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Thursday, December 27, 2007

Xmas Sigh ©

Well, how was Christmas?
Are you happy?
Did Santa bring you what you wanted?
Did you get fucked, sucked or licked?
Did your SIL and EX get into an argument because the SIL wants you to date her sister and the EX wants you to date her sister?
That’s what happens when you get one to many fake blonds in a room.

Dinner was great, the food was fantastic and the kids loved all the gifts.
After dinner the kids, including the biggest kid, my brother ran upstairs to play the P3 on the huge plasma screen in the spare room while I was stuck in the dinning room with the EX and the SIL.

Every time the EX went into the kitchen my SIL would make these circles with her finger next to her temple indicating the EX was nuts.
When the SIL was in the kitchen the EX would tell me the SIL was nuts.
I think they’re both nuts.

I was talking to my youngest daughter the other day and she told me that her mother was getting weird.
I told her it was probably the season.
My EX is no and never was a brain surgeon in fact she was a simple woman who knew absolutely nothing because her parents kept her and her sisters practically locked up most of their lives so their social skills were what they were shown at home by two very old fashion strict Russian immigrants for parents.
They lived 20 miles from anyone or anything on top of a fucken mountain and I kid you not.
My EX up until she was seventeen, she knew absolutely nothing.
Then she met me.

I was no picnic.
At sixteen I ran most of the gambling in high school and had a lucrative liquor store I was running out of a dozen or so lockers scattered throughout the school.
When I wasn’t in class, I was at one of the roaming poker games and after school if I wasn’t with the basketball team for a game or practice I was at work with my mother.
From 8 pm and on, on weekdays and all weekend I did pretty much what I wanted and my parents didn’t say much.
That’s when I usually got into trouble like meeting my EX.

Long story short for the next seventeen years she learned her social skills from me, which isn’t a good thing because of the crowd I hung out with most of the time but back then she had some fucken backbone to make up for what she lacked between the ears.

There was one time when I was walking out of the A&W with the EX when I see this guy slapping the piss out of his GF in the parking lot.
I told the guy to stop it and he told me to mind my own business, so I up and walked over then punched him in the face then stepped in and we went at it until I had him on the ground on his back with my knee to his chest trying to see how many punches it would take for me to break his nose, about five.

When the guys saw he was almost unconscious they jumped on me and pulled me off of him so as not to kill the fucker, who by the way I still hate with a passion and he runs when he sees me.
I didn’t put up much of a resistance until he got up and punched the EX in the head, then I went nuts.

The guy took off for his car with that idiot GF running behind him, begging him for forgiveness.
I managed to get away from the boys and got to my car, which was parked in front of the A&W and just got my baseball bat out as he rounded the corner to pass my car and I smashed the driver’s side of the windshield but that didn’t stop him and he got away.

I almost killed Mike and the others for not letting me go and finish the SOB off.
When everything had settled down and we were home and talking about the night, I was still furious about the guy smacking the EX and Mike told me that the EX still had the better of him even if she did get punched in the mouth.
It seems while I had the guy on the ground she was standing behind me kicking him in the balls over and over and over……..with those big heavy platform boots women used to wear back then.
That may explain why his kids looked bruised the last time I saw them.

She wasn’t like that before she met me.
That she got while hanging around me, she used to rather look away and run instead of stepping up and dishing out some whoop ass.

The whole time she was with me she almost never worked.
I think all combined she worked six months in the seventeen years we were together.
She just rather stay at home or go out with her friends and party, which is probably my fault for supplying her with the money.
I think going to work would have educated her some more with her social skills but I didn’t care back then, I was making more than I could spend so she didn’t have to go to work even though I still did.
When she was drunk, fuck, she was down right dangerous if she ran out before she passed out.

That was her ten years ago, today…..she is acting like a sixteen year old.
She talks in this giddy fake voice most of the time and her main subject all the time is money or the lack of it.
She likes bringing it up to my parents all the time and it’s beginning to bug me.
I know she gets more than enough money and we have just spent four thousand on them this past month, including a thousand cash.
Yet, after I took them shopping yesterday and bought them all coats and she saw they cost almost $500, she said she wanted money while I was driving her home.


The SIL is jealous.
When she heard my Ex was going to be at Christmas dinner she took a hissy fit and announced she was leaving town for Xmas and going to her mother’s.

We all wished her a safe trip. LOL

The SIL and my Ex have been phoning each other daily and exchanging BS and in the evening the SIL calls me to tell me the dirt.
Like the nasty things the EX says about me.
I tell the SIL I don’t want to know and I don’t really care what she says any more.
She persists until I hang the phone up on her.
Personally I have had enough BS in my life and until I am forced to defend myself, I don’t care what people say about me.

As Christmas approached she again decided she would stay here and in fact had a Christmas party on the 24th and invited my EX and the kids.
I had a poker game and didn’t go even though it was next door.

The next day at Christmas dinner at my parents place I ended up being seated in my usual spot but I had the SIL to my immediate left and my EX on my immediate right.
Does anyone know if there was a full moon on Christmas Day?

One of the topics of conversation was that the Ex’s sister has always had a crush on me and thinks I should date her.
The SIL says there her sister has a crush on me and wants to have my baby.

I want salad, not more nuts.

This went on for about another 3 hours before my brother drove the Ex and my kids home but leaving me stuck at home with my SIL until he returned.
The SIL told me that the EX told her I took my youngest daughter to the movies without telling her about it and she was worried.

