to them taking in her scent like a beast looking for a mate in heat.
His hand cupped her bottom as his face buried itself between her legs chewing her pussy through her wet panties only to be urged on by Betty’s moans.

Taking hold of her panties from underneath, Paul pulled them off of her then slowly went back to what he was doing but now without the panties to block the way to her delight.
With her legs spread apart he went down parting her lips with his tongue and finding her swollen clit, anxious for his touch.
His lips surrounded her clit and his tongue teased it as she had done his cock earlier driving him insane.
While sucking on her clit his hand had slipped between her legs and was slowly pushing two fingers into her soaked pussy.

Betty was going mad with lust while he gorged out on her pussy.
She spread her legs as wide as she could while holding him by the back of the head grinding her crotch into his face.
His thick fingers were driving her crazy as he was now fucking her with his hand while sucking the energy out of her through her clit.

Through the haze and ecstasy she told him, begged him to stop and fuck her, fuck her hard.
He stood up and helped her off of the desk then took her over to the couch where she sat down and took his cock in her mouth to give it a little more inspiration before she lay back and awaited his arrival inside her.

It was tight at first but then their bodies adjusted to each other as she wanted more of him now as her legs crawled up the sides of his body hoping to get him in deeper, closer to that spot that will trigger the inferno waiting to be erupt inside her.
He wrapped his arms around her legs pushing them farther back and was noww all the way inside her and was now driving into her hot pussy as hard as he could.

She was growling at him to fuck her harder and he was pounding away as hared as he could when her moans grew louder and louder as her nails dug deeper into his back before her body gave off a massive shuddered as she came.
Paul kept on pumping until he felt he was cumming and he pulled out where she grabbed cock and started pumping until it erupted in her hand.

He sat back in the chair and Betty on the floor.
Betty looked on the inside of her thigh and said she was going to have a bruise where he bit her.

Quickly they cleaned up as best as they could Betty unlocked the door and headed off to her office.
Paul sat in his office looking over the papers that Betty had brought him when Carol from the mailroom walked in to ask if there was anything that needed to be mailed out.
He said no there wasn’t so Carol turned and walked towards the door but noticed that the office had an exciting odour about it today.

Paul finished work early and took off for home to surprise the wife for a change.
He pulled up into the driveway and he saw that she wasn’t home yet because her car was missing.
He walked in and tossed his keys on the counter poured himself a scotch then went into the bedroom, stripped his clothes off and lay naked on the bed watching the TV and sipping his drink.

When his drink was done we went into the bathroom and ran the shower while he brushed his teeth then stepped into the shower when it was steaming.
He stood under the rainspout showerhead as it poured down on him soaking his entire body with hot steamy water, filling the stall with a moist fog.
He held his head back and let the water pour over the front of his chest and run down his legs and off of his cock.
Just then the shower door opened

He looked at his wife as she stood there smiling, naked just before she stepped into the shower booth with him.
Stepping closer to him they kissed, their tongues running back and forth as their hands explored each other’s body under the rainfall of steaming water.

He kissed her neck all around as she turned her back to him and his hands slid over her big tits.
She bent down to take the soap and rubbed her ass against his hardening cock then stood up and passed it back to him then told him to wash her front.

Paul poured soap on the soft sponge and started washing her front from behind as she pressed her butt into his now hard cock.
At the same time her nibbled on her ears and neck as he pumped him cock which was trapped between her thighs.

When he was finished washing her tits and belly he slipped his hand between her legs and started washing her pussy, inside and out.
She started moaning as his hand moved in and out of her faster and faster.
Her legs were clamped tight around his hand as he moved in and out until she grabbed his hand with hers and held it there for a few seconds before exhaling, wobbly a bit.

She turned and told him it was his turn now and took the sponge from Paul and started washing his back and as she looked she saw a series of scratches on both sides of his back.
After washing his back she asked him to turn around and started washing his chest and down to his cock that was beginning to get erect again.

The water rained down on her as she knelt infront of his cock watching the water wash away the soap from his shaft and balls before slowly taking him into her mouth and sucking on the head while massaging his balls.
She knew how he liked his cock sucked; after all they have been married for 15 years now.

Her head went up and down on his shaft, occasionally releasing it to suck on his balls before taking him back in her mouth.
Paul had to use the wall to hold himself up.
She knew how to make his blood boil, after all these years and she still could light him up.

His hips started moving back and forth slowly as she took more of his cock in her mouth sucking on him hard.
It wasn’t long before they synchronized a rhythm and she was brought to bear witness to her skill by him spilling all over her tits.

She stood up and kissed him before the rinsed each other off.
As they lay on the bed naked afterwards Paul was kissing he legs when she saw a bruise on her leg.
He told her he was sorry about the bruise.
She smiled at him and told his she was sorry about the scratches on his back.
Paul gave her a questioning look and she kissed him…………..

Have a nice evening



Gypsy said...

That was HOT but I wouldn't expect anything less from the master of sex talk. Now where did I put those damn patches? Do you think wearing 3 at once is a bit excessive?..... Ah who cares, if it feels good....DO IT!!!!

Shaz said...

I couldnt resist and now I am going to bed alone and Ben wont be home till 5am shit shit shit lol

bittersweet me said...

Lucky Paul (and still sniggering at the scratches)

Walker said...

Gypsy: Thats my motto to, if it feels good do it, must be why a smacked my brother around as a kid LOL

Walker said...

Shaz: Morning sex :)

Walker said...

bittersweet me: Lucky everyone one.
Souveniers are a reminder of good times are they not?

Blazngfyre said...

'war wounds'= sweet reminder


I miss those ....

Walker said...

Blazngfyre: Me to :(

Patti said...

Yep if it feels good do it and morning sex both work for me!

upset waitress said...

I made it here. It takes me a long time to scroll If I can at all. Nice sexy post, and I want to say, Paul is a cheatin bastard! :)

Luka said...

That Betty from accounting just can't be trusted with the simplest of jobs.

Walker said...

Patti : Oh i love morning sex LOL

Walker said...

upset waitress:Yes he is and that Betty is such a hussy

Walker said...

Luka: No you can't but she does get the job done

upset waitress said...

Why no pics? hehe

Walker said...

upset waitress: Only the mental kind :P