I took my daughter to see “I am legend”, not bad, not great.
I told her to ask her mother if she could go first and she said she did and she said it was ok so yesterday I asked my EX at the mall if my daughter had asked her if she could go with me and she said yes and I could take her any time.

So, who the fuck is lying?

This is what I have had to put up with all these years and still am.


Christmas was great!!!!
I got to spend it with my daughters.

I hope you all had a great Christmas too.

Have a nice day



Gypsy said...

For the love of Pete, those two are as bad as each other and sound as if they would knife each other in the back one minute and be bosum buddies the next. That must have made for interesting dinner conversation being seated between those two.

Pity any woman that becomes your girlfriend Walker and has to deal with those two loons. I wouldn't turn my back on either of

Glad you had a great Xmas Day in spite of the aggravation. How did the poker game go? Did you lose your shirt?

BikerCandy said...

Well one thing you can say Walker, you never have a dull moment when your family is around! I'm glad things went sort of ok on Christmas for you though.

My advice...stay far far away from both sisters! There is nothing but disaster written there!

Holties House said...

Glad to hear that your Christmas went well, despite the best efforts of the two hellcats you were sat between, sure must have been a full moon or the seating was arranged by someone full of moonshine.

Blazngfyre said...

I'll be your girlfriend .... just so I can have the pleasure of playing mind-fuck with those 2 whack jobs! lol

I'm so happy you were able to have Christmas with your daughters.

Oh, and it WAS a full moon on Christmas.

Lora_3 said...

Glad to hear you had Christmas with your daughters.

We have all hear the phrase "You teach people how to treat you!" Sometimes I think you have the Happy Hard-On for the SIL as much as you let her into your business.It doesn't surprise me that the EX still knows how to work you too. Your easy!

How was Box Day?

Happy New Year!

Be safe...

having my cake said...

Ah, a Family Xmas, you cant beat em :)

I spent most of the time entertaining my sis's in-laws so she wouldnt have to. Her f-i-l was very touchy feely when he'd had a few too but I was sweetness and light. But I do get the hump when my bil then make comments that I didnt do my share in terms of chores when Id been doing the most important job of all - stopping the fullscale punchup that would have occurred if his parents had had to be entertained by my sis the whole time!

Hopefully New Year's Eve with Ruf!

Have a good one, Walker x

patti_cake said...

I think it's wonderful you got to spend the holidays with your daughters, you certainly wouldn't have guessed it a few months ago! As for the SIL and EX, just do your best to ignore them and keep your sanity intact. It won't be easy!

Whispering Hope said...

I have to agree with Patti Cake, try to ignore if you can. Those two both sound like they're 12.

Having your daughters with you on Christmas - that is SO wonderful. I'm sure that took the bite out of some of the c.r.a.p.


Anonymous said...

amen to what lora_3 said

Walker said...

Gypsy : It was like being in a pit full of vipers and not knowing which one was going to strike first.
As for pitying my GF when I get one, you don't have to.
I live a very private life and don't invite others to know my business.
In fact the SIL is still miffed as how I managed to keep any women i meet away from her LOL

Walker said...

BikerCandy: Oh I heard you before y ou said it.
They say the apple doesn't fall far from the tree and I know both these women's mother's and nuts grow in bunches.

Walker said...

Holties House: Christmas with my kids was the highlight of my year.
The hell carts, well they can stoke the furnaces down the road as long as I don't get burned

Walker said...

Blazngfyre: Ok but you have to wear the Christmas bra all the time "wink".

You can mind fuck them all you want.

How did I know there was a full moon lol

Walker said...

Lora_3 : I don;t let her in my business and in fact I tell her to stay out of it but she seems to think she knows best and is always sticking her nose where I don't want it.
It's the same as with my brother, he does it to and when the shit hits the fan the disappear leaving the rest of us to clean the mess.

I would be more than happy if other would stay out of my life but some people just don;t understand what that is.

Walker said...

having my cake: Being referee is a thankless job but soimeone has to do it and he could shut up and do the chores he thinks you should do instead of wasting his time complaining

Walker said...

patti_cake: No I wouldn;t have and I am pleased that it happened.
I don;t think the SIL or EX could have tarnished that for me

Walker said...

Whispering Hope: I try to ignore them all the time but its hard when one is your brothers wife and is in your face all the time and the other is the mother of your kids and needs to talk to you.

Walker said...

Anonymous: Ummm , what I said to Lora

PBS said...

Wow, what a Christmas! Nice to see and spend time with your daughters though. "..want salad, not more nuts." ha ha, that's great, love your sense of humor! I've missed reading your adventures.

Lora_3 said...

Other's out of your life...

Guess that explains why I didn't get a Christmas card this year.

That's cool...

Be safe...

Walker said...

Lora_3 : Actually I did send you a Christmas card :)

Walker said...

PBS: It has been eight years sinse I seem my kids so it was special and no matter what they other tow did it was nul and void to what I felt over all

Anonymous Boxer said...

Oh! Awful. This is why I had drinks and hid out in a movie theater on Christmas.

Big hug to you for surviving!!

craziequeen said...

Wow, that sounds like two women to stay away from......

But I'm so pleased you got to spend Christmas with your girls :-)

My friend, the crazie one is 'laid bare' at the Palace today.
[stands to one side as Walker barges past rushing to the palace]


nachtwache said...

It's great you finally got to spend Christmas with your daughters. I think you can handle the two busybodies, or is it three? Your parents must have been overjoyed to have all the grandkids there for this year's Christmas dinner.
Happy New Year.